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Monday, March 11, 2013

Leaving Old Harbour already!


First thing- a 5 POUND CHEESECAKE??? (Mac's birthday "cake") Sweet mercy, the things I'd do for a five pound cheese cake. That reminds me this one time in Nassau, Sis. Smith made Elder Worley and I this FATTY strawberry cheese cake, it was huge. We ate the whole thing for breakfast....mmmmmmm... it was nice. Every morning in Old Harbour I have two pieces of toast with nothing on them and water for breakfast. Still tasty, still fulfills the purpose of breakfast, just not quite like strawberry cheese cake!

Mac is getting older and it's slightly freaking me out... and in every one of summer's emails she happily reminds me that in such and such months and so many days she's turning 16 and how she can date and wear eye liner... i better get into some decent shape so i can inflict fear into any boy that comes into our house. No one will take a pudgy wudgy returned missionary seriously... until I bring a Jamaican butt kicking with me! haha Thats sweet Shauna is engaged! I thought she would have better taste though... Duke? Come on Shauna, this is eternity we're talking about! :) Just kidding, that's so awesome. Where are they getting hitched? And where did he serve his mission?

Well this week was pretty up and pretty down at the same time. Elder Jones has been pretty sick this week, so Tuesday we didn't go out at all. First time my whole mission my comp and I didn't go out. He was good enough to go out Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday came and he was back in bed. I got a lot of reading done in my Book of Mormon though, that was nice. 105 pages in about two days collectivly. I was like Alma 8 and I reached Alma 53. It was so cool to read it like a regular book. The missionary chapters are so sweet! Alma and Amulek are boss missionaries! And Ammon, and Nephi and Lehi. They have so much faith, that's probably what I gathered the most out of my reading. Their faith was SO unshakable. Not only that, they acted on it without second guessing themselves. And how well they worked as companions, shooks, it was awesome. Then the war chapters, Moroni, still holding it down, I enjoyed the time to read. 

I can attest to the fact that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor also. Wednesday I requested a trade off in Maypen so after district meeting I just stayed and Elder Jones and Dally went back to OH. It was so cool to see a lot of people. Right as we walked into the church for District Meeting, S was cleaning the church. I said hello and she said hello, I could tell she didn't recognize me... so I say "You know who I am?" She's like "Ahhh, noooo, who are you?" She flipped out! "you don't even look the same!" I figured the classic response would be "Wow! Nice to see you! You got a new haircut and you've put on weight!" but it was mostly just the haircut comment! haha not to shabby. Anyways, I'm pretty sure when Heavenly Father saw that I was going to Maypen he wanted to make the trade off as authentic as possible. As in my bicylcle tire popped so we had to walk, and it poured cats and dogs all day- yep, back to the Maypen days for sure! It was a lot of fun, every where we went I had some story about me and Elder Nelson running through my head. I would send pic's but we are at an internet shop and true, I don't know what viruses are crawling on these computers so I better not plug anything in.

Saturday we got transfer calls! This week was a 7 week transfer instead of a 6 week to help stagger the influx of new missionaries throughout the world. I'm leaving Old Harbour! Such a short stay, I know! I'll be transfered to Santa Cruz- yep, back in a truck. Good thing my companion Elder Nugent is a dedicated worker out-er! I'm pretty excited. We are the Zone Leaders for the Mandeville zone, so Negril, Montego Bay, Sav, Junction, Hopeton, and Mandeville are in the zone. I'll get to go back and see my people in Sav and Junction! I heard Sis. J is preparing to go to the temple! Whoo hoo! I'm excited for that. There's a lot of driving, I think Mo Bay is like two hours away or something, it will be sweet though I'm looking forward to it.  

I can't believe Elder Taylor and McLeod are going home Thursday!! That is so strange. I'll still see Elder McLeod's mug around town though as Hopeton isn't to far from Santa Cruz. Life is moving fast! We are getting like 16 new missionaries this ransfer- so many! I'll be on the look out for Elder Harris. This is the first transfer day I've been to in almost a year and the last time I see Elder Taylor until we rendezvous again somewhere in Utah or Idaho! He's actually going back to Freeport in like a week with his whole family, that will be fun for them. 

Well that's about it for this week, pretty slow with my sick companiero. But this up coming week is going to be crazy town.  Back to the slow going, bushy side of Jamaica! I love you!! 

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