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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 8 letter

Yo Wa Hopn? (Whats happening... i love patios :)
Ok, to answer the questions before I forget. I don't know how we are gonna watch conference, I think we will probably go to Kingston or Spanish Town or something and watch all the sessions. Conference for missionaries is pretty much like vacation. Get to sit in one building, watch more white people talk than you've seen in the last 2-12 months, AND go eat after. I'm pretty stoked. My comp is really a Marine, loves it. Wants to be a special forces officer. Yep, he's been in Maypen for six months, and yes, he's really layed back, which is good and not good because there's been times I just wanna go out and work and we will kick it at someone's house after dinner for longer than we should, but we get a lot done still. Im always amazed at the end of the week when we do numbers haha I actually beat this new investigator at pool this week! It was sick, he beat me the first game, this is down in this little bar by his house, and so I bought another game, (because I wasnt about to let some 15 year old handle me in pool) and I beat him. It was pretty tight. He's cool, we helped him and his mom build a pig pen saturday. My comp does not have a blog, no sick days yet, vitamins? What are those? ... ;) Nah, I need to start taking them though. 

Well this week is full of stories, I've got half an hour left so i'll try to get as many as I can in. It was a crazy week as far as interaction wit the Jamaicans goes. We got chatted sooooo much this week, but anyways:

Monday - P-day, kicked it at home, right after I got done emailing you we got in a taxi and there was a 20ish year old woman in the back and she told me I was her boyfriend, that was an interesting taxi ride. Taxi rides are like dad described in China, 5 passengers and the driver in a four door 1995 Corrola. Pretty nasty haha But Momma and papa P (they live downstairs) had a BBQ and family over so we got invited and oh man.... SOOOO GOOOD!! mac and cheese, coleslaw, and meat. Real. Meat. Pork. Everywhere. It was awesome. We got shut down by those twins that night, we were gonna go teach them, so we walked around Racetrack and found no one, but oh well, we tried.

Tuesday we had a full day and were supposed to get money on our cards but didnt which sucked. This week i pretty much lived on oatmeal and Pepsi and patties. Went up and saw some new investigators, there is this guy D who read the Book of Mormon all the way to 2nd Nephi which is awesome, so we are going back to see him and saw him a couple times that week.

Wednesday was trade off, I stayed here and Gilson came over. We had a solid two hour lesson in the church with this lady named P. She's really open to the church and stuff, obviously, she sat in a hot room for two hours and had a heap of questions. We call Gilson the silent assasin... when we got home, he read this book about the brain for almost three hours and i played my guitar and we probably said 4-10.5 words the whole time, not because we didnt wanna talk, but because he was reading and I was writing a song. It was just kinda funny because me and Nelson talk a lot, and you cant pay Toutai $100 to top his noise haha 

Thursday we traded back, had another day of work. I don't remember much. Day's and stories run into each other now, its kinda nice but really weird.

Friday was siiiiick. Super plan, went and got CHINESE food! Ya, whats more American than eating chinese food in Jamaica?? I cannot think of anything! It was sooooo good, big old plate of greasy noodles and meat... only on your mission would you think something like that is actually edible, let alone a something you call every elder in the zone and brag about. There was 3 white guys in there too, but they were french, it made me thing of Robbie. We saw a couple people, then went to Friday night activity where we played our regular basketball. Its cool because I understand the trash talk now and can get in on it haha It's all gentlemanly though... for the most part :) we don't play with members, but it made for a cool teaching opportunuty, and ive decided i shoot so much better in my shirt and tie than in shorts... its quite the conundrum. oh, and a fight broke out, a couple teacher aged guys (14-15 years old), C and J. Welcome to Jamaican activity night!! 

Saturday we helped build that pig pen aka me build the pig pen with J and N and Nelson taking pictures haha Its cool though, we both have strengths and things we could work on. It was sweet though, layed the concrete and stuff, put on the roof (sheet metal held down by cinder blocks). We went out and saw the twins in Paisley, about an hourish ride out, and the lesson was going good but their brother was a loooooser. Every five seconds he'd yell "Hey do you believe in chromosomes? what about zygotes?" Im just like "Yo, we're talking about Jesus. Interupt us after" He kept jumping in and according to his knowledge, (which is none because he only beleives in the psalms and the new testement but hasnt read anything out of it) Jews are evil because they killed Jesus, but we were like "Jesus was a jew, and so was Moses, who gave you the ten commandments you say we are saved by, so you're crazy". grrrrrr it was so frusterating. So then we go get Juicies, are sitting there and minding our own business, and school here started today so allthe punk kinds are out, and there is this kid just chattin us like no tommorow and like we arent there "white people this, white people that, they are scared to talk to black people, they made us slaves, they killed Jesus, I have one question for a white man if i ever saw one" and Nelson says "Hey whats your question, you've been chattin us all night. Ask." And he's like "uhhhh, im nervous." Yeah, pretty typical... we were riding through the market and this guy was up on his veranda with a rock (jamaicans fight by throwing rocks) and he told me to give him my bike and bag and I said no twice as we rode by and he winds up to throw the rock and i told him to do it... drops it and goes inside. Thats how it works here, they think you are weak because you're missionaries. We usually just ignore them and dont chat back, because thats the right thing to do.... but we werent perfect this week.

Sunday we had church, ate at S AND W (i love Sundays, im always stupid full after) and coastered out to Lindstead, where we stayed the night last night and where we are right now. The driver and a guy who was chatting him almosted knuckled up in the coaster, its been a crazy week!! But ive never felt unsafe, thats why I feel ok to tell you all these stories. Its the ones that there's a hint of fear that stay under more wraps, but so far so good! haha We are going to these caves today with the whole zone which will be fun! I got a few more emails and only 10 minutes, so i better jam. I love you all! Have a great week! drink some milk for me! every milk here is in a box.. ick...Read your scriptures! 
Elder Romney

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