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Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween in Bahamas


Those are some pretty fantastic pictures. I look at the pictures before I read the email so I was very confused as to where on earth you, dad, Linley and Kasey where that had a ping pong table. I know, out of all the things to wonder, I wonder about the ping pong table. Sounds like a very fun weekend. I wish I could watch the video's you send but these dinosaur computers just won't have any of it. I save them on my hard drive just in case something works out but no, I haven't seen any of the video's you've sent. The reason I don't think I'll be transferred before Christmas is because Elder Worley and I will do this last transfer which ends Dec. 12th, and then I will show the area to the next missionary for at least a transfer, putting me back in Jamaica January 23rd. That's kind of the standard way switching areas happens. I will be able to get my package either when I get back to Jamaica or maybe the office can send it out here. Either way, thank you! Christmas is pretty fantastic when you have a family who loves you an will send you a package! 

This week the weather was near celestial! I'm not even kidding, nights it would get down to like 60 degrees! We would wake up to go run and we'd be cold outside. Days were probably not even  80 degrees, it was something else. Great breezze, nice clouds, it's the post hurricane weather. We were asking people if it would stay and they said no... which is a bust but still, it doesnt feel as humid. I'm going to shrivel up like a prune back home- I'm cold in 65 degrees and my skin gets dry when the humidity drops a little bit. It was great weather for knocking doors though. We knocked for days and I don't think I ever broke a sweat. 

We met some pretty cool people this week. None of them came to church yesterday but we met one guy named Mr. J. He's a grandpa and great grandpa who really loves his family. We had a sit down lesson with him and you could tell he was interested if his family being together forever. Only problem is he doesn't have a car and is an older fella so walking is rough for him. But it was nice to have a sit down lesson. Another family let us in when we were knocking doors, they seems very nice and interested as well. The church is helping missionaries out so much by having commercials on the TV and stuff like that. Very often we hear people tell us that they've seen our ad's on TV (none of which I've seen so when they try and explain which one they saw I just nod my head and say I'm glad you like them). That's a big help though.

Halloween was this week! The E's had us over for dinner and candy and such. The pictures tell it all. They are an awesome family. Sis. E is so nice, I told her about when you send me those instant Betty crocker potatoes for Christmas and how good they are. Along with our personalized goodie bags, she bought me a pack of those :) Great family. We were at the door handing out candy for a bit- Elder Worley and I dressed up as Mormon missionaries, everyone thought it was a hit. One parent sarcastically said "Hm, I wonder what you're dressed up as" and we said "Church is Sunday at ten on Soldier Road!" Yep, not costumes my friend. 

That's quite the topic for your talk. We are going to come back and finish emailing in a while, so in between then I will be able to think of something that really hits home. 

Here's something:  It really goes back to the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's. They received a spiritual witness of truth through prayer AND buried their weapons. If we receive a confirmation of a truth we must bury the weapons of untruth we held on to. If the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's left their weapons in the closet instead of burying them, Satan still has the opportunity to make those weapons, temptations, habits, manifest in your life to hurt you. I look at the people who have done as the A-N-L's, who follow the same pattern that everyone else does before their baptism, read the BoM, pray about it, and come to church, achieve the same result (baptism) but who are able to completely and totally let go of their old ways because they recall the spiritual witness they received through prayer in their times of trial and discouragement. Like Elder Hollands talk, "Why are we still here at the same seashore with the same nets doing the same thing?" We must bury our old ways and we can do that by accessing the Atonement through sincere prayer and seeking that spiritual guidance. I guess that ties in with your talk, eh? 

So that is pretty sad, but we were blessed on Sunday. A man who's been coming to church with a solid member for a number of weeks, this being his third week in a row, asked us "How do I become a Mormon?" We told him the process of meeting with us and preparing to be baptized and he says "Yeah. I would like that. When can you come over?" YES! This is the same guy who last week was still shaky about meeting with us when I asked him. Something must have happened this week. He wants to meet with us everyday, so tomorrow we will see what he's all about. Pretty sweet! 

I love you Mom. Have a great week!!

Elder Romney  

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