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Monday, November 14, 2011

week 19

Hey there family!
What. A. Week. Im not sure where to start.... Well I guess we will start with Monday night. Monday was a hoot, gotta love p-day in Spanish Town, had family home evening at Sister C's house, it was so much fun. We got home and recieved a call from the AP's saying that... we are getting emergency transfered to Savana La Mar on Wednesday. Yep, so we are here now in Sav, whitewashing our second area in 6 weeks. It's hard to describe because we really really really loved Spanish Town, in three weeks it become both of our favorite area. Had three baptisms lined up, lots to do, everything was going great. And now we are in Sav, which is amazing. Its right on the ocean, I get to see the other  side of the island, its really nice over here, but its a complete whitewash. There wasnt much left to work with in the area book, it hadn't been updated for about 9 months and we still don't know many people... its just been a crazy week. We spent the first two days here just cleaning because the house was a disaster. But, all is well now, its a very nice house, big, washing machine AND hot water :) we are blessed for sure. The past four days after that we have been exploring our area. We walked friday but got our bicycles fixed saturday and rode everywhere, trying to talk to everyone and get to know the place. We were blessed on our first day out on the town we ran into a member and he showed us were some members live and introduced us to some people. The branch here is very friendly and we do have some friends that we made at church. Missionary work was booming here about 9 months ago, all from member referalls so that is definetly the way we are going to go about it. Its the best way.
Things are really good though. We are stoked to be here, stoked that we finally saw the ocean (especially Elder Taylor, hasnt seen it since he got here 8 months ago). I never thought I would serve in three areas in three transfers but its good, I'm learning so much. Sav is sweet, talk about a kick back ocean town. Everyone here is so chill, even traffic here seems relaxed (besides the accident we saw this morning, that was crazy!) But there is a lot to be done and we are ready for it. Some good news from Spanish Town, V came to church and went to a baptism! He is such a boss, sad to leave him but Elder Hitchcock and Elder Colluci will take care of him. The Lord works in mysterious ways for sure. I'll attach some pictures of the latest excursions. I love you all!!
Elder Romney 

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