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Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 7 Letter

Wa Gwan!

Ok, I seriously think you guys are having waaaay too much fun back home!! Pig out in the park, kickin it with the family, Seriously, I miss working on the deck and cleaning the house... is that weird? :) 

This week was kinda lame. I had a lot of bicycle problems so we were always fixing a tire, pumping up a tire, yadayadayada. A lot of appointments fell through this week, and our numbers were waaaaay down, so we went on a 3 and a half hour finding spree to get some new investigators and maybe make something happen here in Maypen. It seems like all our investigators are either to scared to read about the Book of Mormon but dont mind us teaching them about it, don't know how to read, or just like to have white people come over. We've had one person actually read a chapter by themselves between visits and it was awesome! Me and Nelson just looked at each other and smiled, after the lesson we were walkin outta Juno Cresent and both were like "Bumbot!!!" (boom-bot: Jamaicas equivellent to "daaaaaang! Freaaak! Thats crazzzzy!!" Her baby daddy is crazy though, had a test of faith this week with him, but all is well :)

Friday was really fun. After the finding spree we had activity at the building. Played Basketball for 3 hours, we do taht every friday. I love ball here! Everyone is always freakin out about every little thing, its the kind of smack talking basketball everyone should play. Saturday we went to Brother R's funeral, there were a ton of people there. We brought 100 Plan of Salvation pamphlets and it wasnt nearly enough. After that we got burger king with Elder Toutai and Gilson, and Toutai is awesome but we always spend way to much time with him, he's like the guy that sits and talks to you for 20 minutes in the drive thru, makes you laugh, cool dude, but you've got 3 freds burgers burning to a crisp and you're just hoping someone flipped them because you don't want to stop talking to this guy haha 

There's been a couple of things that have reminded me of home this week and its been pretty awesome. So my acne kinda busted out this week and H, a recent convert, tells me she's gonna give me some tuna and im supposed to fillet it and scrape it in water and then drink it and it will help my skin... so she goes to grab the "tuna" in question, and I look at Nelson and tell him he better drink it with me, as we are busting a gut because im getting the Jamaican remedy for acne, and she comes out with two Aloe vera leaves haha they call that tuna here. That was definietly a nice surprise. So we get home and Nelson is trying to fillet it and screws the whole thing up so i grab it and fillet it just like Kevin showed me how to fillet the fish and boom, a perfect cut! It was pretty surreal, cutting aloe plants like fish... in the end, the drink was nasty, but i think its actually helping. Then saturday we are up in Juno and there is an old man shoveling a giant pile of rocks from one pile to another pile 5 feet away, so i stop and do it for him in like 15 minutes, totally thought about being in the back of Gilson's truck shoveling red rock for 2 months straight, but instead of a cold beverage and a butt kicking in pool afterwords, we had a sweaty half hour bike ride, but thats still better than a butt kickin in pool by grandpa Gilson. (by the way, I play pool every wednesday and thursday at lunch... Im comin for you Gilson!!)
And then Sunday, we had no investigators show up (again, 4 weeks straight) but a lady in the branch brought her 18 year old twin sisters who are investgating the church and i thought of Jen and Jes and Katie and Chuck. Pretty funny.

We get transfer calls this saturday! Pretty crazy ive been on my mission for almost two months. Day seem like they take forever sometimes but the weeks smoke by. My patois is getting better, but everyone just laughs at me when i try and speak it, so im sticking to english for the most part :) 

I love having a guitar!! My calluses are already all back and im writing some sweet licks before studies in the morning and after plannign when we get home and on P-days. Nelson is learning really quick too. 

Thats crazy school is starting already. School is starting here too next week, everyone wears the same uniform too. I wonder if the streets wont be as crazy with all the kids locked up in school. Or if we wont get harrassed as much. Usually when people harrass us we just ignore them but its so hard sometimes. We were at the ATM this morning and this guy told us to give him some money and he wouldnt leave it alone, so Nelson points to the guy behind us (black guy, duh) and asks the begger why he doesnt beg him for money... he didnt say anything. This guy wasnt even homeless or anything, we arent supposed to give our money out because we hardly dont have enough to spare, but yeah... its been raining like crazy here this weekend! crazy rain, the hurricanes all sideswipe us, but we never get the brunt of it, thankfully. I hear we get like one nasty cane a year though, so we shall see!
Oh yeah, and picture this: it rained all last night, its like 79 degrees, so me and Nelson are wearing jeans and drank hot chocolate at Burger King this morning.... PATHETIC I KNOW! haha :) Well i love you all, not much more to say. Have a great week!! 
Elder Romney

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