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Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 9 letter

Wa Gwan!

So this week though was absolutly insane. Seriously. Insane. Like im so glad its over insane and I can't believe everything that happened insane.

Monday we were in Linstead, went to Natural Bridge and these siiiiick caves! I took a bunch of pictures that you will be seeing in the next couple weeks. It was so awesome, the first beautiful thing ive seen in Jamaica actually haha We got Pizza Hut after (yuuuuummmmm!!!) annnnnd since the ZoneLeaders love me so much, they picked me up a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper when they were in Kingston because thats the only place you can get it! it was sooo nice. Maybe the highlight of the whole week. 

Tuesday... We got a late start to the day due to some extra curricular activities taking place outside our house... which was crazy, but no worries, all is good, so we left at like 11, had to go shopping because we were out of breakfast food and we saw... A WHITE FAMILY! YEAH! I KNOW! WHAT ARE WHITE PEOPLE DOING IN MAYPEN?? Then I looked at my extremely tan arm against a white shirt and realized they were probably thinking the same thing. I waved the the 10 year old boy, I couldnt stop smiling, it totally made my day haha I know thats weird, but for half a second, i thought i was back home in walmart shopping around! So that was crazy, then we dropped our stuff off at the house and made the hour long ride to Four Paths to see Rasta C.  I dont remember much about Tuesday after that. We ate at H like we do every tuesday. Delicious as always, but i can never finish it. Call me a Nancy, but i just have this mental block of finishing my food there. Im always soooooo full. 

Wednesday was transfer day that we werent at because me and Nelson are in Maypen for at least another 6 weeks. We taught a couple lessons, got lunch and juicies where i got slaughtered by Nelson in pool, met a kid named J who wanted to come to church and play ball on friday nights with us, so we gave him our number. Then we went on a 4 hour finding spree, got totally lost out in the bush, ended up above all of Maypen with this sick view and these huge houses around us, nice grass, it was quite, seriously like a little America. We begged a momma a glass of water (you call all the women older than you momma here "Good afternoon momma", its kinda cool, they call you sweetie or darling or bumbaclot (a Jamacain swear word) if they dont like you... we get the third one a lot haha but anyway, she directed us back to Maypen and that was that

Thursday we were fasting and I want to meet the person who said that the devil doesnt have a body... because he does... he took the form of Elder Nelsons bicycle! Seriously, two flats, a broken axle, and 4 hours later we finally got out to four paths to see Rasta C and then to an investegator's church service. I think it was a baptist church and he said if we came to his he would come to ours (which he didnt) but anyways, it was really different. But the best part: we are sitting there, listening to the lady preach and scream, and she gets done, there is only like 10 people there, and the lady next to us is like "before we pray, would you like to talk about your church to everyone?" We couldnt believe it... so guess who was a guest minister in a baptist church teaching about the Mormons??? cha! us! It was hilarious. I mean, we took it serious, read Jacob 3 i think, and Moroni 10:3-5, talked about prophets and the Book of Mormon for 7 minutes, but it was so cool. Walk into a church, not planning to teach and just to listen, and we end up teaching a sermon to the people... we even got a couple amen's and a hallelujah. Pretty wicked. 

Friday we had super planning, we had to walk because papa P locked the garage with our bikes in and left, so we only taught a couple lessons before friday night activity. We got hurricane style rain and lightening this whole weekend, shotgun loud thunder, it was nuts, so we just played domino friday night with these kids C and R. Smoked them. They werent happy white man gave them 6 in domino. But it was funny. Then we say J walking home... He texted us and stuff and asked what we were doing... just weird. 

Saturday we taught a lady who Krauss referred to us. She has had one rough life. I don't wanna repeat it because its not my place to, but i had a bit of the fear tear goin... we taught her about enduring to the end and having faith. We will meet with her this week for sure. ZL's dropped up some Books of Mormon, got Chinese food, and J, somehow... found us in Maxie's buying some new shoes wit the ZL's, followed us to the church, we taught him a little bit, but we was more interested in other things that church stuff... so i was really uncomfortbale and a little mad at Nelson because he kinda threw me under the bus and made a phone call right as J started talkin about weird stuff. So I bit the bullet and tried to help him. On the ride home a guy yelled "f-ing Americans" and i was already on edge and in a bad mood and didnt take the high road. Chatted back, crossed the street and had a little confrontation, nothing big, just asked him what i ever did to him and why he was being stupid, he backed down and stumbled over his words, like they all do... im really gonna work on that though. We usually just ride on, but there is a scripture that says in Alma that says "blessed are they who are persecuted without cause in my name; for theirs is the kingdom of God", im gonna try that. 

Sunday was solid as always. Full of food, went to the CES fireside where Elder Oaks spoke. it was really good. Talked about truth and tollerance. Good talk.

Well that was my crazy week, hopefully this week is better. But, my life is pretty good. No worries about girls, money, where to live, all i do is wake up, play my guitar, go teach the gospel, come home and play my guitar. Jesus and my six string for two years! Not to shabby :) I love you all!!! Have a great week, 

Elder Romney 

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