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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New investigators, pictures

You guys were busy! Crazy that Summer is already 16. I'll come home just in time to lay some butt whooping on anyone that tries to pull anything shady. True, I've got some new moves on butt kicking that I've learned from mi Jamaican bredren. Watch out.
Another week in the books. This week was alright. We have some great people we are working with and things are still pretty early. We had a few lessons with some new investigators we've met the past week - all have jobs, cars, and are married- cha ching! We're really hoping for them. None were at church but that's ok, usually the first week is a freebee. We tried to meet up with C and M. Called, no answer. Went to their house, they weren't home. Bummer. Big bummer. Life goes on though, I hope the best for them and their family.
We had a Friday night activity! The first one Santa Cruz has seen in quite sometime, I think it was a hit. We bought 4 gallons of ice cream (safe to say the diet was on hold for the last three days when it came to finishing that) some cones, and we watched the young women's broadcast from conference and then had a little talent show and ice cream afterwords. It was fun, we had about 10 people end up coming out, one of which was an investigator and the other who was a friend of a member- score! Elder Adamson and I played a couple songs on the guitar, I think it's either a cultural thing or they just love hearing different kind of music because when ever we bust out the guitars and sing and play, people go nuts and I KNOW its' not because we are that good haha It was fun though, Elder Adamson's and my band name is Every Other Thursday because every other Thursday we have a FAT meal appointment at Sis. W. So our investigator M was at the fun night, she's pretty cool. 20, her best friend who is living now in North Dakota is preparing for a mission, met her in a pharmacy where we was handing out fliers for the St. Elisabeth beauty pageant she entered (she ended up in the top 5 I think she said) she's way cool. About 30 minutes into it she got up and said she had to leave and was king of in a rush. We didn't think much of it until she texted us and said that she was on the way to the hospital because her 1 year old niece fell down a flight of stairs and was hurt pretty bad- WHY THE STAIRS??? again?? Yikes man, not good. So that was that, her niece is alright though. M won't be as busy this week because the pageant is over so we will be able to see her more which will be good. Lots of people with lots of potential, just gotta real it all in!
I've been reading the conference talks from April the past couple days- during conference I didn't get much out of it honestly, I felt like I got more out of the October conference.; But re reading the talks, whoa! I can't get though a whole talk without having 4 sticky notes posted up on the wall with quotes! So good, my favorite so far as been Tad. R. Callistars from priesthood session I think. It's about how the Lord trusts young men as priesthood holders. Favorite quote was "With increased vision comes increased motivation." True true true! That's something a mission has helped me a ton with is looking at things big pictures instead of little picture. In making decisions, managing time, helping other missionaries, trying to have the Lord's vision makes those decisions much easier to make and much more effective in the result. Pretty sweet.
Well that was our week this week. We played futbol in Mandeville with this half of the zone and the assistant and Kingston ZL's aka Elder Worley and Elder Hitchcock. I'll send a pic of the jersey's we rocked- They both have Spain jerseys and I have a Barcelona jersey which is a club team. I love those guys. and I love you! Have a great week! Pray that I won't get floured on Sunday! (They throw flour on birthday people... terrible tradition)
Elder Romney

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