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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another week in Nassau

Hey hey hey!

Pretty hot there, eh?? Heat is heat wherever you go I guess! I had a cool thought the other day- if you guys were to come pick me up from my mission, I think it would be so cool for Dad to throw on a white shirt and tie and my other name tag and just walk up and down the streets of Spanish Town or something for an afternoon, get a little feel for what being the only white guy for miles in a heat pit feels like. It made me smile thinking about it, I don't think that would be able to happen but a fun thought. It's been scorching here too, nothing like Brazil hot but still hot. 

Sunday was crazy, we had this freak thunderstorm and when I say thunderstorm I mean the shotgun thunder and the blow circuit panel lighting during church. The building has a few design flaws in that water can gush freely under the doors and there are a few leaks in the roof. We were running in and out with an umbrella helping people out of their car so they wouldn't get wet- it was fun! I was soggy! That's the worst humidity is right after it rains! This morning we walked out of the house and were instantly sticky. 

As far as running on the beach is concerned... there hasn't been much of that lately. Our healthy eating and steady working out has dwindled to eating garbage and realizing that any running we do before Zone Conference is pointless because we are going to put on anything we would've lost. We are set that August will be the month to just buckle down, put on the man pants and get thin because... I'm not so thin. I've been taking measurements of my gut and waist since April and it's about time to get back down to that 155 I was 5 months ago. We will be doing MUCH more walking in August, being that two of the 5 main investigators we are teaching are getting baptized this week, and honestly I am excited for it. Go knock some doors, go seek more referrals, things we do already we will be doing on a much larger scale. 

That is a very cool experience with the lady and fasting. Interesting you should tell me about this experience when you did because fasting is something I'm going to do better at. We get into so much of a routine in life of fasting on Fast Sunday and doing it out of habit without real reason. As of lately I realize that there are a number of very important things that I need help with and I feel prayer alone won't show Heavenly Father how serious I am about it. Elder Worley and I read a talk given to us my Elder Randle and it's about four kinds of missionaries and what kind of missionary you are and what you want to be. It focused so much on what you want to become rather than a checklist of things good missionaries do. After reading it I feel so inspired to step up my game. I went to the scriptures and have spent quite some time in prayer and I realize that I have many areas of improvement to make. It's when our desires and Jesus Christs desires coincide that we truly become changed from our missions. With Zone Conference coming up on Wednesday I am SO excited for what President Hendricks has to teach us. That man gets you so pumped to be better. Gonna be sweet!

All of our investigators have had rough weeks lately.  They have all committed to baptism and have all faced serious challenges out of the blue.  I feel like giving out a disclaimer "Hi, we are the missionaries and our message will change your life. Buckle up, Satan knows that and will throw the book at you very soon, but you will be able to get through it, I promise." It's so frustrating! But, it goes to show someones true testimony when they can go through all of that and say "Well I know the gospel is true and I need to be baptized" and still be at church on Sunday. It's amazing. We are working with some stellar people!

Things are going well here in Nassau. We are super excited for the baptisms coming up, the new experience we are praying for in the upcoming month, and the new people waiting to hear about the gospel. Elder Worley is the man- I've lucked out with my companions. I feel like I get the coolest ones. We get along so stinkin' well, our teaching flows well, its so funny too how on a mission you get so tight with people you probably never would've talked or hung out with to back home. I realize how narrow minded and thick headed I was back home. We were walking through the mall the other day and there was a nice blue button up shirt hanging in the window and Elder Worley is like "That right there was my style back home". I just laughed and said "Yep, our paths probably wouldn't have ever crossed." He still can't comprehend me wearing a black band shirt with skulls on it every day, but he doesn't have too, just like I don't have to think why on earth anyone would want to wear a button up long sleeve shirt to school, because we are put here together to preach the gospel. I can honestly say that every one of my companions would be a best friend back home and probably will be. I think back to the Elder Scott & Barwick combo, or the Elder Peck and Heder combo and I think how cool they were and stuff. Been doing a lot of thinking this week- I'm not sure how good that is for my brain. 

That picture of Summer driving scares me.... 

Mac is looking tan! That little fella needs to start hitting the weight room soon! Get some muscle on that little bod! haha Just kidding Cheeseball. 

We chopped a yard Saturday I think it was. Our machetes were working about as well as a plastic spoon would work on jungle grass... about an hour into it the lady came out with a weedwacker and that made our day. God bless technology!! 

This week we taught the Sunday School class (notified about 15 seconds before class). They said they were in Alma so we busted open to the Anti Nephi Lehi's. Talked about how they buried their weapons of war and what "weapons of war" we hold onto these days. First thing someone says is "MARIJUANA!" Followed by us saying "YES! Stop puffing the magic dragon!!" These kids are funny,  takes me back to being in Sunday School, but things like gossip, cursing, judging, bad movies and music etc. were weapons of war they came up with. We handed out slips of paper and told them to write down something they want to change about their life, and we wheeled in the massive kitchen garbage and on their way out if they were serious about changing they could throw their weapon of war in the trash and leave the room a changed person. Every kid did except one. I don't know who is was but I found his or her paper and couldn't help but read it. It said "Big Mac, Wendy's, Ice Cream". I give that kid a pass- I wouldn't put down those weapons either. 

 Well momma I looooooooove you! I had a dream about you last night, I was back home but still as a missionary, almost like I was just visiting, and we were just driving and talking and we were driving past the motorcycle shop with the new BMW super sports out front and I asked if we could go back and look and you said something to the effect of not yet, you're just visiting remember? :) It was nice. I love you!!! Have a fun week!

Elder Romney 

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