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Monday, October 29, 2012

Surviving Hurricane Sandy!

Hey Momma!

Yes, the D family is pretty amazing. It really does feel like being back at our home. When we showed up Thursday afternoon, Sis. D says, "Well I don't want to be asking you all the time if you're hungry for the next two days; you know where everything is, just have at it whenever you like." It's true- we could tell you where everything in the kitchen goes, where all the goodies are; it's like an extension of our own home. They are awesome- I can't say enough about them. So down to earth, just great great people. You'e right, I think I'll be in touch with the D's for the rest of time. Bro. D smoked me (and S, and M, and Elder Worley) in Risk, much like Dad used to on a Sunday afternoon back home. A fun couple days indeed.

Hurricane Sandy slapped the Bahamas pretty hard. From the D's house we had a pretty good view of the real power of the storm. Ocean waves would smack against the retaining walls and crash 20 feet over them, spashing up on the road. The wind was so loud! There was some large damage done on the west side of the island, a retaining wall broke and an entire section of Bay Street was flooded . Flooding is such an issue here, the streets don't have adequate drainage systems so everything just sits on the road until it evaporates (which is pretty quick with the heat here). A couple huge palm trees were blown over around the D's house. It was crazy to see how powerful the elements can be. Uprooting a 50 foot tree? No big deal. The church held up well. The entry way was pretty flooded but we were able to clean it up and have regular church Sunday. Freeport was hit harder than we were. The Zone Leaders were telling us that at the entire airport was flooded and the little two passenger planes were blown against a fence and smashed together. Pretty bonkers. I can now say I survived a stage 2 hurricane! Take that Sandy!

The hurricane and preparing for it was pretty much the whole week. This week we are hoping to implement our flyer we made for member referrals. We brought it up in branch council yesterday and asked if it would be better to just pop in on members or call them in advance and we got mixed feelings about it. The thing is that if we call members, it gives them a change to dodge us, and if we just pop in we may never catch them. We got responses from "My door is always open to the missionaries" to "I don't want you to call or pop in." We aren't bent out of shape about it, it's going to be more of a task than anticipated (as all things are in missionary work) but we are excited. I don't know why it's taken us this long to make a push in incorporate the members. I feel bad for all the times the missionaries asked me if there was someone I knew that was ready for the gospel and all the times I shrugged them off; what goes around comes around kids! Things will be awesome this week.

We had dinner with the B's yesterday. Sis. B made her homemade lasagna (did I mention she is a full fledged New Jersey Italian?) It was delicious! It was a meatless lasagna but she served meatballs and spare ribs on the side. My belly was very happy after that meal. She's progressing well. There are so many things going on in her life right now that I'm not sure taking the lessons is a priority yet, which is ok. We have established a fantastic relatiohship with her. When we first started teaching her we could've either gone in and forced the lessons, forced a baptism date, and tried to just do things quickly... and we all know when you force things you horse things.I feel we've taken the right approach in not pushing her too much, but just enough to have her understand the big step this is. Those first few lessons we made such huge steps, and everytime we go over there we continue to make progress. The Spirit is working on her so hard. Sadly the adversary is doing the same thing but I suppose that's how it always is. She's doing well though, they are awesome.

I'm sad Grandpa Dan is gone. From over here that was quite unexpected, but Grandma Dottie is the happiest camper in the Spirit world right now. Grandpa Jenks will be teaching them the gospel very soon.

Transfer calls were this week! And ..... (drum roll)..... Elder Worley is staying at least another transfer! That will make 6 months with him. One fourth of my mission, spent with the same companion on our own island. Safe to say I will never spend this much time with any individual ever again. Good thing he's the man! I should be in Nassau for Christmas now. Halloween is this week! This time last year I was in Spanish Town with Elder Taylor... crazy how fast time is moving.

The farm is put to rest, eh? What are you filling your time with now? How's that new (I guess it's not new anymore) workout routine Randy had you doing going?

Well I'm off. I love you Mom! Christmas phone call in less than two months!

Elder Romney 

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