Elders McCleod and Romney

Monday, February 27, 2012

Two baptisms scheduled!

Hey there fam-

Man, what a week! Thats really crazy how small the world is, my
mission is just making it smaller. That pic on Dellon Campbells
facebook- Elder Campbell was trained by Elder Nelson as well.

This week was definitly something else. Elder Taylor left Monday
evening and man, its weird spending 120 days with the same person,
everyday, and then them just leaving. But, all is well, I'm gonna
shoot him an email and see how much he is lovin the Bahamas. That is a
pretty cool experience. We were figuring out the math once and every
one in one thousand mission calls is to Jamaica, and then while you're
here there are only 8 people off island at a time, and about 50
missionaries here, after that I don't know where the math goes but
basically not many people can say they've served in either Grand
Cayman, Turks, or Bahamas, almost none. Crazy town, eh? Anyways, he
left Monday, Tuesday Elder Weir and I did some nice quality finding,
as well as on Wednesday. Wednesday night we had about 11 missionaries
stay the night at out house because bringing missionaries all the way
out here after transfers always turns into a late night for the Zone
Leaders, so they crashed at the house and left in the morning. That
was way cool, talking to some missionaries I've heard of but never got
to know. The joy of a small mission- You know everyone haha

My new companion is way cool. His name is Elder McLeod (which is
funny after what you said about the facebook comments, probably his
mom).. He's a 6'4'' Jamaican... and im a 5'9'' white bwoy... I'm sure
it's quite the sight us walking down the street. He's awesome, we are very
excited to serve together and to get to Junction. We will be in Sav
for about another week, showing Elder Paxman and Elder Snelson around
the area. We took them to all the members already and they know the
investigators so now Elder McLeod and I just go find and get
potentials for them and then give them all the numbers each night.
It's weird being here knowing that your area is waiting for you...
"Patience young Padawan, patience".

This week we had something very exciting happen... we are having two
baptisms next Sunday! Yes Ma'am! S and A are getting baptised
on Sunday after church. They are daughters of a member but haven't
been baptised. They feel like my little sisters. They asked if I would
baptize both of them (exciting!), so I tried on my baptismal pants
last night to make sure they fit... Then I remembered all the weight
I've lost and they fit like they're supposed too now haha But yes,
that is a huge blessing, having two baptisms before we leave. I'm so
grateful for that, they are superstars. 

Seriously, I feel I've learned more from this last 4 months about life then I have in the first 19
years. It's crazy. My testimony has grown so much since I've been here and I look at why I was sent here and what I was supposed to learn through all the trials and more
frustrating things that have happened and it's crazy that there were
still people here for me, Elder Romney, to teach. I
laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob!... yeah, that was a Veggie Tales
reference, beleive it.

Jordyn Hanley is getting married??? Exciting! I wanna see some
pictures of her and the lucky dude that threw a rock on it. That
makes two friends now that have been married off since I've been out,
Lexi and Jordyn, any that I haven't heard about yet?

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Emails are funny because in
the beginning, what you wrote on Monday, I was feeling bummed you're sick again, but by the end of the email, Sunday, you're better haha

Well fam, I'll send some pictures next week, I don't have many this
week aaaand I forgot my chord, my bad. You guys enjoy the snow and
I'll enjoy the weather over here :) 9 degrees sounds ridiculous. I was
talking to Sis. Hendricks yesterday and she gets the Seattle and
Tacoma channels and was watching the news and said "Elder Romney
you're home is getting hammered with snow! Aren't you glad you're
here?" haha it was funny, she's like a mom to us out here. I also
asked her what she does while President Hendricks is in long meetings,
and she showed me a little bit how to knit... maybe I'll knit a
tuke while Elder McLeod is doing all his Branch President stuff haha
The joke is that I'm like the Branch President's wife, but I told him
not to expect a warm meal when he gets home, don't call me to be the
Releif Society President, and if he ever calls me "honey" I'll light
him a new one haha I love you guys!

Elder Romney

Monday, February 20, 2012

transfer calls


Sick all week? That sounds like no fun! But I busted up pretty hard at the pictures, you guys are funny. This week has been exciting and has smoked by! It was probably one of the fastest weeks on my mission. Heres why!:

So Tuesday we were finally able to do some service!! It's so strange, we offer service to anyone, chopping yards, helping with chores, literally anything they want help with we offer to help and NO one takes us up... maybe they think white boys can't handle it? We don't know, but we were walking out to Sis. J Monday night and we walked past a lady and said goodnight and she stopped us and said "Will you guys help me like the last missionaries?" Heck yes we will! She is way cool, her name is K, but we call her Red Ras (because she's a red headed rasta woman, see the picture). So Tuesday morning we rolled over there at 10 and helped her put up a couple windows in her shop she's building. Jamaican construction is something else haha We use a machete for everything but a hammer, so we cut this window to fit perfect, put on the hinges and such, it was nice to do some work. She is selling tools from her shop, like hammers and screwdrivers, and we told her to sell Dr. Pepper instead of Pepsi and she will have the missionaries over at her shop everyday... Can't find DP to save our life! So from there we went to Sis. J house and did some plumbing work. We layed some PVC pipe from her neighbors water line and put a direct line to her house so now she has running water outside her house. We dug up the ground so the pipe would be underground and holy smokes.... I know why they call it JamROCK. Jamaica is just a big rock!! I thought digging in the garden was a workout, no sir! Elder Taylor accidentally broke the pickaxe so we started taking the shovel to it, slamming it into the ground like I was trying to dig out a faceoff for the Canucks. It was a lot of fun, got a nice tan, Sis. J was so thankful. It's crazy the little things we take for granted, like running water. She is so awesome, her testimony of the Gospel is so strong. In the Gospel Essentials class she wants to participate so bad but is still new and learning so she can't answer some of the questions the teacher asks her, but to solve that we go over the Chapter we will be discussing the next week with her before Sunday so she can participate. She's the equivillant to my Jamaican Grandma. She always says "And how are my Elders doing??" and calls us when we leave her house after dark to make sure none of the "bad mon" troubled us. She's great!

We had a trade off on Wednesday and Thursday with the Zone Leaders. I stayed here with Elder Ostberg while Elder Taylor went to Santa Cruz and Elder Weir went to Kingston to do some paperwork for his Visa. It was a lot of fun, a bust appointment wise, but we did some good finding and were able to deliver some patriarchal blessings from Kingston to the branch members. They were so excited! It was awesome to see how excited they were to have them. 

Investigator wise, we have some good news and not as good news. We have two people who should be getting baptized in two weeks! They are daughters of a member, one is 14 and reminds me SOO much of Summer, and the other is 9. Both very smart, kinda quiet but very nice girls. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with their family this week, that is a great movie, a tear jerker every time. They had a couple questions, but the Spirit was very strong. They have a very nice house in a quiet neighborhood, being inside is like being in an American house. Nice and quiet, no distractions, I imagine it would be a lot like teaching in a States mission. It was a little weird at first sitting on a couch, I felt like I was going to get it dirty haha But having a good environment to teach in so critical, and if you don't have one, you have to make where ever you are at work. We've been having lessons at the church lately which makes a huge difference, it's just so nice to teach in there. The not so good news is that we haven't heard from S for a while and she wasn't at church. Talked to her last Monday and had a good lesson, we are trying to get her boyfriend to take the lessons with us too, she was going to talk to him but we haven't heard back from her as yet. We are praying for the best!

Now, the exciting news.... TRANSFER CALLS took me by complete surprise. Elder Taylor is going to Freeport Bahamas (we've known that for quite a while but we didn't know if he was going to leave this transfer). So he's going there, Elder Weir will be leaving to America March 5th aaaaaaand I am also getting transferred, but not yet. So two new missionaries (new to Sav) are coming Wednesday as well as my new companion Elder McLeod who is a Jamaican and used to be my zone leader in Spanish Town, he's way cool, stud missionary, the three of them are coming to Sav and I will be showing the new Sav missionaries the area for about a week or two, after which Elder McLeod and I will be going to Junction where he will be the branch president. Crazy! Elder Taylor leaves this evening and his flight leaves tomorrow. It's going to be weird without him! Me and him, everyday for 4 months, gonna miss that guy, but I'm stoked to serve with Elder McLeod. A little bit about junction, it is VERY bush. Super bush. All they have there is a tiny little Juicy Patties and a couple cookshops. And its HUGE! So, today I'll be lubing up my bicycle and getting that bad boy prepped and ready. I've never served in a real bush area, so I'm excited for that. Lots of riding because its a farm town and everything is spread out, PLUS farming= fresh fruit cheap year round! Yum! I'm exited to see what missionary work will be like when my companions calling is to run a branch. It will be cool! Junction is now a four missionary area, because the Sister missionaries are also there. Junction sounds like a nice quiet farm town, not something I'm used to thus far on my mission! So yep, thats the big news of the week, bouncing from Sav to Junction. It's about two hours away but still in the Mandeville zone. 

That is so sweet James and Lisa are naming one of the Ethopian boys Jett!! That makes my day! haha "Yeah, my cousin is Jett Lee, no big deal." :) Thank you for sending the shoes too! My feet will be so happy! I love you all, have a great week!!

Elder Romney 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's in Jamaica

Monday morning in Jamrock is going as usual. Got up this morning, worked out, cleaned off my desk (it was pretty messy) cleaned up the house a little bit, studied, and then got in a taxi and am at the email shop! This email shop is very nice. Air conditioned, quiet, and cheap. And they have snacks here in case mid email session you feel the need for some cheese stix or Banana Chips, its a win win. I love P-days! After we email we go to the church and throw the football around (I inherited one from a missionary, whoohoo!). It's a lot of fun. We are teaching Elder Weir how to play, I imagine it would be like him teaching me how to play cricket or how to kick a soccer ball without it going over the fence. He's getting better!
This week.... this week was interesting. We would plan and prepare as usual, plan a nice full day and litterally every appointment fell though but maybe one in a day. We would call to make sure that the person was home and they wouldn't be there, or we would roll over to the appointment and not be there or be to busy to have a lesson... you could say we logged some serious miles on the tracting shoes this week. There isn't anything wrong with finding, but it's always nice to be able to teach a lesson in a day rather than just roam the streets looking for anything that moves to talk to. I know there's missions where thats all they do is find and I tip my hat to them haha 

But nonetheless, we were blessed. It was Saturday morning, we had planned for a full morning and afternoon and we were calling to confirm again and sure enough, they all fell through. We had to be up at the church in the afternoon so we didn't want to go finding to far away... So we decided to just stand outside the church and talk to everyone that passes by. There is usually a decent number of people leaving our area in the mornings and they have to pass the church, so there was no way of getting out of talking to the missionaries... people must sleep in on Saturday mornings because even that was slow! haha But we were able to talk to the few people that walked by and try and spread the news that way. We've been getting a little more creative with out finding efforts. We were about to go home for lunch when a taxi drove past and one of our investigators was in it and waved. We waved back and as I was going to call her and tell her to come back, she called me and said "Don't leave! I'm coming back!" So we were able to have a great lesson with her at the church. She's 18, very smart, can read and understand things well and that is a blessing in itself to teach her. Seems like the last couple people we have been teaching either aren't listening or really really really have a hard time understanding. But I've become a pro at teaching simply and thats something I can still work on a lot. We spent a lot of time having lessons with recent converts this week too which is always good, making sure they are still understandning and have that testimony. Lasting conversion is what we're trying to achieve.
We have lots of fun even when we are on four hour finding sprees though, getting along with your companions makes all the difference, and I have to great comps so days still are enjoyable. This Saturday was really fun. The branch put on a Valentines dinner! It was pretty legit. In the afternoon we helped set up all the tables and chairs in the parking lot outside and we blew up balloons and did fancy little streamer things around the light posts, it looked nice. 7:00 rolled around and we played security while everyone was inside doing the opening part of it. It's amazing how many people think they can just roll up and are entitled to food. It was just for the branch members and investigators that were at church last Sunday so S was there. I think she enjoyed herself. She is doing good, couldn't make it to church yesterday but she lives close so we are able to go check her often. Anyways, we ran security, then when it was time to eat, we turned into fine dining servers! haha It was like serving at the resturant all over again, running back and forth with full plates of food and bringing back the dirty plates, filling cups with juice, washing dishes, crackin' jokes, it was a lot of fun for me. I think I still got the touch... as in nobody had their food dropped or had their drink spilled on them haha I did though step in a candle that was on the ground and now I have dried candle wax all over my ankle part of my pants... that was the only party foul though! Not too shabby. Elder Taylor and Elder Weir enjoyed it too and the branch was very thankful which made it worth it. Not to mention the FEAST they sent us home with! Rice and peas, about 10 fried fish, and three MONSTER peices of cheescake. Oh yes, there was definetly no pushups happening Saturday night. I snapped a picture for you guys to see what a delicious Jamacian meal looks like. 
It's pretty crazy how fast this transfer went. We get calls this Saturday, so this could possibly be my last week with my two compeniero's. Elder Weir got his Visa and will be leaving March 5th, he's pretty stoked for that. We keep tellingh him how cool the MTC is, and how much food he's going to get there, and how fat he will be when he leaves! I look at pictures of me when I left and goodness sakes.... I was rather husky :) 
Thank you for sending more pictures today! I love pictures. I hope to get your package soon too! I will probably get it by next week at transfers, thanks again for sending me stuff. I reaaaaaallly appretiate it :) Nothing beats mail on your mission! 
I'm attaching a picture of my shoes... nice Jamaican shoes can't handle walking Jamaican roads all day... We might have to do something about that. I don't need new ones, but I thought these would last me at least a year and I've only had them for four months and I'm hoping they last until my birthday. One thing we should've done better is buy a good pair of shoes before I came out. If you're near Nordstom Rack this week, maybe take a look and see wa gwaan in the shoe isle.
That triatholon sounds fun, for a champ like you thats like you're warm up ;) I think it would be fun to to a little triatholon. Crazy I know, beacuse before I got here you couldn't find me anywhere close to running one of those, minds change over time though. I definelty am going to remain friends with my companions after my mission. I've only had three, and all of them are awesome. Elder Nelson and Elder Taylor might be scheming a way to get to my homecoming and we've talked about a weekend in Burley, Idaho where Elder Taylor's grandpa's farm is. Thats something really cool about my mission is the people I've been able to meet, companions of Jamaicans. Im going to be coming home with more friends than I left with, which is always a bonus.
Well thats about it for me, I love you! Have a great week!
Elder Romney

                                 Kenny, Me, and Randy, thuggin' at the Valentines day dinner

                                                                             the trio
Me, Bro. Lewis, and Elder taylor... Bro. Lewis is a really good friend of ours

tasty fish

my lovely shoes!

Monday, February 6, 2012

another baptism more pics

Hola Familia,

You didn't like my tie?? haha I bought it for 5 bills last week and couldn't wait to rock it to church. I think it's pretty slick, but that's just me :)

You guys look like you are having so much fun! I loved the pictures, seeing you guys and seeing my second family (The Bise Family) all kickin' it over DELICIOUS looking food. The twins and Mac are starting to look older, they aren't the little 11 year olds I taught in primary anymore that's for sure. I love getting letters, so yes, letters are always fine by me! I need to figure out how to get these pictures on my camera so I can have them to look at. That's what I like the most is pictures. Children: Take advantage of hanging out with your family! (My wise words for the day). 
Well this week was pretty awesome. Sis. J's baptism was so great! It couldn't have gone any better. We had a couple branch members there which was so great. Having the support of the branch is sooooo critical, and Sister J always says how much she loves coming to church and the friends she has there. So that was good, even better was that her husband was able to come. He works about 45 minutes away and doesn't live with Sis. J, but he was able to taxi down and support her being baptized. He isn't baptized himself, but it was such a cool thing to see him be so excited for his wife and the decision she was making and being completely supportive of it. We joked with him telling him "You're next!" You could see how intent he was listening to the talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost. He's a super nice guy. The baptism itself went well. Nobody was dropped or slipped, Elder Taylor nailed it. She was so excited to receive the Holy Ghost, that's why we had the baptism on Saturday so she could receive it on Sunday and not have to wait a whole week. She has a really good understanding of the gospel principles and she is so ready to learn more. We gave her about 7 different Liahona magazines and she's always reading them or the scriptures. Go Sister J go!

Another cool thing about this week was our new investigator S. We met her on the road on one of our many finding expeditions this week. She lives very close to us which is nice, so we had a lesson with her and invited her to church. We invite everyone to church that we talk to on the street, and for the most part if you can get one person out of 100 to come, it's a blessing. Finding (tracting) isn't the most effective way to do missionary work, but it has its place and is needed. She said she was going to come to church, so we were hopeful for sure. We roll into church at about 9:40 and sure enough, sitting down and in church even before us is S. She loved church and said that she is coming back next week. She's been to sooo many churches here and says that she loved how positive everyone here is in this church. We taught her part of the Restoration and really focused on the Apostasy and how when Christ and the Apostles were killed there wasn't any authority on the Earth. It was a great lesson. She is very intent and seems sincere.. woohoo!

In other news, it's my 7 month mark today! 7 months ago at this time I would've been sitting in the sky flying to the Boise Airport I think. Time is smoking by! It's crazy, I am as old and Elder Taylor was when we first started our companionship, and he is as old and Elder Nelson was when Elder Nelson started training me. Moral of the story, time is cookin' by.

You know what else is cooking? Eggs and sweet peppers in the morning! Yes ma'am, I'm a healthy eating FOOL. And I like it. It's a good feeling. Yep, eggs in the morning, I bought about 6 peppers that I put in everything, baked beans for lunch or a can of soup, usually just a snack for dinner if not another can of beans. We bought out Shoppers Fair of all their Campbells Maple and Hicory BBQ baked beans and I'm out now... I might have to switch it up and find something else. I've been doing 100 pushups a day now for two weeks, and am doing 120 a day now, along with some other core stuff. It's been good! Yay for being healthy! haha Oh man, It was also sooo nice yesterday, we were at a recent convert's house and about to head home to break our fast and before we could get up we had this plate of delectable rice and peas and a FAT piece of chicken in our hands.... MMMM. It was soo good, probably the best meal I've had in a couple weeks.  

Josh turns 19 in October??? Wow! When does Dally Wally turn 19? and Cody E. and the crew? That's pretty crazy. Everyone is growing up!

The pictures don't really need explaining I think... Me and Elder Taylor, Me and Elder Weir, Me and Elder Weir trying to pose really tough and me busting up because we both know we aren't gangsters, Sis. J and us, Sis. J and Elder Taylor, Sis. J and her husband, and my Cap'n Crunch hat Elder Taylor made me (by smashing it on my head).... the life of a missionary!

Well I love you guys! Thanks again for the emails each week, I love hearing wa gwaan back on the home front. Love you!

Elder Romney