Elders McCleod and Romney

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas email

Hey mom!
It was awesome talkin to you guys! It was definetly a breath of fresh air. Elder Taylor had a great talk with his family too, I love Christmas!
After we got done talking to you and Elder Taylor's family we just went home. We were pretty out of it, I was soooo tired. We talked all about our families and stuff, and before I knew it I had fell asleep on the matress couch. I've eaten nothing but candy and jerky over the past two days! That is what we would call a Merry Christmas! :)
Yes, Jamaican's pose for everything! It's hilarious, guys and girls both. Sis. Dixon is probably 38-40ish. she has 5 kids who are all homies, I love that family. Whenever we are havin a rough day, goin over to the D's for a little bit puts us in a good mood. One day we went over there, my acne was really bad, and Sis. D (in only the way a mother could) says "Elder Romney, have you been eating to many sweeties (candy)?" "Yes..." "Have you been drinking lots of soda? "Yes...." "I can tell... Thats not good for you!" haha And then she gave me a whole list of tasty things that are healthier than soda and told me if I go and buy this special tea that purifys your blood and clears up your face, she would make it for me every week. The tea sounded absolutly disgusting so I chose to kick back on the sugar instead and drink more water, but she is awesome.
I miss the ward choir! And am glad that you guys did well as usual.
Well I cant' think of anythign else to say that wasnt said yesterday, we are havin a quite week for sure. I loved talking toyou guys! I cant wait for Mothers Day! I love you mom!!
PS: The picture with us and all of our shaweet sweaters is our boy band.We are called The Card Agains... get it???

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the week before Christmas!

Hello hello hello!
ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS! We are SO stoked. Yeah, I've never sweat outside at Christmas time, so its definetly a new experience. But, we still have the Christmas spirit. Ill be skyping you guys at about 10:30 your time, right? Is that when you said would be best? Im so excited to see everyone!
This week was pretty good. Elder Taylor and I got sick, I caught a cold first and a sore throat and then he caught on to the stuffy nose. We had a Christmas party with the Negril branch in Negril friday night which was pretty fun. The food was delicious buuuuut gave Elder Taylor food poisening... sometimes food isnt prepared the most cleanly here so he was pretty miserable Saturday and I went through a almost two rolls of toilet paper blowing my nose, but we had a good time doing it! haha The highlight was definetly having N confirmed on Sunday. I was looking forward to doing it but I guess a member of the branch presidency has to do it (didn't know that) but I was still able to be in the circle and awesome nonetheless. She's so great, I'm grateful for the blessing she was into my life and that Elder Taylor and I were trusted with one of Heavenly Father's children. We are really starting to get along with the branch and are friends with them now. That makes Sunday's much more fun when you know who people are and can joke around with them. We are recieving more referrals (hallelujah) and so missionary work is goign to be picking up. It's been a slow start, and I keep saying that because some days it litterally feels like we are starting from scratch because some days we are, but things will and are getting better for sure.
I love the pictures! All those cookies and such make my mouth waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaater! I was telling Elder Taylor all about fruit loop cookies, and we are going to try and make some, wish us luck! Since we've had cooking gas, we have gone all Betty Crocker Martha Stewart in the kitchen. We wanted a tasty snack the other night so we got creative... home made funnel cake (Dad, listen up). If you deep fry buttermilk pancake batter, and put chocolate syrup and icing sugar on it, watch out... your body won't know what hit you! IT was delicious, ripped both of us in two, but sooo worth it haha. My new years resolution is to eat a little healthier.. I think its a good resolution :)
Anyways, that was about all that happened this week, pretty quiet! I am so stoked for the Christmas party, we are wearing matching rasta ties to it, gonna be lookin fresh! I will tell you all about it on Sunday at 10:30 your time! Email me back if that works!
Love you!
Elder Romney
PS: In the pictures you sent me... who is the baby?? Do I have a new baby brother???
PPS: A couple pics for you, check out the rasta CARDIGAN.. yeah, I bought a cardigan. Hard rocker Jackson bought a rasta cardigan... i amaze myself too...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec. 12th letter (I can't stand counting the weeks-it makes time go too slow!

I love your Christmas tree! (Lynette's note-we made our family tree this year with nothing but gold and green lights and ornaments with little Jamaican Flags)  We love walking past the banks here because they are some of the only buildings with Christmas decorations up. As far as food goes, I've only had one loaf of white bread since I've been here, and that was my first week, I've been getting whole wheat every week since. We got cooking gas this week thanks to President and Sister Hendricks. They were all the way out here in Sav and already they took us to get some. So we went straight Betty Crocker and Martha Stuart last night and deep fried some dumplings (still working on the flour to water ratio) and Chiky's last night :) Chicky's are like a vannila oreo outside with strawberry frosting in the middle... yes not healthy at all, BUT I didn't drink much soda this week, I only had two, and my face is like butter. Definetly watching the soda from now on, I dig not having acne! It's a nice change. Fruits, yeah.... there isn't much fruit here to be honest. It's not in season, but summer time there are mongos and guinepp and all sorts of fruit. I drink Tropicana at KFC, that counts right? ;) 

The baptism was great! Things went pretty smoothly, getting the branch to sit down for it was a gong show for some reason, with little kids and such. That was kinda frustrating, but we held it right after church and it was awesome. Elder Taylor did the baptism, there was lots of people there, we got a picture with her, the Spirit was so strong, I loved it! She was very happy as well. She is receiving the Holy Ghost next sunday at church and she asked me if I would give it to her, so that will be exciting as well. We had an investigator at the baptism too and he said he liked it a lot which is shaweeeeet. Things are good!
The rest of the week was kinda slow. We still don't have many people to teach so we are doing a lot of referall hunting and finding still. We were focused on meeting with N more than anything this week. It POURED on Thursday! It hasnt rained like this since August. We were soaking wet, Elder Taylor had an umbrella, I on the other hand, flew without one and goodness sakes, I was wet haha And cold! It gets cold here at night when you're wet!
Oh! Big news! We tracked down a computer and soooooo we will be skyping this Christmas! I need to know what the time difference is exactly between me and you and when works for you for us to call. You guys will have to create an account on skype and give me the address of it so when I log on I can type it in and call you. Im so excited! So Definetly let me know those thigns in this email because it will be the last one before Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I don't think I will ever ask for anything for Christmas again, kickin it with you guys will be good enough. Defienetly one thing my mission has done for me is made me appretiate what I have. And I will be sending your package this week! You will love it, hopefully everything fits... better delete that part before the kids see! haha
In other news, it's election time here in Jamaica and everyone goes crazy for them. Its PNP (orange) and JLP (green) and both are having huge rallies here in Sav as we speak. I can feel the bass of the speaker towers in the internet shop right now, its nuts. We avoid them at all costs because Pres. told us to and because its stupid to be around them. They get pretty crazy, we arent allowed to wear green or orange ties because some people are lookin for a reason to beat the snot outta ya. But either way, things here in Sav are getting better! 

Tell the family I love them, I was thinking about Grandpa on Saturday too. Family temple day sounded like it was awesome. Well I love you all! 

Tell CJ Ive been waiting for an email from that homeboy!!
Elder Romney

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 22

Well hello!
Christmas devotional?? Heck yes we did! It was kidna frusterating though because streaming it over the internet at the church was a bust, it had to buffer every 10 seconds, but the parts I saw were really good. It's so funny, everyone from the branch came to the church to watch it and it started at 8 our time... at by 8:30, there was more people asleep than awake! Little kids and adults alike! Everyone here goes to sleep so early and get up so early, it was pretty funny to see 20 of probably 30 people zonked out in the chapel. We were so pumped for the christmas singing, and we did get to hear all the hymns which was awesome. I love christmas music! We have a christmas CD here that a member made for us, we gave her a list of christmas songs and she put them on a CD and of course, had to have Amy Grant's "Grown up Christmas list" and "Rockin around the Christmas Tree" and Harry Connick Jr's "When my heart finds christmas" and "Sleigh Ride". It feels like im at home jammin with you guys! Christmas here is so much different, I wrote a Christmas parody in the shower this mornin.:
Oh the weather outside is windy
dandy and hot and sandy
with only 19 more months to go
I miss snow I miss snow I miss snow!! haha... I thought it was pretty funny.
This week was rather interesting. First the not so good, Elder Taylor got robbed down in the hood on saturday... it wasnt scary or anything, just some punk kid, probably 19 or 20, riding his bike past, turned around and said "hey can I see your sunglasses?" Elder Taylor took them off his face, knowing if he gave them to him he would steal them, so he was holding them away and the kid just snatched them out of his hands, put them on and said "I look good in these. Im keeping them" and rode off. We were both really mad, I wanted to go get them back but, as a more wise seasoned missionary, Elder Taylor pointed out that its not worth getting stabbed over a $5 pair of shades. Which is true, but we were pretty put out the rest of the day. Even in Spanish Town, the HEART of the ghetto, even in Gordens Pen, the HEART of the HEART of the ghetto, we got more respect than here. It's pretty sad. But whatev's, all is safe and sound. So to answer your question about if there is ghetto is Sav, there is, but its hardly even the ghetto. Spending the first 3 and a half months in the real ghetto makes New Market Oval look like hollywood.
But, the good news.... N IS GETTING BAPTISED SUNDAY! Yay! She is a super star! Seriously, she's a friend of a member, and she has kept every commitment, every appointment, and done everything we've asked her to do. She was already living a very good lifestyle so she didnt need to make many changes at all, she's been to church every sunday and arrived before most members do, and read 1 Nephi chapters 1-13 already and asks quetions when she doesnt understand. It is so cool to see how she's grown in the last 4 weeks. Her little girl is soo cute too, she's 2 and an active lil girl. Her interview is wednesday and then after church Sunday she will be baptised.Talk about a blessing! She's going to be a great member. Oh, and double good news, V IS GETTING BAPTISED ON SUNDAY TOO! He's our super star in Spanish Town that we "randomly" came up to us outside the church. We won't get to see it but that doesnt really matter, I'd love to serve in spain town again and link up wit him. It's gonna be a good weekend!
Oh right, the other questions. The food here is good. I've taken a new approach to food since we dont have gas for the stove and havnet since spanish town, I just buy PB and J, bread, and some snacks every week and eat that at home. There is a KFC here and a Burger King that we hit up every now and again, but I would love to get stove gas so I can start doing eggs again, maybe when the zone leaders are here they can take us in the truck to go get another tank. Lactose wise I think i've still got it. I've had Ice Cream twice and both time's ive been pretty mashed up. It didnt stop me though... funny how that works haha It has stopped me though after I remembered "oh yeah, I don't like this feeling". I don't buy milk or anything, i drink about 3-4 liters of water a day and about a Pepsi or Grapefruit Shweeps a day too. I've kicked back on the soda though, not helpin my teenage bumps (thats what they call acne here).
This month is going to fly by. Baptism this week, a full week next week, then the christmas party in Kingston! We are so jacked for the christmas party and christmas, it will be fun. Yes skype will be awesome! We're still tracking down a computer, we might be able to buy or borrow a camera and mic from someone and use the church's computer which would we way cool. Are you really 4 hours behind? Thats pretty wild.. we have a few more emails to figure out wah gwaan so im not to worried. Ill let you know for sure whats up though by next week or the monday of christmas week. as soo as we know, you will know.
Can you put a some more dough on my card? I need to send your christmas package :) Thank you!
You guys sound like you're havin a hoot, everyone eat some Russian Tea cakes and short bread and cinnomon rolls and fruit loop cookies for me! Oh and your package made it, I think its your package, but Ill be opening it at christmas time, just fyi. OH and Pryors sent a package too! Beef jerky, toosie rolls, licorise, gum, and propel packets... they know how to make a boy happy! The jerky is almost all gone... i couldnt stop eating it haha anyways, I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Romney