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Monday, August 22, 2011

Letter for week 6

Wha gwan,

Monday and tuesday where pretty normal, P-day and then a full day tuesday. Wednesday we had a trade off and Elder Gilson came here, so I led the area again. It went pretty good, besides the fact we got we waited outside Greg's bar to teach him, he showed up and then left without telling us, and it rained so we were pretty muddy. But not terrible, still had a good lesson with G. We found out that Old Harbours phone wasnt working because we had called 15 times to ask elder nelson what Bro. F's number was because we were going to scrape paint of his house and he is out in Sandy Bay which is a taxi ride, so we left the house early thursday and coastered out to Old Harbour to meet them there so we didnt get all mixed up. We went and got lunch and Juicies, and had to stay with them because the ZL's were on their way wit a new phone and needed to be able to get in contact with them, so we were in O.H. from 10:30AM to like 5PM. We had a full day planned out of teaching which sucked that we didnt get to do, but whatever, it happens. There was a little tropical storm too so it was rainin wicked hard. I was glad we were inside shooting pool. When it rains here, its like people thing its the plague. No one is outside, or they are all underneath an over hang of a building, finding in the rain is pretty much pointless. We managed to salvage the day by teaching W and his fiance K. They are getting married this week. They have a really nice house. AC, couches, its what i imagine teaching the gospel in America is like. Quite, no distractions, the Spirit was really strong, which is rare here because there is always distractions. They committed to be baptized the second week of Sept. which is sooooooo awesome. They and three other people are our only investigators with solid dates. So friday, we had super planning, went out and chopped Mama G's yard and had a lesson with her and her daughter M, who's probably like 40. It was the first time i really saw them contemplating what we were saying and taking it to heart. They thought we got paid to do this and i think when they found out no one gets paid in the church, it softened their heart. We had zone conference in Kinston saturday morning so friday night we coastered out to Spanish Town and spent the night with the ZL's and the Linstead Elders (Taylor and Layton). It was really fun, played a lot of Domino. I think thats what im gonna do when i get home. Forget about school and buying a car, im gonna teach Gilson, Vern, Larry, Charlie, and Jonny Gamble to play domino and hang out with them at Pryors every morning playing. Its so addicting haha Saturday we crammed 8 large humans in a 6 man truck and made the squished ride hour ish to Kingston. Elder Vienes of the Seventy was there which was really cool to meet him, he's doing a mission tour right now. ZC lasted about 3 hours, and Pres. Hendricks talked and the Elder Vienes spoke the rest of the time. We talked about the Atonement and how to understand it and apply it to our investigators and then the second half of the time we talked about our numbers. Basically he said that we are on a lull right now and we that we are doing fine, but need to do better aka you cant do any worse, so lets make goals to do better. Im excited to see what happens, we are improving our finding efforts because the average number of investigators to baptisms is 52/1. but we dont wanna baptise just anyone, it would be better to only have one baptism that is solid and goes to church and is a solid member than 10 who just go inactive after they are baptised. So we will see. After ZC, we went to TGI Fridays which was aaaaaaaaaaaamazing because it was american food haha Then we went and helped a senior couple move some office stuff, and went and bought our guitars! :) Elder Nelson bought one too, spent way more money than me, and Im teaching him to learn before studies in the morning and when we get home after planning. He's doing good. My fingers are building those calluses back up, i forgot how much it hurt in the beginning! We took my guitar our finding the night we got them, sat on the corner by our house and just played. When people would walk by we would ask what song they wanted to hear and most of them said something by Kartel, so I'd play Summertime and they would freakout and dance and sing along. Then we'd give them a Restoration pamphlet and get an appointment with them. 3 new investigators in 15 minutes... not bad eh? ;) thanks for throwin that cash on there. I spent $22,500 jamaican on it, it was the cheapest guitar in the store but still wicked nice. acoustic electric, thin body so i can sling it over my shoulder, im loving it. Sunday was crazy. We had our lunch and dinner appointments like usual, had district conferance, but i had a guy tell me i walked like a bad man and i had ganster glasses on and he looked like he was ready to knuckle up. I told him i was really full from lunch so i was walking slower and i wear these welding glasses because they are nice and dark and wicked cheap haha then! a taxi man made fun of us for believing in Jesus and not Sellacei, and then on our way home we a taxi pulled up and said he'd give us a free ride, so we hopped in and thanked him. Nelson gave me the front seat... 15 seconds later he's preachin to us about how he's annointed and born to lead and stuff, and im just like "oh cool" "thats sweet" "awesome!" We pulled in front of the church, got out and started talking about joseph smith and how there is one living prophet on the earth today and he said he was an apostle... so we asked how the apostle were chosen in the bible and he started talking about how there was 120 called or something like that and he starts yellin and wavin his arms about this vision he recieved and how he saw Jesus tell him to go preach and become the leader of his church and stuff... and before we know it, he's yellin in this crazy language and stompin his feet and it looks like he's tryin to dive into the pavement, and this whole time Misister Sally is interpreting what he's saying. Four minutes later, as we are tryin our best not to laugh histerically, he stops, sweating like a fat man in a sauna, and is like "PRAISE JESUS! YOU JUST RECEIVED A WITNESS OF JESUS! LET THIS BE YOUR WITNESS!" So we just shake his hand and try to shake minister Sally's hand and Pastor Smith is like "dont do that! She's in the spirit!!" sooooo we left... it was pretty funny.

Well that was my week, pretty exciting, not to much frustration, which was nice. I wish i could do something to help you guys with maggie... know that i love you all!!! 

Elder Romney

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