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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

P-Day Thursday for Basketball Tournament

Hello Mother,

So today's email is going to have to be cut short a bit. We aren't taking P-day today so we are emailing on our lunch break. Why are we not taking P-day on a Monday you ask? Well, long story short, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and at Atlantis Resort they are holding a college basketball tournament which Bro. D invited us to attend... Yet again another reason why President Hendricks is the man! He gave us permission to P-Day Thursday and attend a pair of basketball games! It's Duke versus Minnesota, then Stanford against Missouri. We are so excited! It's going to be such a hoot. I'm thinking about wearing my Gonzaga shirt just because Elder Worley is a die hard Duke fan and it would bug him :) haha I think I'm gonna. Maybe you will see us on TV! I love my mission! This Thanksgiving I am thankful indeed. We also have a dinner appointment every night this week... extra running in the morning anyone? We will see how that goes... 

This week was a pretty good week actually. We were able to talk to a lot of people this week. We realize knocking doors during the day is such a bust and really not an effective use of our time. Knocking doors from like 4-7 is perfect, but at 10 in the morning people are either sleeping still or at work. So, we went back to the basics - roaming. Pick a street in town, pamphlets and Book of Mormon in hand and go into every store looking for something. Works like a charm every time. We roamed into this clothes store looking for some jeans, one thing leads to another and we come to find out that the girl working the store has been to church before. Nice. We are meeting back up with her this week. Sometimes I think I make things to difficult for myself. There really isn't a secret to finding people to teach. Have the Spirit + going where the people are + inviting them to come unto Christ  = finding. 

E wasn't at church Sunday. We will probably have to move his baptism date back because it sounds like this new job has him pretty wrapped up. Not worried though, he is reading the Book of Mormon,  keeping his other commitments, he's just fine. We need to sort out a way that he can get to church though. Coming up this week and weeks to come we are going to be taking a couple guys with us who are preparing to serve missions. Both still in high school, one will leave in June and the other December of next year. It will be sweet, especially bringing them to teach E. It will get them a little more acclimated to missionary work and teaching with a member brings very strong spirit in lessons. Obviously if the member isn't present mentally in the lesson having them there doesn't do much, but we will be sure to have J and J involved. Big help to us, big help to them, big helps all around.  

Zach is back! He emailed me back his last P-Day, they must not have been able to write anyone but family. That is so weird he's home! I remember when he left, going to his farewell, now the big fella is back on the home front. Good for him. You're gonna have to get a picture of him and send it my way! 

Sunday was the Primary Program, cute cute cute! Primary kids are little cuties wherever you go. Your Christmas Program sounds so fantastic! I apologize for ever putting up a fight against playing the viola or guitar in them. I hope that continues to go well. 

So what are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? Everyone going to our house or Lisa's or Grandmas? Be sure to take lots of pictures! Is there a Turkey Bowl this year? We were some kids throwing around a football in the street the other day- couldn't help but ask if I could join. We tossed the rock a bit, I told one of them to go long... I realized right as the ball left my hand that having him go long after not touching a football for almost a year and a half was a bit over zealous. Thankfully I missed the parked car by about a foot, which was about 25 feet from my intended receiver. I think the ref's would've called intentional grounding I was so off on that throw!  

Well it's about time to head back out on the find. Sorry for the short this week Momma. I wrote you a letter and sent it with Bro. D today. He is sending it from Miami this morning so it should arrive in a few days. :) I love you!! 

Elder Romney

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