Elders McCleod and Romney

Friday, July 15, 2011

Addendum to first letter-written same day, received in snail mail days later

I realized how much I left out of my email.  So here's some more!
*The Jamaican Kingston mission covers not only Jamaica, but also Turks & Cacois, the Bahamas and Grand Cayman!  Serving the Lord in Paradise! :)
*Elder Gurr is hilarious! (Jackson got to know Jace Gurr on Facebook before his mission.  Jace was in our old stake in Canada)  We're in the same zone and Elder Stubbs, who's from Medicine Hat, AB.  Funny dudes!
*It's wicket hot down here in the laundry room...just FYI.
*The weather has been really nice But! the temple is closed the whole time we're here and  the gym is closed!  So for gym we play kickball or run or play 4 square or ladder golf.  Ya, pretty exhausting...NOT!
*I miss my motorcycle...a monster drove by on our way out to the field and I about cried.  I told my companions I had on of those and they didn't believe me for a bit.
*I need TY and CJ's addresses please!
*The food here basically goes inside of you, decides it's angry at the world, and wreaks havoc on its host and all those surrounding.
*Um...I can't think of much else.  It is awesome here.  I've go so manny letters to write.  If you would post this to the blog that would be wonderful.
*Oh wait!  Not done, I leave the 25th to Jamaica, not the 26th.  Now I'm done.
Love you all and miss you bunches!
Elder Romney

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