Elders McCleod and Romney

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

J's the only person I know who could be asked to record a mission song while on his mission!


Yes! I was SO nice to see you guys! I realized after what a blessing it was to have the internet work throughout the whole time so we could use the video. Remember it wasn't working at first? That was pretty cool. You guys all look great! Elder McLeod loves you guys and thinks you are the coolest family- I think so too ;)

We totally ran outta time to email yesterday, so we got permission to email today because... we were in the studio!! How sick is that? (Jackson and Elder McLeod wrote a song about their mission and the Mission President arranged for them to be able to record it so that all the missionaries in the mission could have it.)  In the studio layin' down some hot licks on your mission- never thought that sentence would come out of my mouth in the middle hot and sweaty Jamrock. It was so sweet. Hectic as usual though. When we got there, I had a string break, a peg break, and then half way through the recording the power went out- thankfully we were able to save the stuff we had layed down. I'm definetly gonna find a way to send it to you guys, if not through email I'll send a hard copy in the mail. We recorded from 12-5, and then I recorded some guitar for K (the producer) on a beat eh's making. It was awesome. Elder McLeod's first time in a real studio to record, he liked it. He was so wiped out after words haha I felt like an old man telling a kid a "Back in my day" story when I told him about the numerous 12 hour days we would spend in the studio with Jeff. Remember the time we drove out to Cataldo, ID and were there ALL day? Yes, I sure do. Instead of 7-11 hot dogs and DP in the studio, we had Bulla and Sugar buns with Grape Soda for the true Jamaican studio experience. I won't be a part of the final mixing process, kinda a bust, but K is good and knows wa gwaan. We should have a mastered copy by next week and everything is will be criss (thats patios for good).

Saying goodbye is so hard! Ah! Today we've been making the rounds, having people sign my journal. I keep telling people we will be back in the evening to say goodbye, like M and N and R, and the H's.Seems proper to say goodbye at the end of the day rather than the beginning. I already miss this place. Tomorrow makes two months to the day that we've been here, and what a two months it has been. I don't think I've made this many close friendships in such a short amount of time ever. BUT, I am happy to say that our converts truely have a testimony and didn't join the church because of me. That is probably my greatest fear out here is that someone will join the church because they think I'm funny or like that I play guitar or something, because I've seen it sooo much thus far on my mission and its hard trying to get those people to come back to church because they don't have a testimony at all. I'm so glad that those people we taught have solid testimonies and understand the truthfulness of the gospel. Like last night, we were at M and N's yard and someone was playing some dirty music on their phone. N didn't even think twice before telling the kid off about how he's not to listen to that music. How sick is that??? We asked N what he was like before his baptism, he's so funny. He gets this half serious look on his face, trying not to crack a smile and says "mi was dangerous." hahaha We laughed so hard about that, this 15 year old kid who's reminds me of me, saying he was dangerous. We asked M what N was like and he said the same thing. If anyone would cross N, he'd just beat the snot out of them. And now the kid wouldn't hurt a fly... unless that fly started bashing the church, then he's swat it till it turned into a butterfly. I love those boys!!

HIghgate will be new and exciting. It's an interesting area because our main focus isn't going to be teaching the gospel, its going to be building the church back up. It's been done before, Elder Condor and his trainer did it about a year and a half ago, it can be done again. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Definetly going to need divine help on this one. True I'm excited for the walking. Being in a car is nice and all, but this body needs to do some walking, and thats just what it'll do. One of these days this body is gonna walk all over.... Highgate. 

Oh my goodness! I've found my new favorite fruit! Mini bananas!! I'll send a picture of one, but seriously, these bananas are like three inches long and they taste like a strawberry-kiwi-banana shake!! It was amazing, I was slightly confused when I ate it at first, but it all makes sense now. I need to find me one of those tree's and pack it home with me. Think it will last? :) 

That would be awesome if you guys walked to church!! What a sight that will be. You should just spring it on the kiddo's, just have then get up like an hour early and don't tell them why, then tell them it's walking time! I think thats the coolest thing ever.

Those pictures of the tagged sheds makes me so mad. What a bunch of goons. Maybe I need to talk to you like your farm kids did about having compassion because that just makes me mad. Bringing them back to the farm is a great idea. Kill them with kindness- a recipe for ultimate destruction. You're gonna have to send pictures of the marathon! I realize how much I loved going to those with the fam. It was so much fun. Hopefully we will be able to do that when I get back pon de home front because I enjoyed watching you do your triathlons. 

Well I better start shrinking these pictures, its gonna take me a bit because there is so many of them, but you will like them. I love you!!

Elder Romney 

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