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Monday, June 3, 2013

and the inspiration just keeps on coming...

Ok if you do anything else to the house, I literally might have lock jaw- it looks so great! I can't wait for the grand tour. NiCole Fisher asked me if you guys still lived in the same house haha I said "Yep! Looks way different than when we were 10 doesn't it!" It's good to hear from her every once in a while.
Well this week, wow, I'm not sure I've had so much inspired instruction in a week on my mission. And we covered almost 1000 kilometers to do it. We had a mission conference with Elder Cornish and Elder Gamiette of the 70 in Kingston! Those men are called of God. Listening to their council was exactly what I needed to hear. I sent a pic of Elder Hitchcock, Elder Cornish and I. The trip out was a hoot too. I played bus driver! It's safe to say I've inherited Grandpa Jenk's bus driving skills- must be hereditary. Thursday we drove from Santa Cruz to MoBay to Negril to Sav- 5 hours. I drove the bus and Elder Adamson drove the truck. Then Friday we got up at 4:00AM so everyone could shower and get ready, then the 12 of us left at 6 AM, stopped in Maypen to to get those four Elders, and continuted to Kingston- 4 hours. It was great to see all the missionaries there. So many! Compared to when I first came out, it's doubled. And we learned at this conference that it will double again very shortly. The conference was awesome. We heard from President and Sister Hendricks and then Elder Gamiette and Elder Cornish. Elder Gamiette had a presentation on 5 principles we must adapt if we want to see change in our mission and Elder Cornish gave on on working with members - absolutely wonderful. That wasn't the best thing about it though. That picture I have with Elder Cornish- if any picture I've ever taken says 1000 words it would be this one. Elder Hitchcock and I were the only ones who got a picture with him, then for only about 5 minutes he gave us some council that will shape my life forever. I won't share all of it but one line he said was "watch how the next year of your life unfolds, this is going to be very very important (not knowing where E.Hitchcock., myself, and the three other missionaries around us were at in their missions). The only thing you need to do is be guided by the Spirit, then follow, then let it guide you a little more, and follow. The Lord will micromanage your life if you let Him." That and the remaining council is something I will hold dear for many many years. After the conference we grabbed lunch at the mall in Kingston (I tried that really nice suit on again, I'm not going to buy it. I'll by my suit after I get release Friday so I can have it for that first Sunday back) we left Kingston at about 5, got to Sav at 10PM, slept there and left at 8 Saturday morning to Negril, MoBay, then back to Santa. All in all, it was about 19 hours of driving but worth every kilometer of it.
President Brown swung by the branch after church yesterday and we got to talk for about 15 minutes. I'm not sure if there is a sign on my forehead that says "Please give me all the inspired council you can" but if there is, I'm not taking it off. He also shared somethings with me that left me pondering and excited for the last 6 weeks of my mission and for the next part of life when I get home. Thankfully I had a pen handy to jot this stuff down after it happened.
As far as your question goes I'm not really sure how to answer. I've seen both, there are some struggling people who have sincere desire to get themselves out of their situations and to work at it and are humble and willing, and then there are also many people who are in the same position and aren't willing to change anything for themselves. Plenty of both in Jamaica.
Haley turns in her papers! How exciting, I can't wait to hear where she's going!! And it's her birthday this week too, crazy town. That Jewel concert and walk around sounds like so much fun. I didn't know she was still doing music.

Well I better get going. Did I mention I am sweating like a dog in this Internet shop? haha
I love you! Have a fantastic week! I can't believe it's June already!
Elder Romney 

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