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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19th, 2011 letter

Whaaaaa Gwaaaan me bredren an sistas!
This week has gone by so fast! Its hard to remember everything that happened but im gonna try my darndest. SO! i successfully carried out operation 'salad and water' diet, and it has made the world of difference.... ask my companions ;) But before I forget, i gotta tell you a few things. My flight leaves from SLC at 8:20am my time, so 7:20 your time. Im going to be calling from there and only there, its all im gonna have time for. SO be ready for a call between 6 and 6:30!  We fly from SLC to Dallas, Dallas to Miami, and then Miami to Jamaica. Were leavin the MTC at 5 and wont get to Jamiaca till 9ish, so its gonna be a wicked long day but im going to Jamaica so who cares! Oh, mom, i need more facewash. pleeeeease.
So this week was pretty fun. All three of our mock investegators committed to baptisim which was really cool, even though its not for realsies. Ive finally got a routine and im totally used to the long days. Im sooooo tired at the end of the day which is crazy cuz at home i could do a 14 hour day of work and still have energy to hit golf balls into Newman wit the guys, now all i do is sit in a desk all day and i get back to the dorm at 9:30 and im totally wiped. Feeling the spirit 24/7 takes a toll on ya!
In other news, i printed some pictures that i will be sending home, so be expecting those by the end of this week. And i totally would have loaded pictures onto this email buuuuut guess who forgot their camera... ME! oops, my bad, ill send the SD card home though and you can upload them to the blogy blog lata.
The working out is actually going really pretty good. We (me, Elders Layton and Gray and Engebrecht) have been runnin almost everyday, two miles. we did two miles in 16 minutes friday which was awesome, even though i though i was gonna die. Then we go back to the residency hall and do 3 sets of 5-8 pullups, then 3 sets of hanging abs from the pullup bar, then pyramid pushups up to seven and back down which suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck and then they gave us this sit and be fit strechy excersize band (which also doubles as a good sling shot.. but dont shoot reses peanut butter cups cuz they explode on the release.. it was awesome, we had two elders hold the ends in the door jam and then one pull it back as far as he could... not the best idea, but whatever) and we do shoulders, biceps, tripers and back with the strechy band. our first workout, i totally spewed.. definetly to much breakfast that morning. and the gym is back open again so i got to play some ball. it was pretty sweet, ive decided im out of shape.. in case you hadnt picked up on that yet, but it was sweet.
Since the gym is opened back up, we had our sunday night fireside with everyone in there, 2500 missionaries all packed in there, it was so cool. We sang Called To Serve in this sweet arrangement and it was soo powerful, just like its supposed to be. Then there was a muscial number of Come Thou Fount and it was piano and violin and it made this watery substance leak from my eyes... im still not sure what it was, but either way, it was amazing. For Sacrement meeting sunday a bunch of guys in our zone sang Be Still My Soul and it was pretty cool too. Our branch President, President Gray is awesome. We talked a couple times and he is one of the best leaders ive had and ive only had him for a week (because last sunday we became our own branch).
I got a ton of letters this week! and packages! And Kerrie Kross sent me a package! I was really surprised since ive only met her one, but ive got soooo much candy and such, its quite the plethera of sugary goodness. Yes im getting all your DealElder's and i love reading them. That is so exciting about Mac and scout camp, i remember the days! good times wit me, Robbie and Jaren all in one tent... i don't know if we ever actually slept. OH! Random but i met one of my cousins here! His name is Elder Romney (duh) and he's from utah, and he's related to Miles Park Romney, so its distant, but were related. It was so funny, i had just came out from dominating the toilet and I here "Wait, youre elder romney?? MY companion is elder romney!" and i look up and this elder is like "follow me!" so we go to their class room and sure enough, looks like a Romney, talks like a Romney, must be a Romney. it was pretty funny.
So this week should go by pretty quick. P-Day today, got lots of letters to write, then tomorrow we are hosting new missionaries coming in, so thats from 11-2ish, and we have gym in the morning so its gonna go by so fast tomorrow. Then thursday is a normal day but we have class all before dinner which makes the day go fast, no class friday because we have some sort of meeting or something all day, I dont really know, then saturday... saturday's stink because we have class right after lunch, then and hour of personal study, dinner, then another four hours of class. But then its Sunday! and then its monday! and then im flying outta here! We are so excited to go, all the guys going to Jamaica (Elders Gurr, Stubbs, Layton (the canadians), Engebrecht (from Helena), Gray (from ATL) and Hitchcock (from Nephi UT) we are all super chill and all get along great. The flights down will be awesome because we all get along so well.
quickly before i have to get off, I NEED HOCKEY UPDATES BIG GUY! Me and elder layton were going through hockey withdrawls, so, we give the responsibility to you to feed us with the skinny on all trades, updates, ETC ETC. His dad is doing the same thing, to be sure we get all the info. Haley- keep staying a away from those boys, they are good for nothin! mummer- thats so great about your book! that will be so awesome when its done. Macky- put the trash can in front of the net as a goalie, it makes shooting more fun.
Well my time is up! Don't forget ill be calling tuesday around 6ish yourtime! love you all! Next time we talk ill be in JAMAICA!!!
love, Elder Romney
PS: i actually just read your email about being specific about learning and prep. Learning how to teach with the spirit is the most important thing we do here. Everything else is just having the knowledge so the spirit can pull from it. gotta go! love you!

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