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Monday, January 21, 2013

crazy/temporary transfers, a baptism, & lots of pics

Happy Monday!

ROBBIE IS HOME!!! That blows my mind. Mind blown. The picture you sent of Skauf, Ty, Rob and Jaren was sweet, miss those guys! 

So I'm going to cut right to the chase- we got transfer calls! And once again, mind blown. Usually we get them Saturday morning from the Zone Leaders, so Friday night we were just at home, it was about 10:15, and the phone rings... Elder Worley answers it and it's President Hendricks. President Hendricks only calls transfer calls if there is some serious moving going around. But, the new plan is this: Elder Worley will be leaving tomorrow morning to go back to Kingston to be the new AP! I'm super excited for him, that will be sweet. Right in the heart of Kingston, get's to be around President, he'll get to come back to Nassau for Zone Conference, it's going to be great. As for me... I will ALSO be leaving tomorrow morning. I'm going to Freeport to be with Elder Hitchcock for who knows how long. Basically what has happened is that Elder Taylor's work permit has expired he's been in Freeport so long, so he has to leave Freeport, Elder Worley has to go back and replace Elder McCready as the Assistant, and the paper work for Elder Weldon going to Freeport and Elder Gurr coming here isn't done. Bro. D is having a meeting with the head of immigration in about an hour to see why it's taking so long to get anything done, we will see if he can speed things up. Freeport branch can't function without missionaries, so I'm leaving Nassau instead of Elder Hitchcock coming here. So I will be in Freeport until the paper work comes through. That could be one week, one month, 6 weeks, we don't know. The way things have been going I could very well spend a whole transfer there and not come back to Nassau, we just don't know. I think my stay in Freeport will be relativity short, but no matter how long it is I'm excited to spend some time on a different island with Elder Hitchcock. No missionaries have ever done that minus one missionary a couple years ago because it was an emergency transfer. I'm pretty pumped even if it's just for a little bit. We've been running around like chickens with our heads lopped off trying to see everyone, have them sign our journals, and then get everything in order to have our house empty for an unknown time. So yep, that's transfers! I'm so grateful for the time I've had here. In saying goodbyes I realize how much Nassau has changed my life. Super cliche, but I'm over it. This is home. I don't want to leave, but hopefully I'll be back soon enough to show Elder Gurr. We've made some great friends here and there's been a lot of good done in Nassau. I can't picture my mission without this 8 months. 

So Elder Taylor is going to Santa Cruz to finish his mission as a Zone leader there, Elder Worley to Kingston to be the AP, me to Freeport with Elder Hitchcock- other than that I don't hardly know any other missionaries back in Jamaica. But that's the Baha Men update! 

Amidst all the transfer calls and craziness, E was baptized yesterday! It was so great. Saturday night we went over to check up with him, when we asked him if he was excited he said in his broken English, Haitian accent "Oh yes, it's wike when da wittle kids awe waiting for da Christmas or da birthday, dis is betta den da Christmas for me." :) It was great. He asked if I would do the baptism. Baptizing people you've taught is always special. When we told him we were leaving Tuesday he didn't believe us. It's such a bummer for him getting baptized and we won't even be here for the confirmation, but he's got a solid support system in the branch, he will be alright. I'll still be able to call him from Freeport and make sure he's doing alright. Funny aspect of this baptism- I totally forgot my baptism clothes, a towel, and underwear.... so me and E rocked the jumpsuits together and I was a bit soggy after my paper towel pat down back into soggy unders. Elder Worley and M gave me a pretty hard time about that one. 

The English class went really well. Teaching English is hard, much different than I thought. And since I kinda horsed my Spanish classes, I hardly remember what conjugating is or anything else about learning a language. President F will teach the class while we are gone, he used to teach French and his English is good enough to teach it. I hope that goes well in our absence. 

Saturday morning there was a big walk for breast cancer around paradise island, so we went! It was fun, we went with Bro. D, his daughter S, and  A, a girl in the branch. It was fun! I'm sending you the race t shirt! :) 

That's nuts about Lance Armstrong. Just makes you wonder who's next I guess. 

Well we've got to go and try and see everyone before tonight. We've gotten so much food in the last 24 hours, it's ridiculous. We are going out with E for dinner, then to the E's for second dinner... buckle up belly, it's about to get full. 

I'll attach pictures in another email. I love you!! 

Elder Romney 

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