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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pulled over in Nassau! Pictures!


Haley is right. You and me are in different stages of life right now, both have great importance but are different for sure. It's pretty nuts to see the difference though. I was telling Elder Worley the other day how weird it will be to just read the Book of Mormon straight through for enjoyment- something I struggled with back home. Studying for your investigators is so much more meaningful. I've found that I've grown the most from studying what an investigator needs as opposed to studying what I want to learn and hoping it applies to something going on that day. 

G is doing much much, much better now! She found a place to stay with the whole crew, its close to work and still pretty close to the church. There were a couple apartments that were clear the heck out of the way of work and church and I'm so glad she got one so close to both. We went over there the other night and it was nice to just be able to get back on track. Got her work schedule, set up times to see her, we're back to normal. M's baptism was great too. I'll send a picture of the big fella. 9 years old and probably bigger than I was at 13 or 14.   His dad baptized him. Elder Worley was on his game that day- we weren't the witnesses, two other men were, but after Bro. C dunked M, Elder Worley looks at me and says "He said the wrong name." It sounded right at first, but sure enough Bro. C said his own name. So he re did it and all is well, good ears Elder Worley. The constant ringing in my ears must've been louder than the Bro. C's voice. We did it right after church, it's always a bit of a struggle for some reason to get everyone in the room and out of the halls and quite, never once have we started when we say we are starting, but its all good. The boy was baptized and is as happy as can be. 

We had a cool experience this week, a little odd, but cool same way. We were actually driving around looking for G's new house. We probably drove 15 miles in loops and circles trying to find this place (my sense of direction hasn't changed a bit. We even have a map... its sad..) Anyways, driving around for probably the fourth time looking for this barber shop, then some brick wall and a pink and green apartment building- standard Caribbean directions. I should note that every other building is a barber shop and everything is made out of cynder bricks. I take a right onto this little road and a cop behind me flips on his lights! Instantly my body gets all shaky and I'm back to the 17 year old kid saying "Oh shnikes, I don't think I was speeding!" Except this time I know I wasn't speeding and I used my blinker... so the cop gets out, he has his hand on his gun... weird... roll down the window. "How ya doin' officer?" He kinda pokes his head in the window, leaning on the car and says "Yeah I'm doing good, I just had to pull you over and ask what you guys do? I see you walking around Nassau Village (the 'hood' of the Bahamas) and everywhere else and I just want to know what you do?" HA! Such a relief. So we tell him we are missionaries and first thing he says "You aren't Jehovah's witness right? Cuz if you are, you have some crazy beliefs". No sir, not the J-dubs. We had a good 5 minute conversation and he accepted a pamphlet, we got his number and set up a time to meet him Saturday. Saturday rolls around, (spend another 20 minutes driving in circles trying to find this guys house), finally found it and he's got a whole family in there waiting to hear what we have to say. Walk in, he, his daughter, his sister, his girlfriend and mom are all there. Mom didn't stick around, but he, his sister and girlfriend did (later we found out they aren't living together either, score!) Had a great lesson with them. She had so many questions, it was fantastic. Sometimes peoples questions  make the lesson ramble and really have no end, not gaining any ground or anything, but her questions were great and she always had a point to them. He said it sounded good and that they would talk about it. They weren't at church but they seem pretty solid. We are trying not to get over zelous because it seems when we do that, things fall through haha But it was cool, hoping it pans out. 

We are teaching another guy named T. We knocked into him out on Cable Beach, super cool guy, been looking for some sort of peace in his life. Family man, he's an all star. Our big thing is getting people to church, just like im sure in every mission. Can't get an answer from Heavenly Father if you don't read from the Book of Mormon, pray to know it's true, and come to church. Simple as that. We are seeing him this week as well. We have a few potentials we are hoping to get in contact with, things are looking good. 

We started our new fitness program this morning. We finally got a key to that nice soccer field/park I was telling you about, and we pack our 15 lb dumbells and the soccer ball. It's probably 100 yards long, so on the imaginary 50 yd line one person is doing curls or flys or press or something with the light weight and the other is running down one end, all the way to the other and then back to the middle. 2 sets of 5 of that this morning and oh boy... had to find a tree to lean against while I spewed. I am SO out of shape! But I think this will be our best bet into getting slim. Fruits and veggies, corn flakes, tuna, and a fat meal appointment every so often missionary diet plan!

We are teaching a lesson here at the church in about 20 minutes, a referral from Church Headquarters. She's meeting us here so I better get changed. I love you!! Glad to hear that Shelby went church- I miss that fella. He's a good wingman. Girls dig his hair, then girls dig him... then im left with no girls... wait... he's a terrible wingman! haha Have a great week!!

Elder Romney 

Elder Worley, M, Jackson and M's Dad, Bro. C.
 Elder Worley, Jackson and D who moved back to Nova Scotia.
 Cute little girls at church.
 Is Jackson Lost?
 This is a picture of J's MacGyver invention to open the locked door to get their keys.

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