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Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's


Dang what is up???/ I really really really am hoping that you are joking about selling the Monster.... really really hoping... I got a feeling you are because the thought of Haley, my sister, in all seriousness... on a scooter?? (We April Fooled Jackson and told him we sold the motorcycle he rides and got Haley a scooter to ride to Eastern) Come on... lets get real here haha Either way, I guess that just means Im gonna have to buy me a nice new shiny bike when I get home. Maybe that Triumph 675 triple, or an Aprilla 1000s... so much for school! haha but seriously though, I was thinking about school the other day and I really don't think I need school as much as everyone says. If I can make good enough money without going into debt for school, why bother? Just my thoughts on it. You always said to work smart, I really know what that means now. (Joke is on us, he was April Fooling us!-Yeah, good one J!) 

This week was so legit! Its so weird I have the hardest time remembering what happened sometimes because everything is happening so fast. We've been getting the hang of handling branch presidency stuff and missionary work and had a really good week balancing both. We got transfer calls this saturday and the Sisters are actually staying another transfer... they had handed over their investigators and stuff to us, and we got a call Saturday morning saying "Give us our people back!!" It was kinda funny. We also are getting an addition to our companionship. Elder Campbell is going to be with me and Elder McLeod. That will be cool, he's a Jamaican who was also trained by Elder Nelson right before I was. Pretty sure I'm going to completely forget how to speak proper English and be an excellent cook by the time im outta this companionship- an honorary Jamaican I will be. 

Speaking of the Sisters, they locked themselves out of their apartment the other morning as we were going to do some service, so guess who climbed up a rickety old ladder and crawl through a window? I did! haha It was kinda funny, my fear of heights is gone, I think roofing with Adam Kremin killed that fear. 

CONFERENCE WAS SO SICK! Oh man, I loved it. It was a bit of a gong show getting there and such- we had to go up to Mandeville because one of our branch members was getting the Melchezidek priesthood, but the branch had voted to stay and watch it on the computer in Junction. So we watched it Saturday in Junction and then for preisthood and Sunday we went up to Mandi. Well the internet didn't work on Sunday in our building so no one got to see conference. Kinda a bust. But conference was sweet. I loved Richard G. Scott's talk on revelation and the vail. How sweet is it that we can build and strengthen our relationships with those who have past, that they can see us, and that revelation comes in so many ways?? I was pretty jelous of the MTC choir... I wish we coulda done that in the MTC. David Archulleta is servin a mission? Where is he going? 

Well something really cool is happening here. In Junction, being the small farm town it is, there is sooo many people that don't know how to read. One of our investigators with a baptism date is one of them. His name is M, he's 15 and he and his family are awesome. The way we thought best to teach him how to read would to read from the Book of Mormon, so we've been going over there twice a day, once in the afternoon when its just him and we read a chapter, or however many verses until we have to go, and then go back in the evening to teach the whole neighborhood family. I wrote out the whole alphabet for him with a couple words that started with each letter, then all the -tion, ch, th, sion, -ing, and words that have those in them. We came back the next day and he said he was havin trouble reading those words- easy words like "Junction, Happening", stuff like that. We said "Thats alright, lets just read a chapter from the Book of Mormon." We say a prayer to start, and then begin reading. The first verse he struggled with, but then slowly, he was sounding out words like September, Disciple, Descending, big words! IT is so LEGIT to see the Spirit help him read. What other explanation is there? He couldn't read the word Junction, but he can sound out descending? So sweet. I love how the Spirit can litterally make known the truth of all things to us.  

Well fam, have a great week! That camping trip sounds like so much fun. I love you! Anything special you want for mothers day from "the rock" (Jamaica) ? I could send you a little baby or something? Or a puppy! Yes! Ill send you a puppy :) I love you!

Elder Romney 

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