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Monday, February 4, 2013

Spiritual experiences are sweet

Bonjue! (Creole for good morning, not sure if that's how you spell it)

What a week indeed! When both those sisters asked if I wanted them to say hello for me, I thought that was so cool. Out of all the tourists they are the only two who've done that, they were very sweet ladies. It makes the world seem so small when I'm so far away! Being back in Nassau is wonderful. It felt like coming home, even though I was only away for 10 days, I didn't realize the impact that this place has had on me. Bahamians in Freeport don't like Nassau because its so busy, and Bahamians in Nassau don't like Freeport because it's so slow. I love both islands, very different feel's to both of them, but the hustle and bustle of Nassau is home to me. 

Elder Gayle! My new companion! He's Jamaican! From Junction branch! N, M, and R are his cousins and brother! He's awesome, we shoot stories about Junction and his family often. He's 24, loves to cook, and came prepared with a guitar to learn how to play :) It will be a great companionship! 

Believe it or not, I came up with that talk on my own. (The talk on movement vs. progression-see last week's letter) haha It cracks me up that you thought otherwise. I had no idea what to talk about and on Thursday during personal study I was thinking about what the Freeport Branch needed to hear and that's what came out on paper. Totally the Spirit, I won't take any credit for putting those truths together myself, I'm just glad that I was able to not hinder the message the Spirit needed to share. 

Speaking of the Holy Ghost, we had a couple cool experiences this week with it. Recently in my prayers I've been asking Heavenly Father to help me recognize the promptings of the Spirit more fully. This week I've learned that it really is quiet as a whisper and so easily missed. The past few day's I've been showing Elder Gayle around the island, introducing him to members, trying to better help him swallow everything here. We are focusing almost soley on seeking referrals with members. The mission has made a huge surge in this aspect of missionary work and we (as a mission) are seeing amazing results. So visiting members has been the focus as of lately. Friday we went and visited M and the girls, just had introductions and the girls asked Elder Gayle about 30,000 questions, it was great. Usually we wouldn't see them on back to back days just because they have things to do and a life outside of meeting with the missionaries. In my studies that morning I studied about true Christlike love and how important each one of us are to Heavenly Father. We created a lesson plan out of it and planned on teaching the second set of girls the lesson. We did, but then I felt like we needed to go see M again. I fought with the idea for just a second, thinking that she'd be at work, that she wouldn't want to have a lesson in the middle of the day because she was busy, but we went anyways, she was home and wanted to have a lesson, so we taught about how much Heavenly Father loves His children and the two great commandments are to love the Lord with all thy heart, and to love thy neighbor as thyself. After we finished the lesson she told us how she really needed to hear this because she was she was struggling with her job because this co-worker was trying to pressure her into doing foolish things. We talked about that a bit and she realized that that being mad at her coworker wouldn't be the right thing to do and that ignoring this person rather than leaving her job angry would be better for her and her family. All of that from a simple thought of "Go see M". Crazy.

Experience number two- Sunday night after the D's we didn't have any solid appointments so we went to check on Sis. S because she wasn't at church that day and we were going to have a referral lesson with her. When we got there she was getting her hair done (and it takes forever for Caribbean women to get their hair done) but she fed us a second dinner and we waited till she was finished so we could have this lesson. The first half of the lesson I felt wasn't very good, there were lots of distractions outside and the Spirit wasn't there. I said a silent prayer that things would calm down up the street so everyone could stay focused. By the end of the lesson, Sis. S had this shocked look on her face as we asked her to pray about people that she knows that are prepared to hear the gospel and then she said "You missionaries always seem to come at just the right time because this morning I had the thought of a man I want you to teach but I kept second guessing myself." Music to our ears! I'm grateful for the lessons Heavenly Father has taught me this week.

Ok, so I don't know a lick about the insides of any of those cars, but I've seen them all driving around Nassau and Freeport and by sheer looks alone, I'd go with either a Toyota Forerunner or the Nissan Pathfinder. Sister K in Freeport has a Pathfinder and that thing is SWEET! There, that's my shallow two cents about you're next car. Actually, I take that all back. 2013 white Range Rover. Go big or go home haha 

I'm so pumped Jaren is headed to New Jersey! That is so awesome. Will you call him today and get his mission email from him so I can email him? 

Those plans for the summer sound like fun! Don't forget you've got an extra set of hands to help with all those things come mid- July :) Did you say that Bro. Gilson is planning on adding onto his house? Tell him to wait until I get home and I'll give him a hand, me and ol' Gilson, like the olden days haha Finish up a good days work, flip on some Jimmy Hendrix and shoot stories back and forth just as fast as he's shooting the 8 ball into the corner pocket to kick my butt for the 15th straight game. 

Well I love you momma! It's nuts that it's February already. I bought two white shirts about a month ago and Elder Hitchcock sent me back to Nassau with one of his that's in good shape- When we shop for Mac and his mission we won't be buying Walmart shirts and shoes haha I Love you!! 

Elder Romney 

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