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Monday, March 4, 2013

Where did my keys go? Where did my book go?

Good morning from another sunny day in Old Harbour!

Yes, Kingston was a gong show but all is well. I'm telling you, I wonder if Heavenly Father ever says, "Oh Elder Romney, you're such a klutz, but I'll bail you out of this one again." Twice this week that's happened. Monday we went to Kingston to play ball (which was fantastic, sunburns and the Baha Men, can't beat it.) I felt like such an old guy. All these young missionaries who have come out since I've been in Nassau, it was strange. We have some cool younger missionaries, some superstars. So anyway, Elder Taylor came and picked us up, got there, had a great time, get back to Old Harbour by like 5:00pm, and we are getting out of the truck and I'm looking for the keys... they were in my pocket... but now they're not in my pocket.. or the truck... great. So I call Elder Worley and ask him to go look for them back at the court, it's a good thing we are tight like unto a dish haha So he goes down to the court (which is in the GHETTO of Kingston) it's like 6:30, and there is 50 people on the court, sitting in the bleachers, playing soccer. So they start snooping around for the keys, asking people if they've seen them, getting chatted like crazy, and they are talking to this 18 year old kid and he's like "Nah, I haven't seen them". Then changes his story and whips out our keys and makes Elder Worley buy them off him! hahaha It wasn't much, just the change in the truck, but imagine how that looks to the people in the bleachers.\- two white guys in shirts and ties come into the court, walk out with a kid and give him money in exchange for something... like I said, good thing Elder Worley is a homie. He's never going to let me live that one down. When they brought them that night I gave him some of that hot chocolate and some candy as a token of appreciation haha It's a funny story but it is another tender mercy from the Lord. What are the chances that 8 hours later in the heart of Kingston we are able to get my keys back? Yep, pretty cool. 

The second story we were riding to drop our bicycles off at a members house then catch a taxi to go to another members house for dinner. Well I brought my guitar and hymnbook so we could play some songs and of course, we reach the first members house and my hymnbook isn't in my bag anymore. It wouldn't have been a big deal but that hymnbook was from Great Grandma Ruth and is special to me so... we turn around in the dark looking for it. Sure enough there it was aaaaallll the way back just outside our neighborhood. "Elder Romney, you're a klutz but, I love you." 

Don't forget about sweet sweet Highgate. Junction to Highgate to Old Harbour. Did I tellyou Highgate got closed lke 6 months ago? I don't know if I mentioned that, but it did. 

Old Harbour is fantastic. We are working with some great people right now. One of our investigators, S, now has a solid support system as that her sister just got baptized in Kingston two weeks ago. S's sister came by and saw S's Book of Mormon and said, "You're meeting with them too? I just got baptized!" Answer to our prayers- fellowship is so critical in keeping members active in Jamaica. We got to have a lesson with the both of them and her sister bore powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was awesome. Yes, we are back to calling at gates- that's pretty weird but it's lost it's newness. Elder Jones is doing well. We are finding a good mesh. Being with a young missionary is so much different than being with an older one. Things are getting better though. The patios is pretty good, some people I have to listen pretty closly to hear what their saying, sometimes I just pull the classic head nod and "Yeah yeah" and hope they are saying something good haha It's definetly different that the Bahamas! My body is now accustomed to purfuse sweating and bicycle riding now. Is was actually really cold this morning, I was shivering and teeth chattering, the past two days have been a bit chilly. 

The picture of the Lee's is awesome! Cam is SO TALL! He's going to hit his head on the ceiling! Shucks. OH! Speaking of Lee's, we had a couple missionaries who's visa's were delayed so they spent a transfer serving in Spokane! One named Elder Egan served in the Shiloh Hills ward and met uncle James! When I said President Lee was my uncle he's like "Ahhh that's sweet. I met him once". The other served in CDA. It was fun to shoot the breeze about Spokanistan. 

Your approach to the drug committee is completely true. I would love to speak at one of those because the United State's drug problems don't even come close to the drug problem  here, and your right, there are hardly any families here and look what comes of that. The gospel way is always the best way. Speaking of that I had a serious realization Sunday. President Brown from the mission presidency came in and taught priesthood (he is going to be the new mission president by the way  come July 1st- he will do my exit interview) anyways, he taught about chastity and how everything starts with your thoughts and music plays a huge role in that- I've realized this already but it was heavy today that I have a lot of music to throw away. I don't even know if I want to sell it, just filth. I remember when Hans came home and threw away a bunch of his music and I was like "That would never be me" Yep... it's me. I feel like that's a reason why I was called to Jamaica, music is such a big part of life here. Eat it, breathe it, so my testimony of changing music i think helps some of the young men. I look and say "Shoot, I've been there! There's more to it guys! Swallow your pride and listen to something better." 

Well Momma, I think you're finding good balance between your workouts and stuff. Something good to ask ourselves is "What purpose am I trying to achieve?" Then we don't have to waste our time with doing things that don't go towards acheiving that goal. :) I love you!! Have a great week!

Elder Romney 

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  1. So, I randomly find your blog because my son, Elder Harris, is headed to Jamaica next week. I'm reading it just thinking that this will be my son shortly. By the way, Elder Romney cracks me up. I was hooked on this blog starting with the stinky descriptions of missionaries and their bowels clear back at the MTC! (I grew up with 7 brothers and have 4 boys of my own, so I can so relate to boy humor!). Anyway, back to my story, my sister-in-law calls me to tell me to have my son look out for an Elder Romney in Jamaica. Apparently, my nephew, Elder Ebmeyer is serving in your Washington ward. Small world! Give Elder Ebmeyer a big hug from his Aunt Breanne NAND please ask Elder Romney to take good care of Elder Harris! Thanks for your amazing blog! Breanne Harris