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Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 11 letter

Wa gwan!

So! Things back home sound like they are soooo fun! This week wasnt very exciting compared to last week, so the email won't be as long. Jamaica is still hot, and I actually got sunburned again! I think it was because we started eating real food like eggs and... eggs haha So my skin can hack the sun again, got a niiiiiiiice farmers tan goin on. Seriously, its a little scary how at the beginning of the day, people yell "white man!" as we ride by, and at the end of the day they are yelling "red man!" :)

Monday we just had P-day, shot some pool, wrote a song, nothing special EXCEPT!!! (THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK) We found Dr. Pepper at Shoppers Fair (the store)!! Ya! Usually you can only get it in Kingston, but nooooope we found it, and bought the last 3 cases... we are lining our hallway with the empty cans. If there is one thing that is going to get me fat, its DP. They haven't stocked it yet again, but we havent gone shopping... i hope its there!

Tuesday... lets just say me and Nelson are pretty sure someone cast an Obie curse on our bicycles (Obie is kinda like jamaican voodoo). I had 4 flat tires and Nelson had one. 5 flats on the day between four tires, and a broken axle... yeah, that was a downer. We were at the bicycle four like 2 hours for the axle, got a late start to the day, and then on the way back from Hodlins at night my tire popped again, but thankfully some nice people called us over and not only gave me two patches but fixed it, water checked it, they were so nice. It was a first! We almost just kept walking, thinking they were just gonna chat us. But we stopped. It was cool.

Wednesday was district meeting, the ZL's were there too. It was good, nothign to exciting EXCEPT chinese food! It was ridiculously good, left me in an Asian coma, one of the most deadly coma's of its kind! Taught a few people, nothing to crazy. No big bicycle problems.

Thursday was actually pretty normal. The security guard and Juicy's wanted a Book of Mormon so we gave him one and talked to him a bit. We talked to him again this morning and since he works so much he hasnt read anything, but we will go back soon. Like we always do, they have pool tables that we happen to use on our lunch hour and p-day :)

Friday- Super planning, so we arent allowed to leave the house until 2, buuuuut Elder Nelson painted his bicycle all white (it looks sweet) and had some trouble putting it back together, so we didnt get out until 3:30 which suuucked. We went and saw J, a lady who used to go to church and have been seeign for abuot three weeks. She hasnt come to church or read anything so we are wonding how interested she is or if she just likes the white man company. Activity night was so fun. Basketball again, Ive decided when I get home, Im only ever playing in a white shirt, tie, and slacks because you cyaaaaant beat me when Im in that! haha Seriously, it was awesome. Except I forgot my sneakers so my one pair of shoes is already torn and pretty much done... they were ripped like the first 2 weeks i was out here just from walking... so ill be buying a nice sturdy pair of shoes probably within the next six months... stinkin wal mart!! 

Saturday was our Tour de Maypen day... rode allll the way past Palmers Cross to see B who didnt really give us the time of day because she was leaving, then to Burger King for my second medicinal Whopper (ya, two medicinal whoppers in one week... that should explain my level of sanity this week) then allll the way out to four paths to see Rasta C. Did some finding as well, ended up way out in the bush of Four Paths and was talking to a lady who said she saw us earlier in Maypen town... and we just HAPPENED to wander all the way out there and she HAPPENED to be outside at that time we were walking by... yeah, thats what ya call having people put in your place! So we will definetly be going back there. We had a nice conversation with some 7th Day Adventists, that was fun. And then bicycled home and did some more finding out there.

Sunday was amazing as usual. We actually had two investegators come to church! Ya! Thats a first! 10 weeks in a my first investegators at church... about time! :) We had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation and it was really nice, felt the Spirit. It's so true too, I'm so glad that we can kick it with our family after we die. A lot of people don't quite comprehend that here. Anyways, ate at S and W, saw Z (13 year old recent convert ) and then dropped some church dvd's off at W for his wife to watch.

All in all, it was a frusterating week as far as teaching and bicycle problems go, but we keep things in pretty good perspective (me and Nelson) and don't let it get us down to much. Can't force people to follow the Gospel and be happy! haha Wish ya could sometimes, but anyways, i didn't chat back to anyone this week! If anyone chatted us, we just yelled back "ONE LOVE!" It's pretty fun, it's fun when people chat us now. 

This week should be a good one I think, we're seeing some small success with a couple people and hopefully it continutes!! Love you all! Likklemore!

Elder Romney

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