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Friday, May 3, 2013

driving ALL over!!!

Good morning!

What a week. Things are getting changed around here in Santa Cruz and I'm loving it! My new companion, his name is Elder Adamson. He's from Mesquite, Nevada, he's almost 24, actually his birthday is may 24th two days before mine. He's the man! I feel like I say that about all my companions. I'm still not sure why the Lord saw fit to bless me with the best companions I could ever ask for, but I won't question the call. He's been on his mission for 15 months and served in Cayman for 6 of that. He's a solid missionary and a great friend.
I feel like in my past 6 emails have been all about how much we drive. Well it's true haha 1000 km in 3 days for transfers. But we were able to do some good work with the few days we had in our area. Basically everyone we've been teaching the past 6 weeks, we are not teaching anymore. We had the realization that if we want the kingdom in Jamaica to grow we are going to have to stop teaching people who aren't keeping their commitments. That's always how it's worked, that's how missionary work goes, you can't drag people into heaven. Usually after dropping your whole teaching pool their are feelings of slight discouragement followed by and equal feeling of readiness to make things happen. But there isn't any discouragement in this one. 

I feel more excited than every to go find someone who is ready to take the gospel and to make a contribution to the branch. Everyone needs the chance to be baptized and enter the kingdom but we just looked at things realistically and the people we were teaching weren't progressing. Sadly M and C and their family fall into that category. We haven't had a drop lesson with them yet because they've been avoiding our phone calls, but this week we will drop by and let them know why we can't come anymore. That's all we've had this week was drop lessons. It's not in a rude or mean way, but so that our investigators see that we are here for much more than just a bible study. This is eternal life. If they aren't on board, we can't teach them anymore. It doesn't mean they won't ever be ready, just not now.
So that was the majority of our week haha We are really excited to hit the ground running with finding. I feel great!

Prom as a first date? Whoah, I think that would be that little girls dream. I guess we will see about that one, eh? And I don't care how much you complain about Henry, you LOVE that little dog haha I got your package! And the DVD worked! Thank you so much! I love watching those, im sure Elder Adamson thinks my family is nuts, but we are, so thats ok. Summer and Mac are getting so stinking good at their instruments! I can't wait to hear Summer play the guitar too, we can have a serious jam session! I'll need someone to jam with as Robbie is engaged and will be married before I get home! How crazy is that. I'm excited for him. That will be great!
Thanks for the update on the driving stuff and such. I'd comment on them all but we are crammed for time today! Crazy that we get to talk in like, what, 3 weeks? two weeks? Final skype session! 

Well that's all I have time for today, we are buzzing out to Mandeville to spend time with this half of the zone. I love you mom! I had a dream the other night and it was you and dad and me, we were just driving around and talking. it was nice :) Love you!

Elder Romney 

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