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Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 5 letter

Waa  gwan!
This week was a lot better than last week. I told myself i wasnt gonna be homesick anymore and somethin just clicked and ive been havin a great time.
Monday we had our p-day and i ended up taking a 5 hour nap!! i didnt sleep at all that night which was pretty lame but still, it felt great. Today we are in old harbour havin a combined pday with O.H. elders and the ZL's, which are always fun. Then monday night last week we went finding and found 5 people in like 45 minutes. It was awesome! I was gettin kinda discouraged because we'd been walking for about an hour and no one was out really or didnt wanna hear us, so we said a prayer and boom, 5 in 45 minutes. Pretty sweet. Kinda unheard of for a monday night. All in all we have 12 new investigators this week which is above our goal of ten! Cha!
Tuesday i went to Old harbour for a trade of wit Elder Toutui and it was really fun. He just walks around with his ukalale and plays for people and gives then a restoration pamphlet. Its a great finding tool. So we did that that night, got juicy's, and wrote this little song/rap on the uke:
 Livin in Jamaica, watch where it will take ya
wishin on my mission i was back home fishin and im missin all the kissin and at christmas i just listen
we be teachin da rastas da plan of salvation
livin in reggae nation but this aint no vacation
oatmeal and eggs on my breakfast rotation but ill eat anything without hesitation
24 months and 17 transfers
jamaica's got questions and we got answers
baptising people from day to day
find a lost soul along the way.
It was fun haha
Wednesday i was supposed to go on a trade off wit elder mackey (zone leader) to Spanish Town but they decided i should run my area for a day soooooo me and elder montgomery were in maypen all day. I totally got lost for like the first hour but then it went really smooth. taught p and mama g and n and h. P is supposed to be baptized on the 20th but she hasnt been to church because she cant get a ride out there so we are moving it back a couple weeks. kinda a bummer but she is still gung ho for it.
Thursday we went out to old harbour to pick up Elder Nelson, went back and (the most exciting part of the week) borrowed a guitar from elder baird, an office elder, because for friday night activity it was jamaican culture night and me and elder nelson did a mash up of Redemption Song (by bob marley), Closer To the Sun by slightly stoopid, not jamaican, but still reggaeish, three little birds, and summertime by cartel. it was sooooo awesome! everyone was jumpin up and down and signing along, ill send the SD card home in snail mail and its on there, you will have to watch it and load it to facebook or something. We bought rasta tuke's and wore dark shades too, soooo funnny!
Friday- we had super planning, went out and taught a few lessons, then had friday night where Drive By Lap Dance (the name of me and Nelson's band) performed a live acoustic show for the lovely saints of the Maypen branch. It seriously was the highlight of my mission so far! All the little kids were jammin along, i got a lot of pictures of them on this SD card, it should be getting there in like 3 weeks i think.
Saturday was our districts family fun day so we went out to Mandeville with the branch because we had an investegator named P going. It was pretty fun. Volleyball, futbol, dominos, ice cream, some food, and blaaaaazing music. seriously, it was nothing like a stake fun day back home. They were playin all their music loud and pround, even some lil wayne and eminem (which none of them can understand, just like we have a hard time understanding jamaican hip hop here, its pretty funny. We would be rapping to the lil wayne and they didnt ever know what he was saying) That lasted all day which was kinda a bummer because we were thinking we'd be done by like 2 and still be able to get some missionary work done, but we went and saw C, she's 14 and we've been seeing her for a while, but we are really pushing for sit down lessons and making sure she understands everyone. Her dad T is really cool, he owns a little bar, and im pretty sure he's baked of his rocker all the time... but whatever, everyone here is haha
Sunday was alright. Church was good, went to S for yummy lunch, went and tried to see the two people we found by W, then ate there, played some chess, and went back and taught C again and saw Z. 
How is my primary class????? i freakin miss them! Jaren should be leaving soon, yea? Hows teh ward? any new babies?? haha
A couple business things here: Will you please take like $200 from my savings and load it on my card? We are allowed to have a guitar here and id really like to buy one, not only because i love going home to a sexy six stringed instrument, but cuz it would be a sick finding tool. We packed it to the church and on the less that quarter mile walk, we played for 3 people. That would be great!! And i found a great place to buy jamaican christmas presents and souveniers for you guys :) Yes i got the SD card (finally)! mail takes forever to get here but it does get here which is good to know. Ill be sending the other one home pretty soon. I put on bug spray at night sometimes, on my ankles cuz we have these little ants that just bites your ffeet, but for the most part im not getting bit too bad and not noticing it that much either. I have a niiiiiice tan going on :) I wore sunscreen a couple times but i dont really burn anymore, my face does every once in a while, but its just a nice tan goin on, a year round tan, gotta love it :) As far as crazy religions go, we just get a lot of 7th day and baptists, screaming and singing hallelujah, and we gave a guy a restoration pamphlet and he told us that michelangelo was on the front when it was actually Jesus, but nothing super crazy yet. No voodoo yet which is nice. Its been fun. Well we are off to get our haircut and shoot some pool at juicies!! I love you all and love reading your emails. hopefully things calm down a bit over there and you guys arent so busy, but come on, what would the Romney's do if we werent busy ;)
I love you!
Elder Romney
OH! AND ive lost 13 pounds and two inches around my waist! yeah, pretty insane haha My pants are loose, thank goodness for belts! and im doing pushups in the morning now instead of bed yoga... its more effective.. 

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