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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day=Skype call!

Wa gwaan family! :)

Yes, life is excellent. I am sitting in Sav La Mar email shop with the entire zone- we decided to do one more zone p-day before transfer calls Saturday. So far its been awesome, me and Elder McLeod got up at 4 this morning, and left with the sisters following us at 4:45, got to Santa Cruz by 5:30, picked up the Hopeton Elders there, then drove to Sav and got there at about 7ish. We went and saw the D fam!! I miss them so much! It was awesome to see them all again. I caught all the kiddo's right before they went to school, it was awesome. We went back there about a month ago but Sis. D had got hit by a falling tree branch right in the eye and was in the hospital. She is doing much better, the vision is coming back in her eye thankfully. R got his hair cut, he had this mop top fro since he was a kid and always had it cane rowed, now he's got the fresh line up and looks good. We stopped and saw K and R too, still goofy as ever but doing good too. I don't think either of them have started their papers- they need to hop on that, they would be such awesome missionaries. After we email we are headed out to the lovely beach of Negril! It's been a while since I've walked it, it will be a good refresher. 

Elder McLeod sees his family more often than we thought! haha Not on purpose, but they are all in the district and so we run into them from time to time. He actually handles it really well. I'm not sure how focused I would be if I saw you and pops once a month, but he's a champ. We will actually be spending Mothers Day at his house! President Hendricks is the man, I love that guy. He called Elder McLeod and said that he gives us permission to go to McCleod's house for Mothers Day and have dinner with the fam! Yep, gonna be sweet. So to get to your question, I will be skyping you around most likely 2:30- 3:00 your time. We gotta do clerky stuff after church then head over, eat din, and then ill be skyping you from their house. IM SO EXCITED :) Your mothers day gift has been delayed getting outta here because the sister that made it was sick for a week, but I'll be sending it out this week, so maybe consider it a happy beginning of June gift. I'm so excited to see you guys! I have some exciting news to tell you... but I wanna wait until I can tell you face to face.. just 5 more days :) 

The baptism Saturday went so well. We had it in Hopeton again, but this time even M and N and R's moms came up! They all taxied out to hopeton, which is a huge sacrifice for families out here because its about 800 J, so like almost $10 US, and for 5 of them, its a big deal. We were so stoked for that, it made the experience for the boys that much more enjoyable. That little area called Tryall has changed so much. It went from just Elder G and his dad being members, to now 3 more boys and between us and the sisters we are teaching pretty much the whole yard. Elder G is gonna have so much family in the church when he gets home! It will be good support, both for the boys and for him. Im glad Elder McLeod lives so close to them too, when he gets home he can keep them close and doin whats right. It's so hard out here to grow up. They are studs though. M prepared and passed the sacrament Sunday!! It was soooooooooo awesome! The whole time I was just thinkin about him passing it to some tiny branch on his mission, yep, M is the man. He was stoked to do it too. All the boys, M, N, R, and O, rockin' their white shirts and ties. It was like pullin teeth to get N to wear his, but we showed him how to tie a tie and look fresh, and he digs it now. I've reached a point where I just wanna give these boys everything I got. Ties, shirts, pants if they needed them, I realize how much that stuff doesn't matter. I wonder if thats what it's like to have kids, you just want them to have everything after they've worked so hard on changing. True, I don't have any pikney (this is patios for children) as yet, but these are like my lil bro's I guess. Anyways, its just cool to see them in church and its tough driving past them as they walk home the 7 miles back... we drove past the H's too, the whole of them walked all the way to and from church. From Sis. H to likkle T, their faith is somethin' else. Teachin' me a lot. 

Yep, this week was legit. We are awaiting trasnfer calls this Saturday, not sure whether we are gonna stick together one more or split. This week is gonna fly though. Sick P-day today, tomorrow we are helping with a service project in the morning, Wednesday is District meeting and baptism interviews for the family, Thursday is normal, Friday is gettin' ready for the 'tisms, saturday is the 'tisms and transfer calls, then boom, Sunday. GET TO TALK TO YOU! Time is smokin' by these days. 

Yes, life is good. (Lynette asked J if he stuck out so much with a Jamaican companion) Everyone asks for the tall dark one and the short white one, so I guess you could call that a novelty. That's so sweet you got the bikes out! I had a dream the other night that me and pops were racing... I won because I was riding my Aprillia 1000 :) When are the olympics anyways? I was thinkin about that yesterday, this place will be quite the sight. Either way, if Jamaica wins or loses, there will be riots in the streets and missionaries who will be enjoying the craziness of it all. 

That is so cool about you guys donating to the Temple Patron Fund. We had a lesson on that last week for 5th Sunday and it is just soooo simple. Give a little, gain the world. As an honorary Jamaican, I thank you for your support. We have been stressing the temple soooo much, I feel sometimes we are beating a dead horse about it. But same way, things are looking up. We had an awesome priesthood class yesterday, just very relaxed and open. We had a Less active member come back so everyone introduced themselves, their favorite food and favorite sport. Everyone said chicken and cricket.... then I stood up... HOCKEY AND BEEF. Everyone laughed and said "Cow? Mi yout ya ne fi eet di chickin bak!" Chicken back is delicious, won't lie, but Im hoping to get a nice juicy beefy cow-ee burger today at Margaritaville. You can take the man out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the man.. God Bless Beef. 

Well I love you!!! Remember, 2:30 to 3:00 your time!!! And true if it changes drastically, ill just call you and tell you on sunday ;) But it will be about that time. Have a great week!!! Nuff luv ova herso!

Elder Romney 

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