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Monday, November 7, 2011

week 18

hello! my shift key is still all wacky on this computer so my apologies.
This week was really great. i am really loving Spanish Town. We had some really cool experiences, ones that i will remember for the rest of my mission.
First, so on tuesday we went out, had a full day planned and walked out to gorden pen to try and meet with R (our investigator with a baptismal date). We got totally lost, had no idea where anything was, spent about an hour walking around trying to find it. We find his street, and as we are walking a man stops us and asks us what we believe about Spirits and the devil. So we talk to him a bit, and he's posted up on this cement building window so we go sit with him. An hour later after hitting what seemed like every topic there is about the church, he asks when we can come back and teach him more because he hasnt ever been so interested in something in his life. He already goes to church but got really hooked on about how in 1 peter chapter 4 saying that spirits get taught in the spirit world but are held accoutable to the laws of the flesh and it blew his mind, so we were stoked!! Just a random guy on the street and turns out to be the nephew of someone in our branch presidency. Cha. Sweetness. So then we go down to R's and he's got a friend there who is also extremely interested. Before this we had only met with R 3 times and he had just learned about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. We ask him how those things are going with that and after only 2 days he turns around and teaches his friend both principles, word for word. It was so awesome! He has grown so much in just two weeks. He couldnt come to church sunday which was sad but he's still a stud.
So then later that day, we get blown out of 2 appointments, and are sitting outside the church finishing up a soda and about to head off to a lesson and a a man walks by, we exchanges 'goodnights' but he turns around and asks what this building was. Long story short, he had no idea what church we were and hadn't heard anything so we took him inside and showed him around and asked if he had time this week to meet with us again. He says 'well I have time right now. I have time every night because I walk past the church everynight to go home from work". BOOYAH. Teach him about the restoration and he is just asking all the right questions and on board to be taught and learn more. here's where it gets really cool. We leave the church and Elders Hitchcock and Colluci are walking past the church and feel impressed to talk to the guy they just walked past. They flag him down, introduce themselves and the man says "I know, I just got done speaking with Elder Romney and Elder Taylor'. Ya! Talk about meant to be! He told the other elders how he felt something different when he walked into the church and how he was meeting with us and very interested. It was a great experiance. we aren't sure what happened to him though, we havent been able to get a hold of him for 4 days so I think he must be out of credit on his phone.
all in all this week was nice. The last couple days were rough, had all of our appointments cancel besides two from thursday to sunday so we spent a lot of time finding, which is cool. get to talk to more people and get to know the area better.
Shoes, I did buy some but not church shoes. There was a shaweet sale on shoes so I snatched a couple sweet pairs, my church shoes are holding up fine. My feet are all callused up and manly now.
Address, I actually do not know my address :) If you google earth spanish town and find the church building, we live about a 5.45 minute walk from there.
Sounds like things at home are going great! Love you all and stay warm! I know I am!
Elder Romney

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