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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finally in Junction!

Hey !!

Holy smokes I never thought it would be a blessing to get to email you, but my goodness, the things we've done to make 30 minutes go as far was we can! I have so much to say and so little time. I'm sorry for not emailing yesterday but we were going to take p-day today because of branch stuff... im getting ahead of myself. From the top!

So this week we finally got to Junction. Wednesday the Zl's came out for a trade off and we had a super spiritual experience with a priesthood blessing. It's hard to explain over email, but this week has been all about the power of the priesthood and I've been blessed to be a part of some amazing things. 

Yes I got the shoes! Thank you so much! They came at the perfect time too. Thursday afternoon we packed up and left Sav, which is a whole other story about leaving. Long story short I am going to miss it. It's the first area that I've been so close to the members- I guess thats what happens when you're in the same place four months. So we made the two hour drive out to Santa Cruz, where it was pouring rain and got EVERYTHING all wet, even with the tarp on our stuff. That was a downer, but when we got to the house your package was there so I thank you for that :) 

It's rained everyday for two weeks, welcome to rainy season. Every afternoon without fail it's like a terrential downpour. But the nice thing is... we are in a car! Yep, I'm gonna have to up my working out now so I don't get fat.. speaking of which I went to buy a new pair of pants today because I am down to the two pairs of 33's I cam out with (two pair were ruined by an iron and bleach, one pair I got paint all over, and the last two I gave to Elder Paxman and Edler Snelson because they lost a bunch of weight out here and their clothes dont fit them, plus they were two big for me) anyways, they were 32 and 34's- one to small, one too big, gotta lay off the cake for a while! ANYWAYS! I have so much more important stuff to talk about that my stinkin' pants- my bad.

So Junction! Yes, it is very very bushy. We have been following the sisters around everywhere finding where the members live. Seriosuly, me and Elder McLeod say so many times "Where are they taking us??? There's nothing out here!" And then BOOM, houses. The branch is a decent size, we meet in a rented space with a barber shop, bar, and a Hallelujah church next to us which makes church kinda noisy sometimes but we manage just fine. There was 53 people at church Sunday- the most in quite a while I guess. It was good, the members are very friendly.   I'm loving it already. It's a tougher area because everyone in the town pretty much has a teaching record and was taught something, but we are excited for the challenge. As far as we know the sisters will be staying here as well. 

So we were finally going to take p-day yesterday, like usual and Elder Smith (the branch president before Elder McLeod, he and his wife are now in Kingston as the office couple) said there was a meeting we needed to be at at the church at Ten., then we had to move in and later that day drive out to Mandeville to deliver some forms to the district. No biggy, we said we would just take p-day today... Well, we have a meeting at four, gave a blessing at 12, and are going to see three people about branch stuff- but we have these three hours to email and do laundry which I am very grateful for. Elder McLeod and I are feeling slightly overwhelmed. I'm not the branch president, but holy cow, im along for the crazy schedule. Im going to be the ward clerk which will be cool. Got a rundown of MLS, the program for all the tithing and stuff... its funny, last week we were saying "Man it doesnt even feel real like we are going to Junction" and now we are here and saying "Whoah. It's real alright." 

I got a blessing yesterday from Elder McLeods dad- his whole family is in the district and we had to give that form to his brother so we saw his fam yesterday, and I couldn't help but cry. It was just what I needed. I heard Dad saying the words, it was one of many spiritual excperiences I had this week. Im so sorry for the shortened and not very detailed email, but we have about an hour and a bit to do our laundry and then off to another meeting. Tomorrow is District meeting and Im the district leader (kinda by default) and have a grip load of stuff to do tomorrow, then thursday the sisters have a baptism and we are going back out to mandeville for that because the branch president has to be there.... my mission has taken quite the change from having hours looking for something to do to now being grateful for 30 minutes to email my momma :) I love you so much!!! You sould like you're doing well, pray that I will get a little more time later today to shoot you another one. I love you!!

Elder Romney

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