Elders McCleod and Romney

Monday, April 16, 2012

time is short


Sorry about the lateness of the email today, we had an awesome p-day!
Went to Treasure Beach and enjoyed Jack Sprat- a little food place
right on the ocean. It was sooo good. I got one of their stickers and
slapped it on the back of my guitar. Im fried like a chicken too, no
white man here, all red man. Since we have a car we brought back the
Hopeton and Mandeville missionaries, I don't mind, I remember taxiing
to p-days and its not as fun. We don't have a whole lot of time to
email, but something is better than nothing!

This week was so awesome. It was a little crazy though, had its ups
and downs. Elder Campbell isn't with us anymore. A missionary went
home in Kingston and so Elder Campbell was transfered there
last night, the Assistants came and picked him up. We miss him
already. He's a funny guy, chances are we will still serve together-
the joy of having the 2nd smallest mission in the world! haha So its
just me and Elder McLeod again.

Family update- they were all at church!! It was so sweet, Momma, the
three younger boys,  and the little girl. I love
them so much, they are awesome. We are going there for family home
evening tonight and having smores after words- kinda fun explaining
what smores were because they didn't know :) So yeah they came to
church, but the coolest thing about it is that when I asked their
daughter (who is a member) how they got there (because they dont have
a car and it would be like walking to Liberty Lake from our house) she
said they chartered a taxi, but the money they used was money they had
set asside for food, but Momma  wanted to be at church so bad
and all the kids, they sacrificed eating on Sunday to be there. How
cool is that?? We are extending them a baptism date tonight, they know
the gospel is true, we aren't worried about them accepting or not.
Life is good! We are teaching the 16 year old boy how to read too,
another humbling experience.

We should be having a baptism this week! Yep, M, the 15 year old
who we have been helping to read is getting baptised Friday. It will
be awesome, he's a stud. He knows its true and even though he
struggles reading he tries so hard. When we sing in church i follow
the words with my finger and he's getting better at pronoucing words.

Thats the big news of the week, sorry for the shorty email, we are
crammed for time and gotta get back to Junction because but true, this
blonde missionary is obedient! :)

Elder Romney

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