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Monday, July 1, 2013

Just a quick note and a few pictures


Things are going so well here. President Hendricks is probably somewhere in Texas riding his horse around, crazy to think about! I talked with President and Sister Brown on the phone the other day, they are doing so well. It's going to be different than with Pres. and Sis. Hendricks were here because Pres. and Sis. Brown have four kids, oldest being 12, youngest being 2! Ya! Mission family! We have MLC this week so I'll get to meet them all. This week is going to be awesome. Two trade off's (one with Elder Worley) then MLC Thursday. Going to fly by!

Things in Santa Cruz are good. A was early to church! Whoo hoo! She's such an awesome little girl, she's going to boost the Santa Cruz branch because her baptism is going to be a branch effort. Everyone is stepping up their game to help fellowship her. President Brown is putting a lot of emphasis on getting potential missionaries from Jamaica in the field. We spent quite a bit of time this week helping a young lady get her doctors stuff figured out. Driving from clinic to clinic, gathering information, setting up times, I feel bad because without us she wouldn't be able to get any of this done, President D and M are so busy, I'm glad we are here to help. She only has her dental and a couple other things to sort out and her's are done! If she gets a passport, maybe she and Haley can serve together in Singapore! 

Well the computer is kicking me off here, we will be on later. Headed to Mandeville to play some ball. I love you!

                                                          Jackson's wheat mango pancake.

Karaoke night ward activity

A sweet sister that feeds them every other week.

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