Elders McCleod and Romney

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hello from Freeport, Grand Bahama!
Island number three on my mission: Check! It's been super cool being here in Freeport! I tell you what, it feels like a whole different world over there. I flew out of Nassau last Tuesday morning at 10- Elder Worley had to be at the airport at about 7:30, so Bro. D took us to the airport at about 7. Elder Worley got all checked in at the international airport, we walked over to the domestic airport, I checked in and then he had to go back because security takes so long. It was SO weird sating goodbye. Not really in the saying goodbye part, just afterwords waiting in the lounge for 2 and a half hours without him, miss that guy! He's one of those companions I'm going to stay tight with after my mission for sure. There's a handful of missionaries like that, thankfully they will all be in Utah so not too far. He's doing really well in Kingston. Since hes the assistant we still talk often, he's sweating bullets over there! Jamaica never cools down. So anyways, the flight to Freeport is only like 30 minutes. Right as I started falling asleep, the flight attendant gets on the intercom saying "We will be landing in Freeport in 5 minutes, thank you for flying!" No nap, but that's alright. I was in freeport by 11am with my boy Elder Hitchcock!
Freeport is so much different than Nassau. Everyting about it. The landscape here is very foresty, lots of pine trees and open space, all the roads are very wide and there isn't much organization (at least in my eyes) to the way buildings are situated. Maybe it's because ive been in a concrete jungle for 8 months but it seems like all the stores are randomly placed. It's soooo spread out! Nassau, everything is packed in, Freeport  is much more spread out. I don't know the population here but one of the first thing I said is "Elder Hitchcock, where is everyone??" No traffic, no honking, a couple street lights, I like it a lot. A very relaxed atmosphere indeed. The people talk slower here, it's been great being able to see both islands.
I will be going back to Nassau tomorrow night. The meeting with Bro. D and immigration went well, as the paperwork was filed quickly and Elder Gayle and I will be back in Nassau by 8 tomorrow. You don't know how much you miss an area until you leave, I'm just glad I get to go back for a little while before leaving for good. Nassau is home. The hustle, the bustle, the honking, being somewhere so calm feels foreign. Elder Hitchcock and I have enjoyed our short companionship! Weird to think that almost 19 months ago we were wide eyed and bushy tailed in the MTC not knowing a lick about how to be a a missionary. In hindsight, we've come a long way.
We've had a great time here. Yesterday I gave a talk about progression versus movement. Progression is moving forward towards a destination. Movement is the act of moving or being moved. The biggest difference between movement and progression is that to progress, we must have a destination. I applied this to our eternal progression. There's a reason it's 'eternal progression' and not 'eternal movement'. Our big-picture destination is eternal life, to live the life that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live. Along the way we have smaller destinations that will get us closer to our big-picture destination. Using a basketball analogy, a basketball team doesn't enter the season saying "alright boys, we're going to just go out there and give it a shot and hope for the best". That team can't progress. A team that says "The tournament is the second week of march. this is our destination. To reach there, we will need to win games. To win games we will need to practice. Within practice we need to dribble correctly, shoot well, and play with game time intensity. To do this, we much have the desire to win." The point being that at the very core of us wanting to reach our destination of eternal life, it is the little choices from the time you open your eyes in the morning until the time you go to sleep that will shape your outcome in the little destinations. Alma 37:6-7: "By small and simple things shall great things be brought to pass." We can avoid movement and practice the principle of progression as we focus on our daily decisions that determine our destinations. Hop off the rocking horse and onto your motorcycle! haha That was the just of my talk, it went pretty well I think.

E was confirmed Sunday!! I talked to him Sunday after church and he sounded so happy. I'm really excited to see him and everyone else back in Nassau!

last night at Mommy P's house... I ate barracuda! Ya, barracuda! That nasty mean looking long fish in the ocean! and I have to say, it is the BEST fish I've ever tasted. I was so good! nothing but straight white meat, the bones were huge so you werent getting them stuck in your teeth. it was super good. Crazy thing about Baracuda is that if you cook it wrong or you catch a bad batch, its poisoness! Mommy P knows how to cook it though, and I dont think they would feed us poisoned barracuda, but that was a cool experience.
I totally spaced pop's b-day! I'm dropping the ball on that one. Are you guys 43 or 44 this year? Also something I can never remember haha One year older and wiser too, happy birthday to both of you!

Well it sounds like you're doing well momma, I have to confess, amidst all the excitement of moving islands and such my workouts haven't happened... BUT this is me confessing and forsaking my sin, as of the new companion they will happen. :)
Well ive got a couple pics to send. there is this sweet lighthouse our here, had to get a couple pictures by it. I love you Mom!
Elder Romney

Monday, January 21, 2013

crazy/temporary transfers, a baptism, & lots of pics

Happy Monday!

ROBBIE IS HOME!!! That blows my mind. Mind blown. The picture you sent of Skauf, Ty, Rob and Jaren was sweet, miss those guys! 

So I'm going to cut right to the chase- we got transfer calls! And once again, mind blown. Usually we get them Saturday morning from the Zone Leaders, so Friday night we were just at home, it was about 10:15, and the phone rings... Elder Worley answers it and it's President Hendricks. President Hendricks only calls transfer calls if there is some serious moving going around. But, the new plan is this: Elder Worley will be leaving tomorrow morning to go back to Kingston to be the new AP! I'm super excited for him, that will be sweet. Right in the heart of Kingston, get's to be around President, he'll get to come back to Nassau for Zone Conference, it's going to be great. As for me... I will ALSO be leaving tomorrow morning. I'm going to Freeport to be with Elder Hitchcock for who knows how long. Basically what has happened is that Elder Taylor's work permit has expired he's been in Freeport so long, so he has to leave Freeport, Elder Worley has to go back and replace Elder McCready as the Assistant, and the paper work for Elder Weldon going to Freeport and Elder Gurr coming here isn't done. Bro. D is having a meeting with the head of immigration in about an hour to see why it's taking so long to get anything done, we will see if he can speed things up. Freeport branch can't function without missionaries, so I'm leaving Nassau instead of Elder Hitchcock coming here. So I will be in Freeport until the paper work comes through. That could be one week, one month, 6 weeks, we don't know. The way things have been going I could very well spend a whole transfer there and not come back to Nassau, we just don't know. I think my stay in Freeport will be relativity short, but no matter how long it is I'm excited to spend some time on a different island with Elder Hitchcock. No missionaries have ever done that minus one missionary a couple years ago because it was an emergency transfer. I'm pretty pumped even if it's just for a little bit. We've been running around like chickens with our heads lopped off trying to see everyone, have them sign our journals, and then get everything in order to have our house empty for an unknown time. So yep, that's transfers! I'm so grateful for the time I've had here. In saying goodbyes I realize how much Nassau has changed my life. Super cliche, but I'm over it. This is home. I don't want to leave, but hopefully I'll be back soon enough to show Elder Gurr. We've made some great friends here and there's been a lot of good done in Nassau. I can't picture my mission without this 8 months. 

So Elder Taylor is going to Santa Cruz to finish his mission as a Zone leader there, Elder Worley to Kingston to be the AP, me to Freeport with Elder Hitchcock- other than that I don't hardly know any other missionaries back in Jamaica. But that's the Baha Men update! 

Amidst all the transfer calls and craziness, E was baptized yesterday! It was so great. Saturday night we went over to check up with him, when we asked him if he was excited he said in his broken English, Haitian accent "Oh yes, it's wike when da wittle kids awe waiting for da Christmas or da birthday, dis is betta den da Christmas for me." :) It was great. He asked if I would do the baptism. Baptizing people you've taught is always special. When we told him we were leaving Tuesday he didn't believe us. It's such a bummer for him getting baptized and we won't even be here for the confirmation, but he's got a solid support system in the branch, he will be alright. I'll still be able to call him from Freeport and make sure he's doing alright. Funny aspect of this baptism- I totally forgot my baptism clothes, a towel, and underwear.... so me and E rocked the jumpsuits together and I was a bit soggy after my paper towel pat down back into soggy unders. Elder Worley and M gave me a pretty hard time about that one. 

The English class went really well. Teaching English is hard, much different than I thought. And since I kinda horsed my Spanish classes, I hardly remember what conjugating is or anything else about learning a language. President F will teach the class while we are gone, he used to teach French and his English is good enough to teach it. I hope that goes well in our absence. 

Saturday morning there was a big walk for breast cancer around paradise island, so we went! It was fun, we went with Bro. D, his daughter S, and  A, a girl in the branch. It was fun! I'm sending you the race t shirt! :) 

That's nuts about Lance Armstrong. Just makes you wonder who's next I guess. 

Well we've got to go and try and see everyone before tonight. We've gotten so much food in the last 24 hours, it's ridiculous. We are going out with E for dinner, then to the E's for second dinner... buckle up belly, it's about to get full. 

I'll attach pictures in another email. I love you!! 

Elder Romney 

Monday, January 14, 2013


Good morning! 

Ok, I hope that when I get home we get to have just as much fun going to hockey games and things as you guys are now! My family is a bunch of party animals! :) I'm glad Mac's scope went well, there's got to be a merit badge that he can get from all the doctors visits he's made. Maybe for the Doctors merit badge you have to have like 10 visits to the Doc, kinda like for the camping merit badge you have to have 20 camp outs- two birds with one stone!  

Trunky? What's that? :) My trunk is un-packed, don't you worry. 

 What a week in the Bahamas! We have been so busy the past week, it's been really nice. We have had so much going on, hopefully I get it all in.

So first, secret santa! That was really fun for Elder Worley and I. We decided that instead of getting little presents for all the girls (which would get really really expensive) we would buy them a ton of food and candy and treats. So Monday night we did the shopping and realized that $100 buys SO much food! So we called another audible and split everything three ways, one for each set of girls and then G's family as well. So we buy all the food (see picture) and buy three laundry baskets to put them in. We rendezvoused back at the church, slapped everything together, whipped up a cutesy little note and were one our way under cover style to make the deliveries. We quickly realized that Secret Santa in the ghetto of the Bahamas is much different than Secret Santa back home. First we went to G's house. I videoed all the drop off's but I think they are too big to send in an email. Anyways, as we are walking to the door, we walk past a car and one of her older daughters is in it! AH! BUSTED! She opens the door and says "Hello, whatcha got there??" Trying to play it cool and act as if it's normal to walk around with laundry baskets full of goodies, we cut our loses... here's about how the conversation went:

G's daughter: "Hey! Whatcha got there?"
Us: "Oh hey how's it going? Hows your night?"
G's daughter: "I'm doing well, what's in the basket? (she's chuckling)" 
Us: "Oh ya know... just some stuff.... uh... alright, we need a favor. Can you keep a secret?"
G's daughter: "Yes"
Us: "We were never here... you never saw us..."
Then we dashed up to the doorstep, knocked the door and bolted back to the car. TOTALLY busted on try number one.

Second we went to M and those girls, in a little more rough neck of the woods. They live in a second story apartment so we walk up the stairs, knock on the door and the girls ask who is it... M is at work and she's trained the girls very well not to answer the door when she's not home. Hosed again!! So we knocked again and they still won't budge. By this time, I'm down in the parking lot below videoing this whole thing, Elder Worley is up above, and their neighbor comes out wondering what the heck is going on. Elder Worley whips up a plan and tells M's neighbor (who we are friends with) to knock on the door after we leave and tell the girls that you just saw this basket outside of their house, but NOT to tell them it was us. Well, being the 18 year old girl she is, she told them it was us.... busted again. We still deny it was us. 

Third time's a charm, right? Now we head to the other girls house, it the most hood of the three. We park the car out by this abandoned warehouse, take a look down the road and there is a party going on right outside their house! For all we know it could be them sitting right outside! So we do a drive by, discover that its the house next door and the girls aren't outside. So in the most nonchalant way possible, we walk past the party with this big basket, walk back to their apartment door, and they are all sitting right there in the living room! And the sheet covering the window is super thin! AHHH! We knock, and straight sprint through the ghetto past the party, jump past the car and take off undetected. I'm sure that was quite the scene from the neighbor's house, two missionaries running through the streets... but we got a clean getaway. They think it's us, but yet again we still deny it. They loved the gift though, they were super surprised. They had all kept the note and tried to use it as evidence that it was us who dropped it off. Super cute :) We felt so good afterwords. The scriptures are right- charity never faileth. That was a great experience for the both of us!

The next big thing was zone conference. Third and (maybe) the final one in Nassau! IT was a great couple days. Thursday morning Elder Taylor and Hitchcock flew in. Hands down three of my best friends and those two and Elder Worley. It sounds super corny, but each one of them has had a profound impact on my life, I don't think I could become the person I want to be or that my Saviour want's me to be without spending significant time with each of those guys. We had a great lesson with E that day, found a couple new investigators, it was really good. Being with other missionaries is really weird, especially when Friday rolled around and the Turks elders came in, then friday night when the AP's and President and Sister Hendricks came. So many missionaries! It's only like 8, but still feels like a lot when its just you and your companion for 7 months on your own island. Friday night we had the sweetest branch activity. M and the girls came, D was there, M, another girl from C (the store that is member run and M, D, M, W, and B work at) was there named C. I invited her out on Friday afternoon when we were in there and she actually came so that was cool. Elder Worley and I had to leave right as everyone was showing up, had to pick up President and the Assistants. Kind of a bust, but we left Elder Taylor and Elder Hitchcock there to hold down the fort. It just goes to show that when an investigator has fellowship from the branch, they enjoy church and activities regardless of whether of not their own missionaries are there. Love that! 

As for the actual zone conference, it went really well. It's set up so nicely. We get a report on how the mission is doing, President teaches about a doctrine, and then we have a training. it's about a 4 and a half, 5 hour meeting, but I always learn so much. Since President has instituted the Standards of Excellence, which I haven't mentioned a lot, but in a recap basically the Standards of Excellence and goals made to help raise our vision and increase our faith. They are 1. 300 baptisms a year- meaning each zone has a baptism every week and each companionship has a baptism every month. 2. Always have a progressing investigator (a progressing investigator is one who has been taught two or more lessons, keeps all their commitments and has a baptism date). 3. Never attend a church meeting (including firesides, activities, etc.) without an investigator, and to never miss a church meeting. So since those things have been instituted in October, we've seen growth in our mission. Whoo hoo!  It's only been three months and we have a long ways to go, but its at least something. President taught more about the Godhead and how if our investigators are confused about who God is, they can't receive an answer to their prayers if the Book of Mormon is true. The Assistants talked about finding while we teach and teaching while we find. That's something Elder worley and I have been doing pretty much the whole time in Nassau, talking to everyone in any situation. The most awkward and ineffective way to talk about the gospel is knocking on a door. There's nothing natural about it. Roaming is the way to do it!

At the end of Zone Conference, missionaries who will be going home before the next zone conference bear their testimony. It was Elder McCready, Elder Ferrin, and Elder Taylor. Elder Taylor's testimony had me, Elder Worley and Elder Hitchcock tearing up. As soon as he said that he was grateful to have been able to serve with the three of us at one point or another on his mission and that we can all end up back here for his final zone conference and how we are three of his best friends he's had, we all lost it. Gonna miss that fella, he's got one more transfer and he's done. 

So yes, it was a fanstastic week. This we will be busy. We are teaching that English class Tuesday at 7. K from the Haitian radio station called Saturday telling us that he's had over 20 people call and confirm their attendance to the class... going to be quite the experience! We ordered that daily dose DVD but it won't be here by tomorrow so we are putting together a first lesson. That will be sweet, we have a fireside Friday evening, and then Saturday morning we get transfer calls! I have a feeling that Elder Worley and I aren't going anywhere... paper work still isn't done, so that would mean 9 months with him and almost 11 months in Nassau after it's all said and done. We will see. 

That's so nuts Robbie is home soon! Please snap a pic of that fella and I already told him if he wants to go nuts on my CD's he can. So if he asks, give the boy the CD's. That' is so crazy all the missionaries leaving! 

Well Momma have a great week. I really appreciate the emails every week, and HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! I totally remembered that it was your birthday on the 9th and I told Elder Worley last monday not to let me forget to tell you happy birthday... totally horsed that one. So happy late birthday mom! I hope it was fantastic. I love you!! 

Elder Romney

Monday, January 7, 2013

New investigators and spending a few hours at Sandals

Well hey there Momma!

We are playing secret santa tonight! After we get done emailing we are going to go buy the stuff, put it all together and then make the deliveries. hopefully it all works out, one set of girls lives in an apartment complex in a rougher area and the other has a house in the same part of town. We will have to be sure they answer or someone will for sure steal all the stuff. Good thing Elder Worley and I are so quick and agile from all the excercise we've been doing! Haven't missed a day yet, (besides Saturday because we were starting our fast, and Sundays). We're excited for the secret santa thing, should work out nicely! 

I'm feeling much better, thank you. The sore throat and coughing is gone, just the remnant of a runny nose and that's about it. C, a former investigator (the one we met at Wendy's my first day here) gave me a big thing of cough syrup (yuck) and some Vicks lozenges. She's such an awesome lady, I'm glad we've been able to keep a good relationship with her despite her not being ready for the gospel. She invited us to her daughters 13th birthday party which was yesterday. We had actually kinda forgot about it, thankfully we had planned to go check up on C that night! We showed up and there was a house full of guests, right as we walk in the atmosphere in the room just got stale people were thinking "Who invited the Mormon missionaries??". Safe to say that within a half an hour we were the only one's left... missionaries sure know how to clear out a room! Maybe they thought we were going to sit down and have a lesson so they all bolted before the opening prayer, either way, kinda funny. C is great. 

Church was fantastic yet again. I think Sunday has become my favorite day. Especially when you have investigators at church. It's discouraging when no one you've invited comes, but this week was another awesome week. E, Bro. D, Sis. B, were all at church!

We have a couple new investigators! Whoo hoo!! We got to church about 9:20 and a woman was dropped off who I'd never met. Her name is K and she works for Bro. O (a Canadian that has a house out here- he's one of the best lawyers in all of Canada and owns 1000+ acres there of bison farms.) He invited K to church. Also knows President F . I had a great conversation with K, turns out she's Jamaican, lived outside of High gate her whole life, and her son and daughter who are going to college in Kingston have been attending our church there for 7-8 months! After church K said she loved church so much and will be coming back for a long time, especially since her son loves it and wants to be a missionary! What a tender mercy from the Lord- pretty cool. We don't know if her son is baptized, we are going to find out tonight. She's great!

S is another new investigator. We were checking our phone bill at the mall Thursday and he was just there, saw my tag and asked if I was related to Mitt. We had a good little conversation and got a return appointment for Saturday. Saturday rolls around and he lives out in the BOONIES of Nassau- like 15 miles away on the south part of the Island. It was a wild goose chase trying to find his house but we found it and had a really great lesson with him. He has worked for Sandals for 17 years and is leaving at the end of this month to go to Negril Sandals and work there. He's the manager of the photo shop there. Super cool guy, really has a lot going for him. Very intelligent, hard working, knowledgeable, cool guy. When he told us about working at Sandals we asked about why it was so inclusive and why visitors can't enter- that's when he said "I can get you in for a day if you'd like- free food, tour of the place, whole nine yards." Uh.... YEAH! So we just got back from there, Sandals gets the nod of approval. That place is awesome! the buffet was something else to- I've got a massive food baby right now. Two words. Creme. Brule'. It was nice. Kinda awkward being that Elder Worley and I were the only two dudes eating together since its a couples resort... then the Sandals guy wanted to take our pictures on the beach and by the pool.... nah man... I'll pass... but he snapped a few anyway haha Just singles though.. still a lot of fun. S is the man. Being friendly to people goes a long way! Now he has the opportunity to hear the gospel and we got to check out Sandals- win win. 

This week will be fantastic. It's zone conference again! Round three in Nassau. It's always nice to see other missionaries- its a huge booster. You don't realize how secluded being on your island is until you see other missionaries and you say "Oh ya, this is usually how it is". Going to be great! 

I like the 5k the Romney way idea! That would be fun, I'm in. Tell Gma not to sweat it the emails, I love her! Yesterday I hit my 18 month mark... weird, eh? 18 months ago I was in the MTC going "oh boy... this is new". Time is flying! I got an email from T-Cox! Sounds like that fella is doing really well, loving his mission. That's good news. 

Mac is a trooper- pin the blue ribbon upon his chest! 

I like what you said about miracles. Yesterday while the sacrament was being passed and just thinking about what I was fasting for, I flipped open my scriptures and i opened right up to Moroni 7. That's one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. Anyone who thinks miracles have ceased- give this a read. It strengthens my faith every time I read it. "And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me." Time to buck up and have more faith! 

I love you! 

Elder Romney

Junkanoo celebrations, cars for guests at Sandals, J lounging on P-Day and more junkanoo celebrations

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time marches on

Good Morning! Happy almost new year! 

It was so good to see you guys! I'm not kidding when I say that everyone is looking older. Except you mom, you don't look a day over 35 ;) Mac's voice totally threw me off! I thought he was joking when he first started talking! Sometimes I feel like im stuck in time. In my head everyone looks and is the same age as when I left, but 'tis not so! Life goes on everywhere. I look at pictures of Elder Nelson and I in Maypen and it's so crazy to think that that was over a year ago. Time moves on whether or not you want it to! I'm glad you guys are doing so well. ROBBIE GETS HOME in a few weeks???? Oh boy... that is something. I'm gonna have to shoot that fella an email. If he gets home then, when do Mark and Shane get home? Mark left in April didn't he? Crazy to think we are on the downhill slope. AH! 

We are really excited for the secret santa! We decided we are going to both sets of girls. We don't know what to get them yet, but it's gonna have to be the same thing for each house or there will be some disappointed girls. We are stoked! It will be a lot of fun. Thanks for letting us do this- this is going to be really cool.

We had some really good things happen this week despite a few hangups. I've caught my annual winter cold (the same one I've got every winter since 7th grade). Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday it was the uncontrollable face explosions (otherwise known as sneezes) and the achy muscles, Saturday and Sunday it's been the croupy cough, but just like always it's gone after about a week and I can enjoy the rest of the year sickness free. It hasn't hindered any of our work though. I've developed this mentality that basically unless you're in the hospital there's no reason to stay home sick. Wash you hands, bring the hand sanitize, pull up your socks and go to work. Elder Worley has been disinfecting and sanitizing everything I touch trying not to get sick- didn't work haha he's got the sniffles now. But we had a great week, here are a few highlights-

Friday night there was a party at the church for a Haitian radio station. Two members here are apart of it so they used the church the location for the function. Elder Worley and I had shown up about 15 minutes before 7 to drop off some mail and former branch president  showed up and we had a good chat with him. As standard Caribbean time goes, he was there at 7 and no one else was, so he left but she told us we should stick around and see if we could advertise the church on the radio station. We had been talking about it earlier as well so we decided to do that. We're going to be teaching an English class every Tuesday starting the 15th, so having that announced on a creole radio station is perfect. The party didn't start till about quarter to nine but we were able to talk to the host of the show and get his number, he is more than happy to help us with anything we need. That's a big break for us. Now we just need to figure out how to teach English...

While we were waiting to talk to K (the host) there was a girl out in the foyer and we just started talking to her. She was pretty quiet, pretty reserved, not super talkative, but I just felt like there was something she needed to tell us and we needed to share with her. She was a super cool girl, junior in high school, wants to be a doctor, has some great plans for the future, just started going to a church because she knows she needs to be in church, very different from most 16 year old girls in the Bahamas. I asked about her family and she said she lives with her Aunty and brother and has 3 siblings in Haiti. Then she told us her mom died two years ago and she's never known her Dad. We were able to share a few simple truths of the Plan of Salvation with her and you could just see a sense of comfort come into her eyes as we talked- just someone to talk to and someone to just listen. I've become a professional listener on my mission. For some reason people just open up when we talked to them. I don't know if it's because I'm a missionary or what but sometimes I feel like there is a sign on my head that says "You can confide in me, I'll listen". It's a good thing. I enjoy it. Within 20 minutes of just meeting people they are laying out their life story and their fears, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to bring the gospel to them. 

Saturday night we were driving around visiting people in one part of town and we had the thought to go and visit Sis. S, a member the opposite way. It wasn't this grand overpowering of the Spirit, it was just a thought. So we rolled over there, we are good friends with her and her family, really just going over there to see how their Christmas was and make sure they were doing alright. After about 20 minutes of giggles and Christmas recaps, Sis. S told the kiddo's to go inside and she shared some pretty personal things. She did most of the talking and when she was finished  we shared with her what we knew would help her as directed by the Spirit. She told us we were an answer to her prayers that night and that because we came, she knew Christ was aware of her. :) I love being a missionary. At any given point you can be teaching any doctrine to anyone, and if you aren't in tune with the Spirit someone else is going to suffer. Awesome.

E was at church, he's still a boss. D had to work this Sunday but hopefully we can see her soon. It's P-day and usually roll down to Cariloha and see wa gwaan so we will see her. This morning we went over to the D's and I cut M's hair. I bought a pair of clippers about 2 months ago so we did that this morning. He's a funny kid. He's 14  and super cool. We love that family. After cutting his mop top (he's rocking the Elder Romney cut now, except a comb over on top) Chef fed us lunch and we had a fat bowl of ice cream... yum! But we are gung ho about the new years resolutions over here. Time to shape up! Spiritually and physically. I'm really excited for this last 6 months. Gonna be great! 

Yes I heard about the new curriculum for the church, sounds like it will be fantastic. A lot different than it used to be. The church is stepping up their game! Good work President Monson, you have the Romney seal of approval. 

Well I love you! Hope you have a great new years!! 

Elder Romney