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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Isaac


I' so glad you guy are home safe! The pictures you sent are amazing! I cracked up so hard when I saw the eagle picture... reminds me on Nacho Libre "Eagle eggs!!" I don't remember the whole line, but good move momma! You're gonna have to send me the top five funny pictures from this trip and last trip. That sounds like so much fun. You guys are road warriors! Speaking of pictures, remember way back in my first transfer I sent home an SD card with pictures on it? I don't know how you are organizing the pictures back home but could you email me the pictures from July 6th, 2011 - Sept. 7th? In organizing my pictures I realize half my Maypen pics and some MTC ones are on that card. That would be awesome if you could! :) 

We are well over here weather wise. It rained cats and dogs throughout the week, off and on Sunday. Very windy still! The ocean was the roughest I'd ever seen it. For a minute there we thought we were going to get a huge storm, but honestly we didn't get hit that bad. Church was cancelled Sunday... that was weird. No church as a missionary?? I look forward to those three hours. But Nassau was on tropical storm alert and we were supposed to start getting wailed on at about 2:00 pm Sunday but nothing too insane actually. We went to the D's for lunch (a Sunday must, tropical storm or not) and then hunkered down for the day. I love Bro. D and President Hendricks! They are two great great men. Saturday night we were at the D's and President Hendricks sent us a text (because his phone wasn't getting through to our phone) asking if we are ok and how the weather is, and Bro. D offered to let us stay the night at his house (at the time of this conversation it was crazy windy and raining really hard). So he calls President from his fancy pansy government phone and asks President Hendricks if he wanted us to sleep there and President said, "I want them to do what's prudent and to be sure they are safe." I'm so glad he can trust Elder Worley and I in making these decisions. We opted not to crash and the D's, though very grateful for the offer. If more people were like those two men, I tell ya, the world would be a better place. But yeah, this week was pretty stormy. I guess one night there was a HUGE crack of thunder and a flash of lightening that lit up the inside of our house through the windows, it woke Elder Worley up... that morning he asks if I had heard the cannonball thunder.... naahhh, I was out like a light! No sissy thunder can wake this sleeping bear after a days work! haha 

This week was pretty good. The focus of this week was definitely the lesson with Sis. B. It was another fantastic lesson. I'm so excited for her to progress. We had it out by their pool which over looks the ocean and Paradise Island- a fantastic view! What was going to take only 30 minuets turned into about an hour and then some, not unusual though. One thing a mission has done for me is made me a better listener. I'd rather listen than say anything at all and I think that is a trait that we can all work on. Just listening. Not thinking about what you are going to say next after the person is done talking, not planning what scripture to share while they are sharing a story, just listening. I have a testimony that the better listeners we are, our relationships with our friends, peers, and investigators (if you're a missionary) will be so much stronger. No one likes the guy that half listens to you and then is just chomping at the bit to get a word in. I think at the beginning of my mission I just wanted to talk talk talk and tell people about the gospel. I've found that by listening to their concerns, stories, past, or whatever it may be, that the Spirit does put the words and thoughts into our hearts and we will know exactly what to say. 

So anyway, we got hear a lot more about Sis. B's growing up and what she's really all about. Our original plan was to teach about the Atonement of Christ, and about half way through the lesson I wasn't really sure if we were going to get anywhere with that topic. We knew it was what she needed to hear, so we just listened. As we did we were able to apply what the Lord wanted to tell her at the right time. Even in a lesson some things need to be said at exactly the right time, at the time when the Spirit has touched their hearts and they are now fully ready to soak up the message. She asked us for a few scriptures to share with her to give her strength. A few we shared with her were Matt. 11:28-30, Alma 7:11-12, and D&C 50:41-46. It's a great feeling to know that we have a loving Saviour who really gets us. Who understands exactly where we are at in our progression and has already paid the price so that we can change. I was going through all the mail I have received on my mission (I have a lot of letters to write) and Kent (formerly know as Elder Heder) gave me a letter right as I was going into the MTC. He said "Change is inevitable, growth is optional." That is so true. We are going to change, whether we like it or not, for good or for bad, but we choose if we want to grow or not. Anyway, enough of the The Epistle of Elder Romney the Missionary to the Romnians, B's are outta town this week, so we will be meeting back up with Sis. B next week on Wednesday. Looking forward to it!

Nassau is pretty great. We are cycling through investigators, lots of contacting and finding, recent converts and ting. We had really great lessons with T and J this week. T was asking about the cost of serving a mission, we told him to talk to President F about figures for the Bahamian missionaries but that he shouldn't worry. D&C 4:3 "Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work;" not "Therefore, if ye have the cash flow to support a mission ye are called to the work;" We are going to get him a Preach My Gospel this week, every time we went over there we would reach and realize that we forgot it. J is doing well also, he asked for some hard hitting chapters in the Book of Mormon, something that would shake him up and blow his mind. So we gave him Alma 39 to read and then had a great lesson on it and chastity the next day. It's sick (as in filthy, not sick as in cool) how the world views sex, and especially in the Caribbean culture. There is a talk by Jeffery R. Holland called Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments that everyone should read. If the fact that sexual sin is in the top three baddest of bad of sins behind cold blooded murder and denying the Holy Ghost, Elder Holland lays it DOWN in this talk. Such a good one. 

In other news, I was going to try that workout you gave me last week but I thought "hey, maybe before I bust my tail on that, I should see if I can even squat anything". Oh boy!! I'm thoroughly embarrassed by my lack of leg strength. It was just a machine, I did two sets of ten (I won't share the weight- you would never let me forget it) and I was sore the rest of the week. Baby steps to thick legs! I can't hack being sore and walking around, too much of a nancy. I'm sure Elder Worley got tired of hearing "Ohh, aww, eeee," every time I got out of the car haha. I did some squats in the machine this morning and stopped after a set.... don't want to be sore! I didn't run at all last week either... gotta hop back on that treadmill. We are going to start walking three days a week now in our mornings. That will be a good start. I'm telling ya, Mac, if you get a mission call where you have a car all the time, buckle up my boy because you will get soft  REAL quick haha I'm not to worried, walking a transfer on the rock is like mountain climbing. A smooth street? Not a chance over there! 

I don't have any pics from this week I don't think- I can't find the batteries to my camera. They have a mind of their own and pop out whenever they want. I think the passenger seat at them, it eats a lot of things. The weather is still kinda nasty so I'm not sure what the P-day will turn into, maybe just another nice chill day.  

I can't believe school is starting so quick! Yikes! Mac's last year of middle school, Summer's last year at the high school before running start, and Haley's first year of "real" college! That's exciting! 

Well that's about it for me, this week is looking like another good gathering week... we had a funny experience last week, we knocked this guys door and he says "Who is it?" We say "It's the missionaries!" He says "Who?  We say " The missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." He mumbles something under his breath, we stand there for about two minutes and he doesn't come to the door, so we leave and we had reached all the way to the street and I don't think he realized we had already left because from his window he screams "You better leave because I'm not coming out!" I guess us missionaries have a gift to bring out the two year old temper tantrum in everyone :) I love you!! 

Elder Romney 

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