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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Party at the American Embasy


The more I teach people about the Plan of Salvation, the more I realize how short this life really is. That doesn't make things any easier while we're here, but maybe a little more tolerable. I'm such a Nancy sometimes when I think of the things I don't want to do and see what people go through. As Coach De La Rosa from my 8th grade year in track would say (cue Mexican accent) "It's time to buck up lil camper!" Bucking up is what I shall do. 

On a lighter note, I think you guys are having way to much fun without me over there! Dockside, fence staining, , epic Disney Princess Uno matches, I leave and everyone decides to grow up and have a good time! ;) That sounds like a nice way to spend the last week of no school though. School is starting for everyone here as well, today being the first day. A perk of being bud's with the American Ambassador is that one, he took us out to breakfast this morning at McDonald's, and two, the embassy still celebrates American holidays so they are having a big ol' party on the beach today. Food, fun, and two missionaries thoroughly enjoying their p-day there. God bless America... and The D's.

This week was alright, honestly nothing really special happened. We knocked, and knocked and knocked, not much came of it. I think the area we were knocking got together and said "Ok, when those white boys knock on your door, tell them sometimes next week." Classic. It's all good though, we did our job.  Something I just remembered that IS totally awesome is that President Hendricks was here this week! He had to do an audit for the branch, so we got to hangout with Pres. for a day. They got in at about three, and he came out with us to two appointments then we dropped him at the branch building in the evening, went back out and came and picked him up. I love that guy! We introduced him to, T was very excited to meet him. We let President do his thing and talk to T about a mission and the Book of Mormon, I learn so much from the way he teaches. I realize I teach waaaaaay to complicated, which baffled me because my whole mission we can hardly use the word "restoration" without needing to explain what the definition is. So that was good, then we went to M's and she fed us another delicious Phillippeno meal and we had an AWESOME lesson with her. President, again, just teaches so simply. I learned a lot and am excited to apply it. She committed to come to church, she's already been reading her Book of Mormon which is great. We had to explain to her that she doesn't need to feed us every time we come over because we want to come over more than once a week... it took some begging and pleading but she agreed. That would be hard though, she says that in her culture, her mom always taught her that when you have guests over, you feed them. Well, we would run that sweet little lady out of food if we ate every time we came over, so we said next time we will bring some ice cream instead. She has the desire and really understands the blessings that Heavenly Father has put into her life. Very humble, happy, interested lady. Couldn't ask for more!

Brother B, a member from the mission presidency is and has been here since Saturday night. I learn a lot from that man too. We met in Jamaica before, he's Jamaican, and that guy has a sense of vision for the church that is priceless. He's the institute director for the whole mission, and so that was the purpose of his trip was to get institute up and running again. It's been going well, we are ready to take it to the next level though. Our plan is to move it to the College of the Bahamas campus instead of having it at the church, because we have been pondering our finding lately and after Bro. B's visit, we are switching up where we find. We are going to start finding in the nicer area's of the island and closer to the college, as well as at the college. The reason being that for the church to grow, it's going to take a younger, more mentally able demographic. We are getting denied out in the slums and no one keeping appointments or calling us back. We are going to get denied out in the nicer areas as well, being denied is a part of missionary work (and life I suppose) and its not a bad thing, for every person you talk to you are that much closer to finding someone who is ready to hear the gospel. It's not that we are discriminating those who aren't in nice areas- if that was the case, I wouldn't have ever taught a lesson my whole mission, but its that things haven't been working this transfer doing that so we are trying something new. Having the institute class at the college makes it that much easier to invite people to that and church. We have a TON of institute age people in this branch, probably 15, and if they all come out, and maybe two people bring a friend, and even if out of those two people one of them pans out to be legit, then it was worth it. That scripture about the worth of souls being great in the eyes of God is so true. Just one! One solid convert to the gospel does SO much for the progression of the branch, just as much as one wayward convert who was baptized for the wrong reasons hinders the progression of the branch. This week is gonna be awesome! We are pumped to get out there and do work. Knock knock knockin' on Nassau's doors! 

This weekend was kinda crazy. Saturday night about two hours before we went to the airport to pick up Bro. B we stopped by G's house to see how she was doing. Everything inside her house was packed up. She was trying to get into a new place and so we helped her by checking out some places. Checked out one place, came back an hour later and told her to talk to President Ferdinand in the morning. Had a very spirit filled prayer before we left and we are confident everything will be alright. Things are working out, I believe. When we checked on her last night she said that she's house hunting today.  She has gone through the ringer since she's been baptized. I feel the reason is is because her testimony can handle it. She is SO solid in the gospel. To whom much is given, much is required. Well, to whom can handle many trials, much will be given as well. I read up this week a bit about the refiners fire referred to in the scriptures- pretty legit. Makes me wanna say "Turn up the heat!" Buuuuuut I'm not going to say that... it's already plenty hot in Nassau :) So anyways, that was nuts and then T wasn't at church either! We thought something seriously wrong must have happened because that cowboy doesn't miss church. Turns out we were right, he fell out of a tree while cutting some branches and was pretty banged up. I had a mom moment when I told him "I'm not mad you weren't at church, I'm mad because you didn't call us when you needed help!" haha He's doing better now though, that guy is a working machine! He has two jobs that work him all day! Sounds like the pre-mission days :) Now I have one job that works me 24/7 and I'm way more tired here than I ever was working a 15 hour day doing fences a cooking. Interesting, eh? 

That sounds like an awful dream, mom! No more dreams like that. Definitely not the reaction that will occur from me. In my dream last night me and the D were fighting off these crazy bird beast things with pole vault poles we were loading and firing from an Apache helicopter... weird.  

I say the doctors should put something in Mac's chest like they did on the guy in Iron Man... that would be a pretty cool party trick. "Hey guys, check out my glowing circular steal sternum!!" Reflux, Not fun for the little fella. 

Those picture are awesome. The fence looks so good! I need to start taking some pictures, I feel lame when I don't have any to send. I had a bunch in the beginning and now I don't take hardly any. Gonna have to work on that.  Well I love you mom! Have an splendid week,  I didn't get robs email about his baptism, but I think their p-day is tuesday or something because his emails always say they are sent Tuesday, but I would love his letter! I love you!

Elder Romney 

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