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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jackson's first email from the MTC

It's finally P-day and im soooooo stoked! ive got 26 minutes left, so im gonna cruise over this.
Yes, we have a microwave in the basement of the Residents Hall, popcorn would be lovely!
Other than that i think im ok on stuff, i can buy a bunch of stuff here at the bookstore.
Send a copy, im gonna get it shrunk and lamenated here so i can keep it in my scriptures.
So. Wednesday was crazy. Flights went well, its amazing what happens when you are wearing a suite and on a flight to Salt Lake, everyone seems to be a Mormon and want to talk to you! Flew down wit a fam from Cali thats LDS, and talked wit three other people, and that guy i was talking to in the airport? Andy Vidmar dated his granddaughter! I was like "oh, crazy, cuz i dated Emma!" Small world, eh? Heder picked me up and we got here just fine, I love that guy. Then i got here and it was instant craziness. Got rushed through pictures and got my nametag and dropped my stuff off at the dorm, and went right to class to meet my companion and district. Come to find out that I was put in a threesome compantionship! Its super tight, elder Layton is the model from Abercrombie and Fitch from Calgary! haha He's not really a model though, hes just a sales guy there but the title is model. He's super cool, we get along really well. There is 3 canadians in our district, not counting myself, and to be honest im starting to talk like im back in the homeland, more "eh's?" and "Aboots" and such. Then there is Elder Hitchcock, also an awesome dude. He's from Nehpi, UT so its like 40 minutes from the MTC. He's way cool, really funny too, we all make a hilarious companionship. Our room has seemed to be where everyone flocks to after we get done with class at 9:30, we all kinda mingle around, getting ready for the next day.
My schedules is pretty crazy. Get up a 6:30, eat at 7, class at 7:30-10:30, then an hour of personal study, Lunch, more personal study, companionship study, then dinner at 4:30, then glass from 5:15-8:15, then we have district meeting sometimes, personal study, comp. study, or zone teaching, one of those things. It changes day to day. Then back to the room at 9:30, planning sesh at 10, journal at 10:15, and then bed time at 10:30. The first three days of being here were wicked hard. I was pretty homesick, tired, spiritually exhausted, it was sucky. But as we got busier and teaching more lessons and as i prayed harder and harder to get used to this lifestyle, things are awesome. We are teaching four mock- investegators and its really different than i thought it would be. Teaching is totally driven by the Spirit. You can have a lesson all planned out and then we will go off on something totally different that the investegator has questions about. It. Is. Sweet.
So life at the MTC... the food is actually good, but Elder Layton has dubbed me as "A very very smelly man". I don't dissagree. It's tearin' me up! But it makes for a good comical relief... but seriously though, I've started my water and salad diet today cuz im tired of the 1-ply toliet paper here... im sure you can imagine eating three big meals a day within four hours of each other... what happens... so anyways :) My comps and I get along so well, its crazy how tight we are after only like 6 days.
Ummmm.... so i love your guy's letters! I think I've got the most Dear Elder letters yet out of the district, even if they are to ask what my lock combo is Summer ;) I'm having a blast here, oh! Random, but i ran two miles yesterday aaaaand was pretty sure death was going to overcome me and my out of shape bod... but i lived. we are gonna go run again today i think.
YES i miss my music and my buddies! I've been singing A Day To Remember and such things a lot, not in class or anything, but no one in my district likes screamo, but there is this Elder from London and we got to talkin, he loves ADTR and he saw them too. Then I had a music theory talk with another Elder who majored in it, it was nice.
Well my laundry is almost done and my computer time is almost out, but i still have so much more to say! Oh well, until next week, keep up the letters, i love them, Ty, CEEJ, Aug, Skauf, and everyone else, miss you guys, thanks for the cookies Capri! I was chowin on them all flights and my layover!
Love you all! Talk to you next tuesday!
Elder Romney
OH PS! my mission goes over the carribean too!

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