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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

green smoothies and tough experiences Pics

Good morning!
I can't believe mothers day is already next Sunday. Seems like yesterday Elder McLeod and I were at his house and I was skyping you from there. Time flies! Lets Skype at 6:30pm my time, so thats like 4:30 your time I guess. We count tithing, have a Branch Presidency meeting, then do some home teaching on Sundays so 6:30 would work out pretty perfect. I'm trying to track down a webcam. We are homies with the guy who runs this email shop, he said he'd open up Sunday for me. Thinking that may be the best option and most reliable! Fast computer already loaded with Skype and a webcam- just makes sense. That would be cool if Rob and Mark could comel. I can't wait to see you!
You love that little dog. It's almost like having a little baby in the house again. Hopefully he doesn't ferociously attack me the first time we meet. I think the way Henry felt about eating a foam ear plug is how I felt after starting my fast with Hamburger Helper. Yeah. Never again. You will actually be surprised to know that the Hamburger Helper I had was the most unhealthy thing I've had in probably 2 weeks. Elder Adamson is a health nut and also worked for VitaMix before his mission. VitaMix is a brand of blender that will litterally chop everything. Their competitor, BlendTec, is also an awesome blender. When I say blender what I really mean is a weed whacker motor with a container to catch all the shrapnel. Everyday for the past week we've been drinking green smoothies. I had one at the Dinkelmans once, but they are delicious. Watermelon with the skin, oranges with the pith, callaloo, cabbage, string beans, mango, basically anything you want you throw it in their whole, just chop it up into like fourths, add ice and a bit of water and blend. It comes out smooth as water, no chunks, no grit, it's amazing. I'll have to buy one eventually. They are $400 but worth every penny. I've never felt healthier maybe in my whole life. With 2-3 of those a day, an occasional tuna or egg salad sandwhich on wheat bread and running/jumproping every morning things are setting up nicely. I wasn't sure the Lord heard my prayers towards my diet and exercising . He did, and answered it in perfect timing!
This week was pretty good. After dropping all our investigators last week we went on the find for those who are prepared and can contribute. Bro. M has a classmate who asked him for a Book of Mormon. We went to go see him Wednesday night. He's an awesome kid. 19, self driven to be successful, going to electrictian school, and had read 4 chapters in the BoM already. We had a stellar lesson in which Bro. M accompanied us. His friend, T, is one of those who are considered an honest seeker of truth. He's been studying religions his whole life looking for the full truth. He committed to be baptized when the Lord answered his prayers. We left him with the testimony of Joseph Smith to read until we came back. Came back Friday, brought a young man from the branch with us also, and he actually read. The whole thing! We were so excited. He recited it back near perfectly, his comprehension is incredible. We had a lesson on the Restoration, another Spirit-filled lesson. I think the Spirit was so strong in his lessons is because we finally had an environment where it was quite and calm and easy to recognize. At the end of his lesson he had a few questions about the Plan of Salvation- perfect, that's what we are going to teach you next time. We gave him it in a nutshell to ease his curiosity of our beliefs, met his great family, and then left. We were feeling so good about T. Finally someone who is ready and willing to act. We got a call from Bro. M that night and he said he would forward a text he got from T. In effect the text said to Bro. M, "I don't want to hurt your feelings but I don't want the missionaries to come back for now. I can't believe what you believe." UGGGGGGGG. That was a bit of a sucker punch to the gut but we are sure he will come around eventually. He's a good kid. Maybe just faced some opposition.

We have 2 more people who have the potential to be fantastic. One we met this week who works at the post office and has a child, he and his baby's mother want to get married and baptized, then another young lady who's 20 and already a teacher who has a friend preparing for a mission- her friend lives in North Dakota. We've only had one lesson with her as she is swamped with work and promoting the St. Elizabeth beauty pageant she is competing in but after the pageant is done we are hoping her schedule will loosen up.

Tuesday we were in Kingston for Elder Adamson's nose check up. He broke it about a month ago and had surgery but the doc said it's looking good. Thursday was ZLC and President laid it down as always. His main focus points were teaching doctrine to solve concerns and fore ordination/being a literal representative of Jesus Christ. Whoa. It was awesome. It's always so hard to try and communicate what he says to the zone because he teaches so powerfully. I'm teaching about teaching doctrine to solve concerns. We have such a big zone now- the visa waiters visa's came through so we now have 5 brand new missionaries and 3 who've been out 3 or less transfers. It's exciting to see so many new faces and see that the mission is now theirs. This isn't the same mission I came into 22 months ago. It's much better!
We've chopped some serious bush this week- we're talking hacking down trees with machetes. han tuff yu nuh!
Well I'll attach some pics of our green smoothie adventures. I'm telling you mom, this is exactly what you need. We may have to go half-sies on one when I get back, this seriously makes eating healthy easy and the best way to get your fruits and veggies in. I love you! See you Sunday at 4:30/6:30!
Elder Romney
                                When it is your birthday in Jamaica, you get flour poured on you!

                                                     The great green smoothie!

So many choices for blending!

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