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Monday, July 9, 2012

One year down! LOTS of pictures!


The word hump reminds me of that Brian Regan skit "The humps good, right Brian?" "Oh the humps good dad. Its a happy hump, i love the hump, Im the hump boy! Im riding the hump to Disneyworld!!" Well I am the hump boy indeed and the hump day was fantastic. Being on our fruit, salad, turkey, tuna, and corn flakes diet, we didn't go out to eat (plus everything here is pretty stinkin' expensive) but we couldn't resist the Carmel shake at Wendy's. It was pretty awesome. 

Yes, not being the new guy is AWESOME. I still feel like the new guy at times though. We tried something different for finding yesterday and both my companion and I felt like the new guys. Bro. D told us about this big independence day parade  going on downtown and suggested that we show our faces down there, because true, when we walk down the road, everyones eyes get locked on our name tags (its pretty funny). We are going to have an open forum this summer, hopefully by the end of this month, so we had fliers already made up. We just changed a few things around and instead of the Open forum being the focus point, we had Sunday church be the focus point. Its a coold flier. On the top it has the church's name, then spread down about 6 lines it has the questions "What is the Book of Mormon? Do we have a living prophet? Is there one true church?" Then it invites people to church, directions, and our phone numbers. We did them up four to a page so they were nice size, handed out 90 of those and 20 Restoration pamphlets and talked to SOOO many people. It was very effective and worth our time. 

Nassau is definitly a treat when it comes to temporal possessions. Any kind of restaraunt, nice house, hot water, washer and dryer, AC, car, good roads, educated people, its different from Jamaica for sure. Its much harder to see people here because everyone has a job and says that after 5 works best for them. So far Nassau has made me appreciate what I have. It's pretty easy to get used to having nice stuff, and Im defenetly taking advantage of it while im here (it would be silly not to) but Highgate left quite the impression on my character and had me realizing how much we don't really need to survive. Bucket showers, Cup Noodles, and a good companion- all you need to make a tough area not so bad. 

This week was pretty good. We had the year mark burning of the shirt, and it was Elder Worley's birthday yesterday. I spoke in Sacrament meeting and before I started I said "A little business before we begin. It's Elder Worley's 20th birthday today and he told me he likes to be pinched and poked- so let him have it after Sacrament meeting". We got a good chuckle out of that one. Bro. S, a missionary who just returned from the West Indies mission spoke too and shared some of his mission experiences. I hope to have some cool stories like that when I'm finished. He shared one where Elder Coleman of the Area Presidency at the time came over for a Zone Conference and it was sweltering hot because no one had a key to the branch presidents office to turn it on. They had to wait half an hour for someone to come with a key, and Elder Smith had the impression to just put the car key into the lock of the office door. He ignored it the first two times, but the third he did, and sure enough it opened right up! Pretty legit I would say.

We had a little scare this week, remember that golden lady we met at wendys? Well one thing we always see in the scriptures and missionary work- Satan always opposes righteous decisions and works double time to put doubt into the hearts of people. Even G who was baptised yesterday (I forgot to mention her last week), Saturday night she was just so scared she would mess up and fall away, but her closing prayers was remarkable. By the end she was sobbing thanking Heavenly Father for keeping her strong and leading her to the truth and we were just in awe at the faith she has. She's a rockstar. SO converted to the gospel. She tells us the day before her baptism "I've been telling everyone at work  that Im getting baptised tomorow and inviting them to come!!" She's amazing. The picture of me and the little kids are some of her grandkids. She's why we are out here! 

I can't wait to see some of the pics you are talking about! 4th of July was awesome here. We got permission to go see the fireworks at Atlantis (also know as the coolest resort probably in the world- you will see the pictures) and it was hands down the best fireworks show I will ever see in my life time... well I take that back, it was good, but it looked like a candle stick compared to the Newman Lake show with the Bise family/ward get together :) It was pretty awesome. 

We met a lot of people this week and are pretty much contacting the whole week. There is a temple trip so much of the branch and one of our investigators (he's a members son) are going. That is so exciting for them! We need to increase our teaching pool or our days are going to be looooong after we have the next two people baptised. Things are going great though :) I don't think we got any part of that storm, it  was raining pretty good last week but that was it. It's been wicked hot here too. 

Thinking about Dallas and Rachel's wedding cracks me up. Remember when Dad put his hand in water before shaking hands and then pretended like he was blind? Cracks me up every time. I promise there will be no three piece suits at my reception- swim trunks and sunglasses only with me and pops on the grill cookin up some nice food. None of this stand in line stuff or wear a tie stuff. Beach bum wedding reception Caribbean style. 

When I get back we will be workout buddies again! That will be fun. I dropped two pounds this week- probably put it back on with the D's Sunday feast... minor details though. Everyone is growing up! Justin and Josh leaving soon? Has everyone still been gettign their calls to Brazil? That blows me away how many missionaries are getting called there. Some places the work is just going bazurk. Saw a thing on LDS.org about the West Africa mission- that place has a temple!! Ya! Things we would do to get a stake, let alone a temple. Put your shoulder to the wheel push a long! 

Well momma thanks for the awesome emails. I love reading about all the happenings of the family and the homefront every Monday. I love you! im gonna send pics now so buckle up!

Elder Romney

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