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Monday, August 6, 2012

New converts doing well

Hey there,

This is crazy, we are losing a bunch of senior couples but getting a bunch of new ones... and by a bunch I mean like three sets. The mission isn't even going to look the same when I get back to the rock. Elder Nelson leaves in 6 weeks, same with Elder Baird, and Elder Ostburg and Randle leave in 3 days. Crazy! Gonna get back and be the new guy all over again. 

This week was pretty good. I realize I need to get the baptism pics from Elder Worley because you guys haven't seen G, J or T at all! I will do that today. Sunday was so awesome- G gave the opening prayer (nailed it, she's a superstar) and then T and J received the Holy Ghost. There also was a family of tourists from Thorton, Colorado and they know Uncle Brett. Small world! I think the pops of the fam must've been the stake president or something because he was the only one that knew him. Sunday night was probably the most full I've been on my mission, or at least in a few months. We hit the D's for lunch, roast and mashed potatoes, then the D'ns for 1st dinner (curry chicken and rice) THEN went to a party thrown by M (who I will explain about next) and there were about four table lined with Philippino food. It was all soooo delicious, but seriously when I woke up this morning I felt like a Mack truck ran over me in my sleep. SO much food! So much for our running this week, eh? Weekends are tough for the diet. We've been eating super healthy lately- chicken breast, salad, and veggies. Im gonna buy some Tallipia today I think too. How do you cook that? Just fry it up with some lemon pepper or something? Anyways, Sunday was fantastic. 

So, M. This is probably one of the coolest stories of my mission. M is this little Philippino lady who is the maid for the D's. When President Hendricks was here he stayed with the D's and when we went over to pick him up he asked us if we would teach her. Ya, a refferal from President Hendricks is like gold. Come to find out that M's family in the Philippines are all LDS, one of them is a bishop or Branch President too. She really wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon so we gave her one and set up a time to see her again on Wednesday. Well we show up Wedneday and she has cooked us this FANTASTIC meal. Philippino food is so good, this nice soy saucey tasting chicken and porkchops and rice, so good. Her sister M and niece E live there also so we all had dinner. Philippino people are the NICEST people I have ever met in my life. O my goodness, I can see why the church is flourishing over there. People are so friendly and willing to listen. Conversation led to the Book of Mormon and all three were so intently listening to every word we said and just sooo sincere and polite and happy. We gave them all a copy of the Book of Mormon, invited them to read it and she invited us to that party we went to Sunday. I think it was Saturday, yeah, we went to the D's and Chef cooked us lunch, and M came out and said that her and her sister and neice all sat and read from the Book of Mormon and discussed and talked about it and that she soon would be through to the middle of the book.... middle of the book???? Baffled is a good word to describe our feelings after that conversation. So Sunday we go to this party, lots of people, very low key birthday party for E, D's were there, it was really nice. M is taking her sister back to the States and staying in LA for a bit, then her sister is going back to the Philippines. We asked her if she was going to take her Book of Mormon with her and she says "Oh yes! I'm going to read it on the plane! I've read from it every day since we last met." Blessings are seriously falling out of nowhere. She is so solid, and such a sweet sweet lady, just the nicest person you've ever met. Pretty legit!

haha oh sister D. Tell her that "Usain need fi gwaan go bade him frowsi, nah badda wit dem likkle likkle ting. USA fi win pon 2016". She will get a kick outta that... or be really mad that im knockin her bwoy haha. It's weird not hearing any patios out here, I miss it. Missionaries on the rock are gonna get chatted hard after that one. I thought the olympics would be a bigger deal in the Bahamas than they are. No body really talks about it or anything, Im glad im not missing the Winter Olympics. That would be soooo rough!

So what else is left to harvest in the garden? Think it's legal in the States to weed with a machete? Sure hope so!  

Nassau is still fantastic and Im still loving being a missionary. Elder Worley is doing good, he woke up with crook neck a couple days ago and hasn't fully recovered... makes for some good crook neck jokes though haha 

Well I hope you have a great week momma, that new workout regimne sounds totally different than anything you've done- a good thing, a little shock to your muscles. Gonna have to let me know how that goes! I love you!!

Elder Romney 

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