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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

baptisms and basketball

Hey there momma!

I am currently sitting in Mandeville, same place I emailed last week..
true, Elder McLeod and I decided we were going to have a low key p-day
today and that nothing was going to stop us from just coolin' out...
well we got a phone call at 5:30 this morning asking if we wanted to
go to zone p-day in port mor (the other side of the island) and that
we would be leaving at 8:30. True, we couldnt pass up seeing half the
mission and playing basketball and guitar in the oven of Port Mor, so
we are just getting back! haha It was so much fun, I've lost a lot of
my already non existant basketball skills, but it was nice to run
around and shoot. It was a packed car going back, me, Elder McLeod,
Brockbank, Conder, and Nugent. Totally worth it though.

So! Weekly activities included having an awesome Sunday, an excellent
Saturday, but most importantly.. FRIDAY. M was baptised!! I
didn't bring my camera but im hoping I have time to send pictures when
we get to junction. Yes it was soooo awesome. M is the man. 15,
we have been helping him how to read, he's pretty shy, and I tell you
what, since he's been baptised an confirmed you can't get him to stop
smiling. It is so sweet. We were originally going to do it in the
ocean, Alligator Pond beach, but true we realized the alligator
part.... nah just kidding, our second witness bagged on us so we had a
really hectic morning trying to find M in the town because he
left his phone at home and we didn't have a way to get ahold of him,
but he ended up calling us, didnt leave his phone and we asked him if
he had fare to taxi to Hopeton and he did. We kinda ruined the Hopeton
missionaries day because they had to stick around the whole time, but
we drove them around afterwords to their appointment. The baptism was
so legit, Elder McLeod did it. M is the man. His best friend N
who is 16 is getting baptised May 12 along with the H family!
They are doing awesome too. All 5 were at church on Sunday and loved
it, everything is going pretty smoothly over there. We are trying to
teach poppa H and the oldest brother, so far not so good, but it
soon come. We know it will happen.

We had Zone Conference on Saturday in Sav! That was pretty legit. We
stayed the night in Mandeville and drove them to Sav in the morning as
well, I love road trips haha Just like back home- minus the cheese
strings (true, my stomach isnt my best friend these days). But it was
legit. We discussed things the First Presidency wants to have happen
with missionary work- pretty cool. My favorite parts about it were
when Sister Hendricks talked about not teaching the Law of Tithing
apologetically. It's so true, so many times we teach tithing as "Im
sorry but the Lord wants 10% of everything you earn" when we should be
saying (in the words of President Hendricks) "Hey! The Lord is giving
out $1000 bills for nickels!" I really liked that, I taught Elders
Quorom Sunday and we talked about the Sabbath and what we should and
shouldnt do on it and why... teaching boldy is the way to go. No more
of this nancy business, its the Lord's way or the highway haha Things
are good.

Thats so nuts about how Washington is the 49th state in church
attendance... Jamaica would honestly probably the highest per capita
when it came to church attendance. EVERYONE goes to church, which is
easy because there is litterally a church every 50-100 feet. Pretty

Sis. Smith called, eh? She's a nice lady. Her husband Elder Smith was
the Branch President here before Elder McLeod.

your mothers day package will probably be delated... my bad. But! It
will soon be sent. I don't have all the the shwag as yet, soon come.

Well true, I love you!! everyting criss ere, zene? wi fi jus gwaan so.
:) A little taste of patios :) (Native Jamaican Language)

I love you!!
Elder Romney

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