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Monday, February 18, 2013

Leaving Nassau :(

Welcome welcome P-day morning!

SHANE IS HOME??? Shucks!! This is so crazy, I seriously thought he didn't get home for a little bit longer- he's home! Crazy town. He is super tan and looks way older. He's going to have to fight off the ladies with a stick. Or just put down the stick. They're both good.

Well it's finally happened. I'm leaving Nassau. My flight leaves here tomorrow night at 5:05pm. It was totally unexpected. Ok, that's not true, obviously it was expected to happen sometime, duh, it's a mission, you're going to leave the area's you come too, it just caught me off guard. We were at E's house and I got a text from Elder Worley saying "You're coming home!!" and as soon as I read it I started to choke up. I realize I'm not much of a cryer but it just hit me like a ton of bricks that I actually have to leave. It's such a strange feeling. Elder Gayle and I were talking about it, it's different that leaving an area in Jamaica- you're still in Jamaica, chances are you will serve around that area again, but leaving an off- island spot, this is it. I'm sad but I think more than sad I'm SO grateful for the past 8 and a half months. SO SO SO thankful, it's slightly ridiculous how much I love this place and the people here. But that's the name of the game and it's a good thing. Elder Gurr and Elder Gayle are going to tear this place up, the branch will take good care of them, things are going to be great.

Sunday was the final D dinner. I feel like a broken record saying how awesome the D's are, but it's so true. They are the greatest family I've met on my mission. I can't say enough about all of them. They love unconditionally, are rock solid in their testimonies, and just show plain love to us as missionaries. I feel like part of the family. I'm not sure they understand how much they've impacted my life, Bro. D especially. I've learned a lot from what he's said, what we've talked about, wisdom he's bestowed upon me but most of all I've learned from his example. He and Sis. D are wonderful. She's been literally like a mother the past 8 and a half months. Yesterday I cut M's hair after dinner. That boy has the purest heart I've ever come across. We talked about paleontology, faith, the priesthood, he was genuinely interested in what I want to do after my mission, we talked about his fears and how we can overcome them. About half way through the hair cut he asked if he could have a wash cloth. I handed him one and said he could wipe his face if there was hair on it. He said "No, it's not the hair. I'm wiping my tears. I'm really really going to miss you Elder Romney. You're a great friend." That experience is something I will cherish the rest of my life.  

Nassau has been wonderful. I feel like I was so young when I first got here. I hadn't been out a year yet, coming out of Highgate which was 6 weeks packed with learning experiences and life lessons. Now I've got 5 months left and I feel like I truly understand how things are supposed to be done. My relationship with Heavenly Father has never been this strong and I'm so pumped to make the next 5 months the best of my mission.

I'll be going to Old Harbour. It's in the same district as Maypen, my first area. That will be sweet to go back to where it all began. I don't expect people to recognize me from Maypen. If they did they would say "You've put on weight!" and "What's up with the goofy haircut??" haha I'm about the same size as I was in Maypen I guess, maybe they won't say the first comment but for sure the second.

Sister Evans called about the card. I pulled off that $30. I'm trying to put one of my suitcases inside the other with my stuff and have it be under 50 pounds to avoid the $40 fee for checking a second bag. I think I'll be able to do it. I stuffed my backpack full of some books and my running shoes and I'll put the couple t-shirts I have around my guitar. $40 fee my foot! 

That's awesome Mary is getting hitched! If she's dating the same guy, he is a roommate of Elder Kraus, a guy from our mission. He emailed me one day and said she was dating his roommate- good for her! That is so weird that my friends from high school are having kids- if you see Aaron tell him hello for me! 

Puppy?? Oh Mom, I knew it was only a matter of time before you succumbed to the pressure of the siblings haha That would be awesome. What breed? Chiwawa? :) No thank you! 

Elder Gayle had his first McDonalds soft serve this week! I've got the fella hooked- soft serve ice cream and ketchup on mac and cheese.

Have a fun day at the movies! I remember one time it was you, me and Haley and we were going to the Y. It was a dreary day and we were at the turn to either go left to the Y or right to the movies, and NONE of us wanted to workout that day so we went to the movies. I think we saw the little red riding hood scary edition or something. What made it special though was that I was with you two. :) Fun times! Have a great week, I love you! 

Elder Romney 

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