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Monday, February 11, 2013

conversations and pictures

Good Morning! 

I think I must have short term memory loss or time is just smoking by- Amanda was pregnant? Jeffy is already in the MTC? I thought Malea got her call like last week?? I know you've told me all these things, I remember reading them but then when they happens it's like yikes, people are growing up! I was going to say that Malea will probably be in the same group as a set of missionaries going to Jamaica, our district in the MTC was us and then the Vegas- West mission as well. If she see's Elder's Ringer, Edwards, Norris, Godfrey, or Pulsiver, she needs to hail them up for me! I should email those guys. 

That cracks me up that Mac still falls asleep on short trips. From the house to the library you could always count on that little fella to be conked out by the time you reached Starr Rd. At least he's consistent. 

We had a good week this week- lots going on. Like I said last week we've been focusing on referral lessons with members, still on that run, it's been going well. I feel the members faith is being strengthened in knowing that there really are people being prepared. We've received a couple referrals and have a few people to teach so things are looking up. We went tracting with a member named F this week. He got home from his mission right when I got to Nassau, and 3 months later was married (I say atta boy to that one) so he's only been home for like 8 months and still has the missionary drive in him. We went and knocked doors out by his house on Saturday afternoon and it went well. Two conversations we had stuck out to me, not in anything that was said but just in the situation. There was a man who was cleaning the pine needles off his boat, the boat was pretty beat up, so we chatted about his boat for probably 10 minutes and I told him all about how Grandpa's boat and how there was always something to be fixed on a boat or car or in the house. We offered to help, he declined, but we were able to share our testimonies about Jesus Christ and the Restoration of His gospel. He didn't become a new investigator, but if you're talking to people just to fulfill a number you've got your priorities all mixed up. 

The second conversation was with a man up the street. He was sitting flat on the ground covered in oil with part of the engine sitting next to him. He said he was trying to loose a screw and it ended up falling in (what I think was) the oil pan. So he ended up having to take the whole thing out- cracked me up, reminded me of Saturday's in the garage and dropping a wrench of something into the engine and having to reach your hand all the way down and around parts to try and grab it. I sat on the ground across from him and we chatted about what he was working on and he being a mechanic. I told him about rebuilding the Ranger that summer after it was rolled and how my pop's was always working on the cars. He said "Well that's what happens when you by a Ford- Found On Road Dead" I guess that joke spans the globe. He's a super cool guy, been fixing cars his whole life, his kids are all grown up so it's just he and his wife at home now. Conversations flow so easily into the Gospel, "Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men." D&C 100:5. It's true! We are meeting with him this Saturday. 

We had our English class Tuesday night. Tuesday during the day I was pretty much a nervous wreck trying to figure out what to teach. I don't know why I got so uppity about it, but I did. I just had no direction in what to teach. I ended up printing some vocabulary and then we were going to learn how to properly ask a question. We had 30 people packed into the Relief Society room, after the opening prayer I reminded everyone that if you have a question or need something explained in creole you can because we have a member of the church here who can speak English and Creole.... psych. No one showed up from the branch, so that was quickly changed to "Yeah... ask it in English as best you can because me no palle creole." The class went surprisingly well though. People understood what was going on, things flowed well, it was good. And that's why we start with an opening prayer and ask for the Spirit haha

We also had our branch Valentines party which was awesome. We helped Sis. C out with the decorating and stuff- reminded me of decorating the house for birthdays with the streamers, twisting them over the railing to make it look fancy- it was fun. Things like that are what make good relationships between members and missionaries. To gain something you have to give something, and giving your time goes further than giving anything else. So that was sweet, I'll attach some pictures. Sis. Bcame, Bro. D was there, we invited all of Cariloha and Del Sol, it was fun. Kinda weird for a bit just standing there with Elder Gayle while this throwback 70's sappy love music was playing... don't get any idea's mister haha It made for some good jokes. We left early to go home but I think everyone had a great time. 

Elder Gayle is getting to know the area pretty well. I realize how patient Elder Worley was with me when I started driving out here. It's so much different driving a left hand car on the left hand side of the road- you feel like you're driving on the sidewalk. We're trying to bulk him up for beach season when he gets home- for a 125 pounder he eats like a horse! 

Dad's comment about spending money on his grand kids cracks me up. It's going to turn into "Dad, Grandpa always buys me what I want, why don't you always buy me what I want??" ".... because he's a grandpa and that's what grandpa's are supposed to do" haha 

I'm glad that package reached you safe. Those shirts are so soft huh! They are made out of Bamboo-cotton, pretty spiffy. We get a killer discount there to so it's silly not to snag a couple.  As I was doing chin ups this morning (and by chin ups I mean 2 chin ups... that's all I can get these days. Over hand grip though, none of this Nancy underhand stuff.) I thought about how true the scripture is in Alma 37 about small and simple things shall great things come to pass. True, True, and True again! 

I love you Mom! Have a fantastic week in the snow! :) 

Elder Romney 

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