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Monday, June 18, 2012

Cold in Jamaica?


Here we are back in Ocho Rios on yet another p-day. This time we are coming back from Montego Bay- I can now say I've seen every area but one on the island! We hung out with Elder Ostburg and his trainee Elder Famui there, it was pretty legit. Mo bay is so stinkin big!! But they have a 5 star pizza hut which was absolutly fantastic and kickin' it with E. Ostberg for a last time before he goes home was totally worth it. He's gonna play the bass for us when we get home! haha 

My stomach problemo's are pretty much handled. We've been eating cheap, trying to budget for big stuff like Mo Bay trips and gas for the truck. Cup of Noodles are the meal of choice these days. We were without water until Friday again, but we've had it steady since which is a huge blessing in that the water at the church is still wonky. It's a Jamaica wide problem. There are people in Negril who haven't had water for 6 months- bonkers. 2 weeks was a good enough experience for me to appreciate it. I'm such a Nancy- we got up early this morning to head to Mo Bay and after a shower I was so cold my gums were hurting. I jumped back into bed to try and warm up, looked at the thermomoter on my clock and it was 73 degrees this morning- The last time I was in 73 degree weather was back home!! Seriously, I don't know what I'm gonna do about winter, even summer time. Maybe I'll bring back the turtle neck sweater... rocking out on stage in a turtle neck, I'm sure the ladies will love that. 

I can't believe school is already done! I remember when I got out here school was just starting and everyone was so excited for all their classes and teachers, now Haley is graduated and still a genius, Summer is gonna be a Sophomore and still a genius, and only two B's for Mac?? Yo- BOY genius. Good thing they will be making lots of money so they can support my band on tour ;) Just kidding... at least half kidding.... Haley has a $2500 scholarship??? Dang, that's whats up. How much is it for a semester at EWU? Last I heard before I came out it was like 6 G's or something like that. 

This week was another experience to remember. Something awesome that happened was that we have now four members who say if the branch closes they will be in Ochi every Sunday- better than last week! We are sure they will- super strong testimonies in the gospel, not just coming to church to come to church. Pretty rad when you can find people who are truly converted to the gospel. Other good news I found out today is that the converts I helped teach are still active in Junciton and Sav! Junction had a baptism Saturday of a girl who we were teaching. She was ice cold when we first got there, but slowly warmed up and accepted to take the lessons- found it was true and was baptised saturday. She's a cousin to M, N, R, and Elder G who's on his mission out here. The gospel is taking over that yard!! 
Yes, I remember well when me and Robbie had our crazy plans to move out- thing that got me was how much mula I would be losing and the family time I'd be loosing too. When pop's laid it all out it was like "how ya gonna pay for a phone, car, gas, rent, utilities, food, tv, and save for your mission, plus when you're laying in a cold bed because you can't pay the electricity bill, you're hungry because you used your money to pay for gas, me and Mac will be sitting on a nice leather couch throwing back some NB's watching a hockey game on a huge TV with the whole family there to kick it with... how's that gonna work out?" That was enough for me haha Crazy kids- to all you children out there (children = pre-mission) enjoy every second with the family and everything your parents provide for you! Trust me- when you're sick to your stomach from some bad chicken and you don't have running water or your mom to make you feel better- you'll understand haha Im jelous Haley gets her own room! Something I will never have. Honestly, I loved the freedom you and pop's gave me. If I wanted to go to Robbie's and kick it or go to a concert or go somewhere after work, you guys never had a problem with it and that was really cool. You made it easy to keep a curfew because I knew if I kept the rules, I would get to do more stuff- Alma 2:41- Consider the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments. It's the way to go!  I always loved when you and pop's wanted to hangout with me, because true- you guys are pretty stinkin' cool to hangout with. Whenever I talk about my concert attending, motorcycle riding, movie watching, kick it on the couch and quote Brian Regan, 43 year old parents, people are pretty jealous- as they should be! 

I think Im gonna get a hammock for college instead of a bed- it just make more sense.They sell some sweet knit rope rasta coloured ones here- might snap one before I head home. I bet dad is loving that thing though!! Summer time in a hammock, sounds pretty nice. 

Dr. Kacey?? Atta bwoy! Thats so sick. I'll be driving over there to have him check out my pearly whites. Time is pretty crazy- sometimes it feels like it is soooo sloooow but at the same time back home everything is moving at normal pace. Perty crazy.

Im so excited for your race!! I'll be thinking about you running and swimming and biking your lil heart out on saturday! What time does it start?? what are you wanting to finish in?? Im so stoked for you!!! You've got a cheerleader over here! Make sure pops takes lots of pictures!

Well momma I love you. Thank you for your prayers and the families prayers- they are what carry us through sometimes!! 

Love Elder Romney 

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