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Monday, March 25, 2013

reconnecting with friends

Good Morning!
I'm can't keep track of how many people come in and out of our house anymore! haha It's good to see that the McCreadie crew is doing well. I wonder if there is any relation to Elder McCreadie, a missionary that served here. Only reason I say that is because Elder McCreadie was super tall as well. How is their oldest boy doing? I remember the last time we saw them he as like 6'9'' and still growing and already having college scouts look at him when he was 16. Give them all a big hug for me!
That's great Gram is working in the temple- that's something I want to do when I become a seasoned veteran in the life category. I bet it's fun to see them more often.
Well as for this week, it was awesome! Sunday was fantastic, we had 3 investigators and 2 less active members come back to church. It's refreshing to see the fruits of your labours when Sunday comes around. We are teaching two 14 year old girls. We had a cool experience with service with them. They raise chickens to kill and sell to locals here in Santa and surrounding areas and every 3-6 weeks they have to kill and pluck them... guess who plucked their first chicken?? I did! It was... quite the experience. I will save you the gruesome details, but I now have first hand experience with the phrase "running around like a chicken with its head cut off". Thankfully I wasn't on head cutting duty, I was on pluck-the-feathers-off-the-smelly-chicken-boiled-in-scalding-hot-water duty. It was something; a great skill to slap on a resume back home. Anyways, we did that for about an hour and a half for the girl's mom who isn't a member.  Yesterday we watched the Restoration DVD with the girls and L (the one girls mother who is a member) and D (the other girls mother) came in and gave us some fried chicken from the chickens we plucked and sat down and listened to the last part of the lesson. We invited her to watch the DVD again with the girls and promised that if she prayed to know if it was true that Heavenly Father would answer her. I'm sure she watched the DVD because the girls were  SO excited to watch it again with he and explain everything that was going on. Great experience.
Also this week... I went back to Junction!! We did a trade off from Tuesday to Wednesday and I got to see everyone from Junction. The H's, N, M, R, the whole crew! The H's, I LOVE that family. I didn't realize how much I missed them until I came back. They are doing so well. J just turned 14 and was ordained a teacher, T just turned 12 and has the Aaronic priesthood, T is SUCH a cutie, she's already 10 now! And Momma H is so good, so solid in the gospel. She looked so so happy. She and D go visiting teaching, she's the 1st councilor in the Relief Society, or Young Women's... I can't remember... but she's doing spectacular. So good to see them. N, M and R are doing well also. Their getting big too! N is way taller than me now, M has been going to school this whole year, R is still the little butterball he was when I left, they are doing well. Junction, St. Elizabeth = my home in Jamaica.
This week will be full of driving. Headed to Kingston today for P-day (Elder Worley is headed back to Nassau tomorrow! Whoo hoo! I sent him with a bunch of letters for people.) , then tonight we will drive to Montego Bay to do a trade off and stay for District Meeting on Wednesday, and then drive back to Santa Cruz. About 8 hours driving in total. Good thing Elder Nugent and I are road warriors. We get along so well, I'm always blown away at how I always end up with awesome companions. I've learned so much from each of my companions. I know the Lord put me with each of them to learn something from them and apply it to my life. This may have been the only way the Lord could shape me into who he wanted me to be- by serving a mission in the Caribbean and with the select Elders I've served with.
We had the funeral this week as well. That was a good experience. It was in an Anglican church so there wasn't any hooting and hollering, pretty reverent. It was interesting to see another church service and how they do things. When we went to the grave site it started pouring rain. There must've been a memo on the collection plate saying, "Bring an umbrella, it's going to pour cats and dogs" because we missed the memo AND were the only one's standing in what felt like Noah's Flood part two without an umbrella. No worries still, the family was grateful for our help in the service and we were able to have some pretty good teaching moments at the small gathering at the house afterwords.
Well It's Elder Nugent's turn on the computer. I was thinking about it, do you think you could print off all my emails home and put them into a little book? I think that would be a cool little thing to have after my mission. I sure love you Mom!

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