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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Missionary forever

Good morning!
Yeah, I think something is happening this week around Thursday... true I can't put my finger on it. OH WAIT! Yes I can. I get to see you! That's going to be a very long day of flying... worth it I'd say though.
A's baptism was fantastic. We had it up at the Hopeton chapel. She wasn't feeling good at church so we gave her a blessing and when she came for the baptism there was no sign of illness - happy and jumpy as always! President Durrant did the baptism. Her foot came up the first time so he had a second go round at it and she went all the way under. It was definitely a little surreal taking baptism pictures. I would say that it's the last time I'll be taking baptism pictures but the whole baptism I had the distinct impression that if this is my last baptism of my life, I've completely missed the point of my mission. ALWAYS A MISSIONARY. That's something I'm really excited for - to be that member in the ward that missionaries can go to for whatever. Food, a ride, go teaching with, referrals, whatever they need. Honestly that's what it should be for everyone. We covenant to give all we have to the Lord, time, talents, any means necessary to build the kingdom. Missionaries are direct representatives of Christ - if a missionary asks you to do something, it's as if Christ were asking you directly. Whoa, got of on a tangent there. But yes, A's baptism was terrific. We took lots of pictures and lots of pictures with the members in Santa Cruz. Plenty pictures today!
To answer your questions - I think I miss crepes the most. Snacks? Oh boy... your trail mix for sure! Wow, that stuff is nice!
I feel good. All the gatherings and get- togethers and appointments and everything, those are alright. I think I'm underestimating the overwhelmed-ness that's going to take place. Just like I underestimated it going into the MTC, coming to Jamaica, going to Nassau, etc. I'm Captain Underestimate, which is ok I guess. I feel I handle being overwhelmed much better than I used to - serving as a zone leader has helped with that. Transfers are always a gong show haha Speaking of which, this week is also going to be a gong show. We have FIFTEEN new missionaries coming in! YA! And all their trainers come in a day early for a training meeting. So basically Tuesday at 2PM, the craziness of driving, meetings, transfers, etc has begun. Tonight is my last night in Santa Cruz - we're staying with the AP's and Kingston Zone Leaders Tuesday and Wednesday night. Plenty of time with Elder Hitchcock and Elder Worley before we depart and rendezvous in a month!

I'd spend time talking about costs of laser treatments and stuff, but I can talk about all of that when I see you! That's crazy to think....
Well Mom I love you! You and the families prayers have carried me through much more than I think you will ever know. I look forward to going to the temple with you Friday and with Haley next week and seeing you late Thursday night!! See you then! I love you! 

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