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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

J's 20th bday!


It kinda creeps me out that I'm 20 too!! I taught Sunday school yesterday and the lesson was about King Noah Vs. King Benjamin and I was saying how I wanna raise boys like King Benjamin, not King Noah, so I had to open with "Im only 19 and don't have any kids as yet.. wait, I'm 20 now, can't get away with still being a teenager" haha My birthday was the craziest story ever and most triumphant indeed. Hear this: 

For this to make sense, you gotta understand the Jamaican wives tale about the mongoose. If you are driving your car and a mongoose comes out on the street and crosses all the way, you will have good luck for that day. If the mongoose comes out on the street and turns back, bad luck will follow. Elder McLeod lived by this in Junction and whenever a mongoose would come on the street we'd slam the brakes and yell and the mongoose to go across haha SO Saturday morning we are heading out to the church to help do a deep clean of the building and as we are driving there, not one, but TWO mongooses cross the street! Two of them! We are super stoked, wondering what our good fortune would be for that day. Get to the church, clean it up, it took forever because we washed all the chairs and everything... for only having 15 people come to church we have enough chairs to seat stake conference, but we got it done and head home. Haven't had any stroke of luck yet, Elder Baird bought some cough medicine and we didn't realize it was drowsy... so he knocked out for a couple minutes, not good luck, then we were asked to speak in church the next day, not good luck, things just weren't looking lucky. We get a call from a member and we go help her out. By this time its dinner and we head out to Port Maria (about a 15 minute drive) to grab some KFC for birthday dinner. We are about to order, litterally, im walking to the cash register, and we get a call. It's Elder Baird's landlord from Cayman. He's in Ochi and wants to take us out to dinner.... YES! GOOD LUCK! We bolt outta KFC and now are faced with the phone call to ask for permission to drive out to Ochi for dinner. We call Elder Kraus, the AP, no answer. We call our Zone Leaders, no answer. We are about to call Pres. and Elder Kraus calls us back. We tell wa gwaan and without even thinking twice he's like "Heck yeah, go have fun!" SECOND MONGOOSE!! :) So Saturday night we enjoyed a fancy dinner of jerk fish and chips, and jerk conch fish. It was SO good. When I get home, Pryors is gonna have to consider adding Jamaican jerk fish to the menu. That would be so good! It was an awesome birthday indeed :) I did get Grams package! I thought I emailed her saying thank you, but yes, I got both packages and Elder Baird and I are enjoying the tasty goods of both. 

Thats a bust you guys are all sick! Elder Baird has had a nasty cough since we got here too. 

Yes, we are busy beavers over here.This week was dedicated to getting to know everyone and where they lived, Elder Karchener came out and showed us where a bunch of people live which was awesome so we are getting the ball rolling. We made a spread sheet of the days and times of the week for every member to sign their name 3 times a week to come and share a message- its kinda sad because they all say they want the branch to stay open, but then are "too busy" to meet with us to help them. So we packed the list around yesterday and visited a few members and were pretty persistent about it. It's frustrating sometimes but we are getting along. We will have a little more structure to our days now which will be awesome. President Hendricks came out to church yesterday and pretty much layed down the law. If you don't change, the branch will be closed. Hopefully it lit a fire in the members to act and not be acted upon. Yes, Elder Baird and I were sent here to help save this branch, but it's like no one really believes it will be closed. It's been on the chopping block for about two years and gets saved, then goes down, then up, then down, so members have been hearing about this for quite sometime. If it wasn't for the Branch President asking for two more months, it would be closed already. President Hendricks is a boss! He just spit it straight and thats what the branch needed. We are gonna have to be pretty bold with people too, but thats how it goes! We're still having a lot of fun. 

The house looks so much different!! Seriously, I'm not gonna even recognize it when I get back. You guys are doing awesome! And the farm too! I remember when we were so excited about getting the fencing and putting it up, now you've got fancy sheds and fancy wheel chair runways for drag racing wheelchairs... at least thats what I would do in my wheel chair.  And I'm wicked jelous you got to go see Lindsey Buckingham!! What a show that must've been. Hope you guys bought a T-shirt! Can't go to a show without getting the shirt! 

Funny, your lesson mom,  was on the Anti-Nephi- Lehies... I prepared my talk about them too. Didn't end up giving it because Pres. spoke, which was fine by me, but it was all about how they kept their covenants and were blessed. It's a little known fact that 'anti' actually comes from the egyptian word 'enti'  meaning 'one of'. Yep, call me Cliff (Claven of Cheers), I can't take credit for that one though, Elder Baird told me. 

I can't believe haley is graduating... She will only have one year of school left when I get home! AHHH! STOP GROWING UP HALEY! haha Does that weird you and Dad out that you have a boy who's 20, a girl who's going to college, a girl who is learning to drive, and one who will soon be going to stake dances soon? Weirds me out a ton! :) The few people I've shown pictures too of you guys, they always think mom is my sister. When I tell them, noooo thats my momma, they flip and say "She looks so young!!" haha 

I can't wait to see pics of Jet and Daniel! Also, I am SOOO pumped they are naming him Jet. Seriously, thats a wish come true. "Don't mess with me, Jet Lee is my cousin" HA! Sounds good already. 

This week should be good. OH! Other big news. We are getting a gym membership! Yep, by the end of the month of June im gonna be a cut and lean human being. They have elipticals, tredmills, a bench press, and some other stuff. It's no YMCA, but good enough to build some muscle back. Im really excited for that. Now we can swap workout's again! Im gonna try doing a workout elder baird told me about. The first week you do 4 sets of 12 on all your lifts, to build strength back, then two weeks in a row you do 5 sets of 5 to bulk up, then 4 sets of 12 to finish the month. What do you think about that? Any momma knowledge behind that? I have one month to get as fit, trim, and slim and put the guns back on. Suggestions please :) We've lost weight walking again, always a blessing to be out of a car but to have one for coming to Ochi on P-days, because thats where we are again today haha It's such a cool little city! 

Well I love you! Tell everyone to get better for me, and give them a kiss! Unless they are sick, then just give them knuckles or something.

Love You!

Elder Romney

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