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Monday, April 22, 2013

Being the Elder in a dream, strong spiritual experiences

Good afternoon!
We just got back from Little Ochi- this fantastic seafood restaurant right on the beach in Alligator Pond, about 40 minutes away. The Spanish Town ZL's and two companionships from their zone came out and then us and the Junction Elders and Sisters. It was such a hoot! Jerk lion fish, the ocean, good company, and a soccer ball. Can't beat it. I've developed a love for soccer on my mission- weird I know, since soccer is banned at our house haha But I really enjoy it. I got a couple knock off jersey's to add to the appearal. Pretty sweet!
Henry cracks me up. Imagine if humans pee'd a little when they got excited to see a friend. Huggies would be the top company to invest in. Thank you so much for printing those emails! They are like a journal to me, yeah. Missionaries say that when you get with a companion you struggle with your journal becomes fantastic because you don't have much to talk about- well, I haven't experienced that yet so my journal suffers because of it. Big stuff will make it in there. I'm sure I'll regret it. So thanks for the little book of emails home!
Elder Nugent, yes, my companion for only another 2 days. I can't believe it's already transfers. He is going to be the next assistant with Elder Worley and a missionary named Elder Adamson will be my companion. I'm bummed Elder Nugent and I only spent one transfer together, he's an all star missionary and a great friend. Yes, his dad is Jamaican and his mom is from Utah. His grandpa, grandma and father were the first baptized in Jamaica.
This week was a roller coaster but we had some awesome experiences. We are teaching a lady named Y who is the sister in law of an investigator. We were getting to know her and explaining our purpose as missionaries, it went really well, she's an awesome woman who's come through a lot to be where she's at. At the end of the lesson she says "I knew you guys where going to come see me." We were like, "What? How?" She proceeded to explain how the night before our visit she dreamed that a white truck parked at the end of her hill and two white people in white shirts and ties came and taught her about Jesus Christ (Elder Nugent is considered white by Jamaicans). I've always heard stories about people having dreams that the missionaries would be sent to them but this is the first time I've been the missionary sent- it was a Spirit filled moment and she explained her dream. We have high hopes for Y. She's keeping her reading commitments and has a great little family.What a blessing.
The next experience from this week was the lesson with M, C and their family and it was emotions from both sides of the spectrum. Our lesson with them and their three kids was awesome! We taught about the restoration and how God answers prayers, they understood everything, very involved,  and tying everything into how their family can be eternal. it was actually quite outside so the Spirit was easy to recognize. At the end of the lesson we invited the whole family to kneel and have M offer a prayer asking if this is the path that Heavenly Father wants he and his family to take. We knelt down, all 7 of us on the concrete floor. M didn't understand that he was to pray aloud so he was praying in his head which was alright. We knelt for a good 5 minutes and I can honestly say that lesson was one of the most powerful outpourings of the Spirit I've felt during a prayer. I literally thought my bosom was going to go up in flames. I was certain everyone on the block could feel of that Spirit. Right as M got up from his prayer we sat in silence for a moment and asked him how he felt. His demeanor was almost angelic- a smile and just saying "I felt something, I felt something. I feel so good. I think I've almost got my answer." We were about to confirm that he did have his answer when C's phone rang and chaos ensued. At the exact moment when M and their family were going to commit to be baptized on May 18th, they received that call. In retrospect all I can think about is how when Moses saw the glorious vision of time and the whole earth and how Satan was their to immediately oppose that. SO FRUSTRATING! We haven't been able to get a hold of them since. Sunday morning we called and they confirmed that they would be at church. They weren't there. They are so ready for the gospel it makes me feel sick thinking about letting them slip away. BUT we will link back up with them and see where they are at. I'm not concerned. But it was a very Spiritual experience being in that lesson, I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who allows us 20 year old young men to experience things like this.
This week is transfer week- out to Mo Bay and back Tuesday night, Spanish Town to Hopeton to Sav to Negril and back to Santa Cruz Wedneday. There is a mileage limit but no one has ever told us what it is so we just drive. With the zone being so spread out (half the island) and doing tradeoffs and district meetings in a different area each week, it's a lot of drive time. But the experience is sweet. I love working with other missionaries. It's a hoot. I'm really excited to serve with Elder Adamson. He's a stellar missionary and It's looking like he may be my last companion. Craziness.
I love you! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Romney
PS- I sent the driving paper thing through FedEx last wednesday so keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

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