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Monday, March 5, 2012

Three baptisms!

Ay momma!

Sorry for the late email today, we hit up Negril this morning and afternoon for a little beach walking :) It was nice, it poured right as we were leaving, perfect timing though. 

So! This week! Baptisms! I have a crazy story for you, mixed in with my testimony of why Heavenly Father puts us where we are, even when we think we are supposed to be somewhere else. So, technically speaking, Elder McLeod and I are supposed to be in Junction (at least it would look like that from a humans perspective) but are still here to show the new missionaries around. I can tell you that is NOT why we are still here. So it would've been Thursday night, we were at the S's for dinner and after we ate we decided instead of going straight home to go look at the ocean for a sec and clear our head. So we ride down, its like 30 seconds from their house, and are just looking at it, not really saying much, enjoying the quiet. About 5 minutes go by and we start our ride back from downtown back to the church and Sis. S comes yelling out of her house as we are about to ride by to come inside. So we go back in and Sis. S cant stop smiling and almost looks like she is gonna cry so we ask whats up and she tells us that her sister (who is 11) got permission from her mother 15 minutes earlier to get baptized on Sunday because it was her 12th birthday, and W (the girl) has wanted to be baptized since she was 8 but her mother always said no (she's not a member of the church). So she gets permission to be baptized and she knows Elder McLeod from before and it just so happens that he was in town this week to "show the new missionaries around"... yeah right, Elder McLeod came back for Whitney. So not only did I get to baptize S and A (which wouldn't have happened if I was supposed to leave when transfers came) but Elder McLeod was able to baptize W.  

Holy smokes... you're totally right. It was a much different experience doing the baptism itself rather that just watching and conducting the service. I seriously can't describe it. It started during sacrament meeting when S and A got up and bore their testimonies. I'm man enough to say I was close to tears. I had to get up and say something, and I haven't been that shaky or had that feeling like my heart was going to pound right outta my chest in a while like I did at that moment in sacrament meeting. It was so awesome. The baptism went really well. We sang Families Can Be Together Forever for the opening song and I had the fear tear going again. I was thinking about all sorts of things, watching S and A grow up and do great things, and then it kinda hit me that every big thing I've been apart of, you and the fam have been there. This was a little different, not looking up to see mom and dad smiling, BUT I took lots of pictures, no worries. It was seriously the coolest thing ever and an experience I won't be forgetting anytime soon. 

This week was all just leading up to that, doing interviews for the girls, getting ready for the baptism. No word yet on when we are leaving, I think it will be sometime this week. They are finalizing an apartment for the senior couple in Kingston and so when that goes through we are gonzo, out to the country town of Junction. Elder McLeod hit his year mark this week so that was fun celebrating that.

I've got a TON of pictures to send you guys so ill shoot them in a different email! I love you!!!

Elder Romney 

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