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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time marches on

Good Morning! Happy almost new year! 

It was so good to see you guys! I'm not kidding when I say that everyone is looking older. Except you mom, you don't look a day over 35 ;) Mac's voice totally threw me off! I thought he was joking when he first started talking! Sometimes I feel like im stuck in time. In my head everyone looks and is the same age as when I left, but 'tis not so! Life goes on everywhere. I look at pictures of Elder Nelson and I in Maypen and it's so crazy to think that that was over a year ago. Time moves on whether or not you want it to! I'm glad you guys are doing so well. ROBBIE GETS HOME in a few weeks???? Oh boy... that is something. I'm gonna have to shoot that fella an email. If he gets home then, when do Mark and Shane get home? Mark left in April didn't he? Crazy to think we are on the downhill slope. AH! 

We are really excited for the secret santa! We decided we are going to both sets of girls. We don't know what to get them yet, but it's gonna have to be the same thing for each house or there will be some disappointed girls. We are stoked! It will be a lot of fun. Thanks for letting us do this- this is going to be really cool.

We had some really good things happen this week despite a few hangups. I've caught my annual winter cold (the same one I've got every winter since 7th grade). Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday it was the uncontrollable face explosions (otherwise known as sneezes) and the achy muscles, Saturday and Sunday it's been the croupy cough, but just like always it's gone after about a week and I can enjoy the rest of the year sickness free. It hasn't hindered any of our work though. I've developed this mentality that basically unless you're in the hospital there's no reason to stay home sick. Wash you hands, bring the hand sanitize, pull up your socks and go to work. Elder Worley has been disinfecting and sanitizing everything I touch trying not to get sick- didn't work haha he's got the sniffles now. But we had a great week, here are a few highlights-

Friday night there was a party at the church for a Haitian radio station. Two members here are apart of it so they used the church the location for the function. Elder Worley and I had shown up about 15 minutes before 7 to drop off some mail and former branch president  showed up and we had a good chat with him. As standard Caribbean time goes, he was there at 7 and no one else was, so he left but she told us we should stick around and see if we could advertise the church on the radio station. We had been talking about it earlier as well so we decided to do that. We're going to be teaching an English class every Tuesday starting the 15th, so having that announced on a creole radio station is perfect. The party didn't start till about quarter to nine but we were able to talk to the host of the show and get his number, he is more than happy to help us with anything we need. That's a big break for us. Now we just need to figure out how to teach English...

While we were waiting to talk to K (the host) there was a girl out in the foyer and we just started talking to her. She was pretty quiet, pretty reserved, not super talkative, but I just felt like there was something she needed to tell us and we needed to share with her. She was a super cool girl, junior in high school, wants to be a doctor, has some great plans for the future, just started going to a church because she knows she needs to be in church, very different from most 16 year old girls in the Bahamas. I asked about her family and she said she lives with her Aunty and brother and has 3 siblings in Haiti. Then she told us her mom died two years ago and she's never known her Dad. We were able to share a few simple truths of the Plan of Salvation with her and you could just see a sense of comfort come into her eyes as we talked- just someone to talk to and someone to just listen. I've become a professional listener on my mission. For some reason people just open up when we talked to them. I don't know if it's because I'm a missionary or what but sometimes I feel like there is a sign on my head that says "You can confide in me, I'll listen". It's a good thing. I enjoy it. Within 20 minutes of just meeting people they are laying out their life story and their fears, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to bring the gospel to them. 

Saturday night we were driving around visiting people in one part of town and we had the thought to go and visit Sis. S, a member the opposite way. It wasn't this grand overpowering of the Spirit, it was just a thought. So we rolled over there, we are good friends with her and her family, really just going over there to see how their Christmas was and make sure they were doing alright. After about 20 minutes of giggles and Christmas recaps, Sis. S told the kiddo's to go inside and she shared some pretty personal things. She did most of the talking and when she was finished  we shared with her what we knew would help her as directed by the Spirit. She told us we were an answer to her prayers that night and that because we came, she knew Christ was aware of her. :) I love being a missionary. At any given point you can be teaching any doctrine to anyone, and if you aren't in tune with the Spirit someone else is going to suffer. Awesome.

E was at church, he's still a boss. D had to work this Sunday but hopefully we can see her soon. It's P-day and usually roll down to Cariloha and see wa gwaan so we will see her. This morning we went over to the D's and I cut M's hair. I bought a pair of clippers about 2 months ago so we did that this morning. He's a funny kid. He's 14  and super cool. We love that family. After cutting his mop top (he's rocking the Elder Romney cut now, except a comb over on top) Chef fed us lunch and we had a fat bowl of ice cream... yum! But we are gung ho about the new years resolutions over here. Time to shape up! Spiritually and physically. I'm really excited for this last 6 months. Gonna be great! 

Yes I heard about the new curriculum for the church, sounds like it will be fantastic. A lot different than it used to be. The church is stepping up their game! Good work President Monson, you have the Romney seal of approval. 

Well I love you! Hope you have a great new years!! 

Elder Romney

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