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Monday, January 7, 2013

New investigators and spending a few hours at Sandals

Well hey there Momma!

We are playing secret santa tonight! After we get done emailing we are going to go buy the stuff, put it all together and then make the deliveries. hopefully it all works out, one set of girls lives in an apartment complex in a rougher area and the other has a house in the same part of town. We will have to be sure they answer or someone will for sure steal all the stuff. Good thing Elder Worley and I are so quick and agile from all the excercise we've been doing! Haven't missed a day yet, (besides Saturday because we were starting our fast, and Sundays). We're excited for the secret santa thing, should work out nicely! 

I'm feeling much better, thank you. The sore throat and coughing is gone, just the remnant of a runny nose and that's about it. C, a former investigator (the one we met at Wendy's my first day here) gave me a big thing of cough syrup (yuck) and some Vicks lozenges. She's such an awesome lady, I'm glad we've been able to keep a good relationship with her despite her not being ready for the gospel. She invited us to her daughters 13th birthday party which was yesterday. We had actually kinda forgot about it, thankfully we had planned to go check up on C that night! We showed up and there was a house full of guests, right as we walk in the atmosphere in the room just got stale people were thinking "Who invited the Mormon missionaries??". Safe to say that within a half an hour we were the only one's left... missionaries sure know how to clear out a room! Maybe they thought we were going to sit down and have a lesson so they all bolted before the opening prayer, either way, kinda funny. C is great. 

Church was fantastic yet again. I think Sunday has become my favorite day. Especially when you have investigators at church. It's discouraging when no one you've invited comes, but this week was another awesome week. E, Bro. D, Sis. B, were all at church!

We have a couple new investigators! Whoo hoo!! We got to church about 9:20 and a woman was dropped off who I'd never met. Her name is K and she works for Bro. O (a Canadian that has a house out here- he's one of the best lawyers in all of Canada and owns 1000+ acres there of bison farms.) He invited K to church. Also knows President F . I had a great conversation with K, turns out she's Jamaican, lived outside of High gate her whole life, and her son and daughter who are going to college in Kingston have been attending our church there for 7-8 months! After church K said she loved church so much and will be coming back for a long time, especially since her son loves it and wants to be a missionary! What a tender mercy from the Lord- pretty cool. We don't know if her son is baptized, we are going to find out tonight. She's great!

S is another new investigator. We were checking our phone bill at the mall Thursday and he was just there, saw my tag and asked if I was related to Mitt. We had a good little conversation and got a return appointment for Saturday. Saturday rolls around and he lives out in the BOONIES of Nassau- like 15 miles away on the south part of the Island. It was a wild goose chase trying to find his house but we found it and had a really great lesson with him. He has worked for Sandals for 17 years and is leaving at the end of this month to go to Negril Sandals and work there. He's the manager of the photo shop there. Super cool guy, really has a lot going for him. Very intelligent, hard working, knowledgeable, cool guy. When he told us about working at Sandals we asked about why it was so inclusive and why visitors can't enter- that's when he said "I can get you in for a day if you'd like- free food, tour of the place, whole nine yards." Uh.... YEAH! So we just got back from there, Sandals gets the nod of approval. That place is awesome! the buffet was something else to- I've got a massive food baby right now. Two words. Creme. Brule'. It was nice. Kinda awkward being that Elder Worley and I were the only two dudes eating together since its a couples resort... then the Sandals guy wanted to take our pictures on the beach and by the pool.... nah man... I'll pass... but he snapped a few anyway haha Just singles though.. still a lot of fun. S is the man. Being friendly to people goes a long way! Now he has the opportunity to hear the gospel and we got to check out Sandals- win win. 

This week will be fantastic. It's zone conference again! Round three in Nassau. It's always nice to see other missionaries- its a huge booster. You don't realize how secluded being on your island is until you see other missionaries and you say "Oh ya, this is usually how it is". Going to be great! 

I like the 5k the Romney way idea! That would be fun, I'm in. Tell Gma not to sweat it the emails, I love her! Yesterday I hit my 18 month mark... weird, eh? 18 months ago I was in the MTC going "oh boy... this is new". Time is flying! I got an email from T-Cox! Sounds like that fella is doing really well, loving his mission. That's good news. 

Mac is a trooper- pin the blue ribbon upon his chest! 

I like what you said about miracles. Yesterday while the sacrament was being passed and just thinking about what I was fasting for, I flipped open my scriptures and i opened right up to Moroni 7. That's one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. Anyone who thinks miracles have ceased- give this a read. It strengthens my faith every time I read it. "And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me." Time to buck up and have more faith! 

I love you! 

Elder Romney

Junkanoo celebrations, cars for guests at Sandals, J lounging on P-Day and more junkanoo celebrations

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