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Monday, November 21, 2011

week 20

Hey family!!
This week was a lot better than last week for sure. Sav is beautiful! As is Negril! We went there for district meeting and are going back today for p=day, ill have some awesome pictures for you guys.
We did a loooooooooooooooooooot of finding this week. I kinda feel like Robbie might feel in France. We rode around forever, talking to as many people as we could. In the schemes of Sav, the people are always at work during the day. So we walked through all of Llendilo and maybe saw two people. That makes days a little difficult, but there is always people down in New Market to talk to. New Market is right along the ocean and we spend a lot of time in there. There are a lot of members down there and out of the 3 people we are teaching, we meet two of them in New Market. The vibes here are a lot different than in Spanish Town, that east coast vs west coast vibe I guess. People here are a lot more kick back and not as busy, but not as open to discuss with you and if they are discussing, they just want bash. Its not terrible at all, we had a couple discussions (I wouldnt call them bashes because no one was yelling and we were keeping it pretty cool) with a few people and obviously throwing scriptures to them proving what we are discussing doesnt do anything, so after about 20 minutes into each of them we just end it and invite them to come learn more at church. It is fun to see how people interpret the bible so differently though... and when I mean differently, I mean more different than anything Ive EVER heard. It makes for an exciting day.
Our branch here is great. We are really clicking with them and earning their trust. Back in February, 18 people were baptised in the space of 3 months, all from member referrals. So we are definitly trying to get those. There are a few people we call up to come teaching with us every once in a while which is a huge help because they take us to their friends. Its been a slow go as far as gaining a teaching pool, but we arent discouraged. Things are good! Two of the people we are teaching have already accepting to be baptised and have come to church. We arent teaching many people as of now, but the people we are teaching are solid which is definitly nice.
Snow? Whats that? ;)
I cant wait to get that video! That will be so cool to see everyone. Oh, and mom... Ive only been out 4 and a half months, not 5 and 1/2... but good try! haha Christmas time I will call later. Our church is from 10-1 so calling early would be a little bit obscene.. I want to talk to my family, not the zonked out zombie version at 4 in the morning your time!

A couple biznizz things: I now know what I need for christmas... My shoes ripped the other day and its my only pair so I would LOVE some dough for some new church shoes and also I need a new bicycle seat... Im sending a picture of it, its a little.. uh... worn. Its been handed down from father Nelson to me, and goodness sakes, its time for it to retire! A good pair of shoes that will last are abut $70 in in the department store and my Cloud 9 bicycle throne is about $35.. so... yes... that would be lovely!! 
oh yeah, i got your letter with the pictures!! I laughed so hard when I saw the one of all of us! Made my day! Thanks!!
I love you guys!
Elder Romney 
Pictures :1. The throne itself in all its glory... its rather painful! 2. Nothing makes a missionary happier than a cold pepsi and some mallows! We roast them out on the veranda on a hibachi grill that a missionary left. A great way to wind down the evening. 3. The combo.

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