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Monday, March 12, 2012

getting ready to leave Sav la Mar


Well... we are still in Sav. Not for long though! We finally got a call on Friday saying we will be leaving here this week, probably around Thursday or Friday. We definitely have to be there by Sunday, so this week is basically just packing, making sure I don't leave anything here, and snappin pics of me and homies in Sav. I would be SO sad if something ever happened to my camera. So far so good though. I filled up my memory card so I'll be having to buy one here this week- did you guys send one in the package with my shoes? No I haven't got it yet but I will call the office today and see if it's there. They may have got it. 

Junction is going to be so legit! We are very excited to start something new there. I think I might have told you this already but there haven't been Elders there in about a year, so it will opening up some new doors. This is my third whitewash in four areas- the Sisters in Junction will be there for a little though so they can show us where the members live. That will be a blessing for sure. 

I love the pictures of Mac's and P-nut (Paislee's new nick name as of 3 seconds ago) party! Seriously, that looks like to much fun having all those people under one roof. Mac watched Signs?? He's more brave than I was at his age, its still like pulling teeth to get me to watch a scary movie... go Mac go! His drums probably look way sick... gotta love birthdays. 

This week was pretty cool. Elder McLeod and I did a companion trade off in Negril (as in we both went instead of just him). It was awesome, Negril is a hilly and big area. He served there in the beginning of his mission and so we went so he could hail up his converts and other people he used to teach. He's a very good missionary. The amount of numbers that the Negril and Sav missionaries have got from him since he's been here makes finding pointless when we can contact all his former people. We are getting along great! Yes, he is rather tall and yes... I am rather... vertically challenged, but! It's the small things that confound the great, right? 

In my studies these days I'm diving back into the Book of Mormon. But I'm keeping a fat study journal and hitting just about every cross reference; talk about a difference in studies! Holy smokes, I have learned so much just from 1 Nephi its a good thing I wrote it all down. It always amazes me too how people can say that the Book of Mormon isn't about Jesus Christ or isn't scripture. I guess they can say that if they haven't read it or prayed about it, but that's on them. For someone to say that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon obviously hasn't taken any time to study it or the Bible. God is the same yesterday today and forever, and he deals with Lehi and Nephi the prophets the exact same way he dealt with prophets in the Old Testament. In studying in depth, I've also found how much Nephi and crew followed the plates of Brass (which is the first 5 books of Moses found in the Bible). 
Whenever Nephi is scolding his lame-o brothers, he's always going back to "Look what God did for Moses, you've read it for yourself, don't you have faith that he will do the same thing?" Yeah, pretty legit stuff. Cross references are the way to study. 

Thats cool about the choir singing. I don't know how I could ever sing bass, I get razzed now and again for my buttery high voice, but its all in good fun. This blonde hair boy is still singing, don't have to worry about that :) Tell Mac to flex his golden pipes! If he still doesn't want to... give him the motivation every 13 year old boy falls for "Girls like boys who sing". BOOM, he'll be singing like a songbird in church haha

I've got a TON of pictures to send off so I'll send them in a separate email today. Oh yeah, Whintey Houston's death here was huge here. I saw it on the front page when it happened. 

Well I love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Romney 

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